Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I tried to do a slime generator, but there was too many options and I got lost. Maybe I will try to finish it someday. It was mainly about what a slime digest and what it secretes. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Undercroft zine, Issue 2

The second issue of Undercroft is now available. I did a mimic queen-lady-thing for the cover.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Narcosa is waiting!

Some of the stuff I posted here made it into the Narcosa book.

"Will you seek your fortune in Hashishastan? Will you gather the silk of the Mindmoth Caterpillar? Is it your destiny to join the Ecstatic Order of the Five Pleasure Plagues? Should you ingest those Troll Poppies?
Enter the weird world of Narcosa, a land of Shroombies, Drug Trance Mages, Purple Pipeweed, and hallucinogens injected via Stirge needles.
Born of a hashtag, emerging like rainbow-hued smoke from the minds of dozens of creators, Narcosa is a crowdsourced setting book for old-school games."

Monday, September 15, 2014

PCs camp events

The camp setup I posted was interesting, but it main flaw was that the events were concerning more the NPCs than the PCs. So I re-thinked the setup, and I think it better to just focus on the PCs and their retainers and followers.

Base chance of having a camp event: 1 on a d6.

Check for events:
  • For each 12 hours of rest at the camp. 
  • Each time that the group come back from the dungeon.
  • If after leaving the dungeon area, the group return from the town: there is a automatic event. 
Who is at the camp? 
  • Player characters only: roll a d8 on the events table
  • Retainers/NPCs only: roll a d20
  • Mix of PCs and NPCs: roll a d20
  • Only one retainer or NPC: d12
  • No one: roll a d8 
Rolling the same result:
Depending of the result, if possible escalate the situation instead of introducing a duplicate situation (use the descriptors in [brackets]). The situation descriptors in brackets should probably also be advanced by the GM, maiybe after each passing day.

NPCs looking for the camp:
NPCs or monsters who are looking for the camp have 3 chances on a d6 of finding it (this is reduced by bad weather and by efforts to hide or camouflage the camp) (leaving a lot of people or stuff behind can raise the base chances). 

Camping NPCs:
Random NPCs will camp in the area for d6 days. NPCs who explore dungeons will camp until they venture into dungeon. They will always post guards at their camp. 

NPCs venturing into the dungeon:
When venturing into the dungeon NPCs will:
  • Find loot, roll a d6: (1: none, 2 nearly nothing, 3-4 minor loot, 5 good loot, 6 they emptied one treasure room). 
  • Have losses, roll a d6 (1: some wounds, 2: one casualty, 3: 25% casualty, 4: 50% casualty, 5: 75% casualty, 6: TPK)   
  • Test morale to venture again in the dungeon if they have suffered more than one casualty.

Table 1: Camp Events (d8 or d20)
  1. Weather change 1-2 for the best, 3-6 for the worst: [Annoying wind] [Hindering sandstorm] [Deadly sandstorm].  
  2. Adventurers: [Arriving and making camp] [Scouting and preparing a expedition] [Venturing into the dungeon]  
  3. Bandits: [Arriving and making camp] [Scouting and bickering] [Venturing into the dungeon or setting a ambush for the PCs]  
  4. Raiders: [Arriving and making camp] [Scouting and resting] [Attack the PCs camp or ambush the PCs]  
  5. Someone traveling or lost in the desert arrive at the camp. (Roll a random NPC) (Can possibly become a new retainer or follower or can be a troublemaker) [NPC arrive] [NPC is helpful or cause minor trouble] [NPC offer to follow the PCs or cause major trouble] 
  6. Wandering fauna: [Lurk around the camp] [Attack a guarding or patrolling character] [Venture into the camp in search of food or preys] 
  7. Wandering humanoids from the dungeon: [Lurk around the camp and test the morale of the retainers] [Steal something or ambush a guarding or patrolling character] [Attack the camp to capture a retainer or to loot the camp] 
  8. Wandering monsters: [Lurk around the camp and test the morale of the retainers] [Attack a guarding or patrolling character] [Attack the camp]  
  9. Someone is lost. Someone went outside the camp and never came back. It may be possible to find his or her tracks. (2 on 6) +1 for guide or track wise characters. 
  10. Someone found something useful or interesting. Some usable gear, some defensive position or a clue about the dungeon (work like a rumors). 
  11. Moral is getting low. Test the loyalty of everyone left in the camp. On a fail they loose 1 point of morale. If the last venture went bad, test the retainers moral to see if they are willing to leave the camp. If the last venture went super well raise the morale of 1 NPC that passed the test.  
  12. Strange dreams or visions. A NPC is blessed or tormented by dreams. Test morale to see if the dreams are positive or negative. This will affect the attitude of the NPC. If the NPC dream again and get the same result, add or remove 1 point of morale.
  13. Getting away. Test loyalty of every retainers in order of loyalty. On a fail 1 NPC will leave the camp. [talks about leaving the camp] [try to talk the others into leaving the camp] [leave the camp alone or with others]
  14. Want something: the NPCs want something or want to improve how things are done. If the PCs disagree, the retainers ask for a raise of salary. If the PCs disagree for the raise of salary, test loyalty.  
  15. Friendship: two random NPCs became good friends. The one with most morale raise the morale of the other one by 1 point. The one with most loyalty raise the loyalty of the other one by 1 point. (if equal randomly distribute the point). If one of them die, the other one loose 2 morale. If the PCs screw one of them, the other one loose 2 loyalty. 
  16. Strife: conflict between two NPCs left at the camp. Lower the morale of one NPC by 1 and the loyalty of the other one by 1. Now those NPC don't like each other. They have -1 ML when fighting beside each others. 
  17. Strife: a fight erupt between two NPCs left at the camp. Test the morale of the lowest morale NPC. On a fail there was a fight between this NPC and a second NPC. Both take d4-1 dmg. The most damaged one lose 1 loyalty and 1 morale. If both are left alone, test for loyalty to see if they attack each other again.    
  18. Strife: someone have stolen something. Test loyalty of the NPC with less loyalty. On a fail they steal from a PC. On a success they steal from each other and accusation fly around. The NPC who got something stolen loose 1 point of loyalty if the PCs do nothing about the thief. 
  19. Conspiracy VS the PCs. Check the retainers loyalty. Those who fail hope to loot the PCs and to leave the camp. Add a penalty if there is a big tempting loot to steal from. [Secret meetings] [Preparations] [Execution of the plan]
  20. Found a micro dungeon: if someone vanished from the camp, they come back and have found a small micro dungeon that maybe a new entry into the main dungeon. If no one vanished, someone is missing and will come back during the next event.