Sunday, July 14, 2019

Divine Transition (in a petty pantheon)

Because of my family issues with my transition I thought, what if a divinity in a classic family based pantheon came out as trans? I doubt that I would use this myself in a campaign but there is no harm in brainstorming just for the fun of it.

Lets say that we have a classic Greek or Norse pantheon with a strong family structure and a lot of petty, jealous and controlling divinities who have the habit of intruding into other people's business...
While these gods could easily shapeshift, most of them maintained a fixed gender identity to maintain family ties as they were know as the son or daughter of... or the wife or husband of... 

Here are some possible consequences of a divine transition in these circumstances: 
  • Transition could be simple as gods can easily shapeshift. 
  • But maybe that how their follower perceive them shape their appearance on the mortal plane. 
  • Maybe the trans divinity will make some coming outs to their followers through different divine means. 
  • Maybe the trans divinity will go in hiding to transition and appear to have abandoned their followers (some heroes will have to undertake a quest to check on them). 
  • Maybe the deity will accomplish new divine feats while undertaking a quest to transition. 
  • Maybe their dysphoria will spawn monsters, cursed items or calamities. 
  • Maybe their gender euphoria will spawn new servitors, artifacts and miracles. 
  • Maybe their transition will influence their sphere of influence. 
  • Maybe their transition will influence the elements they rule over. 
  • Maybe their transition will reshape their spirit servitors. 
  • Maybe they will lose the support of some allies while old adversaries will welcome their new identity. 
  • Their divine parents could cast them out in the mortal world or even imprison them in the underworld. 
  • Strife could emerge between accepting and non accepting divine parents. 
  • Their non accepting divine parent could craft a simulacrum of their old identity to replace them. 
  • The divine parents could continue to maintain their parent-children relationship but in a very passive-aggressive way, you know by hindering their heroes or pestering their followers with monsters and calamities. 
  • Splinter cults could emerge between those who try to preserve the old identity of their divinity and those who embrace the new one. 
  • Mortal trans people could seek out the divinity to gain their support. 
  • Mortal social order could change or the divine transition could create a conservative backlash. 
  • Some minor deities will dare to come out too... 
Now imagine that a divinity that his currently very relevant to what is currently happening in the mortal world transition. How all of these consequences will impact the current situation? 

Like let say that the god of war transition during a major conflict between nations, or that people depend on a divinity to protect them against undeads or other kinds of menaces. Or that a divinity that rule over a very gendered institution or occupation transition. There could be all sort of interesting consequences that bleed over into the mortal world.

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zueglitz said...

Wonderful ideas! The ancient Greek gods did quite a bit of transitioning! Touche'