Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Trimorphic nomadic lizard tribe

Females: walk upright, craft tools, use weapons and armors. They are warriors & nurses. They like to smoke marshes herbs in pipes. Some of them leave the tribe to become lonely ronins.

Males: hound like, wear cloth, talk a lot, can smell the ancestral trails to guide the tribe during their migrations. They are good at tracking & charging. Some of them become lonely rangers if they loose their favorite mate.

Great Mothers: when females or males grow old they keep growing up and become bi-gendered great or grand mothers that remember the tribe's ancestors. They mate together and lay rare eggs that are reincarnations of their ancestors.

Re-hatched Ancestors: males or females born from the grand mothers, they remember their past lives and become shamans. They like to wear feathers.

Empty ones: when re-hatched ancestors grow old they forget everything and become mindless giant monster that the tribe must appease or kill. Re-hatched ancestors often leave the tribe or commit ritual suicide when they grow old and start to forget everything.
  • Female breed with males to lay eggs.
  • Grand Mothers breed with other tribes's grand mothers to lay ancestors eggs. 
  • All of them are cannibals, they eat their fallen to eat and preserve their memories. 
  • The tribe don't craft their swords, they value trading for them a lot. They have a lot of respect for swords holders and crafters. 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Labradorite werewolf

Labradorite wolf are created by forcing a ordinary wolf to eat a labradorite stone sculpted by a sorcerer or by dark or very sad emotions. Eating the stone yourself will get you infected by the lycanthropic labradorescence.
  • Shimmering bite: infect you with iridescent lycanthropic labradorescence.  
  • Totemic homonculi: can spend 1d8 hp to spawn a 1HD+1 animal homonculi that look like small totem sculptures (hare, fox, bear cubs, raven, etc). 
  • Dazzle: dazzle effect when exposed to sunlight or a bright light. (save or get -2 to hit)
  • Tectosilicate body: the wolf and it homunculi can only be hurt by magic or magical weapons. But non magical maces, picks and hammer still do minimal damages. Regen 1d6 hit point by turn when exposed to aurora borealis light. 
  • Vibration howl: if it HP are reduced under 10, the wolf can emit a metal shattering howl. All weapon and humonculi must save vs paralysis or they will shatter. Living creature are shaken for d6 rounds and attack at -2. 
Iridescent lycanthropic labradorescence: your wound start to shimmer (save vs paralysis)  
Other symptoms: 
  • Iridescent aura at night
  • Aurora borealis obsession (heal 1 hp by hour when exposed to auroras) 
  • Infravision replace your normal vision.
  • Spontanenous labradorite homonculi spawning (you take 1d8 dmg) 
  • Labradorite lycanthropy triggered by powerful aurora borealis
  • Or body fragmenting into 1d4+1 labradorite homunculi (after 3 failed saves during transformation) 
Totemic homonculi: each animal homonculi represent a negative emotions locked inside the cursed labradorite stone. The homonculi try to follow and to satisfy the desires of the labradorite wolf, but they are very curious and emotive. They only become agressive after a bad reaction test. Showing positive emotions toward the homonculi grant 1 or 2 point bonus to the reaction tests (making them laugh or caring about them, etc...) On a very good reaction test result, the homonculi shatter and inflict d8+ it own HP in damages to the labradorite wolf. Homonculi spawned by infected wolfs are more primal and wild thant the ones spawned by infected humans. 

Each encountered labradorite wolf already spawned d4-1 homonculi.

Some nuns have been infected by the lycanthropic labradorescence in the Glass Dungeon

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Totem summoning

I am trying to draw more background images behind my characters. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Cult of the Vrocks

 A corrupted monk learn how to summon the Wattle Mouth, the eater of sacred bones. 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Faux-isometric geomorph hexes

I am working on faux-isometric geomorph hexes. I am still searching for a biome to start with, but once I got it I will try to post hexes regularly. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Troll Knights

The worst kind of knights and gentilhomme: troll knights!
If only the king did not gave them those noble titles... 
"Trolls take their titles very seriously, and who knew how much gold they'd accumulated in their pits and mires over the centuries? When the King addressed the generational problem of the Trollmarsh by legitimizing the trollish chieftains and making them thanes, even he did not forsee how lavishly the Trolls would spend to achieve every signifier of noblility.   
From the mire, their storybook turrets and towers rise"
-Benjamin B.