Friday, January 9, 2015



Molosse are fighters raised and trained alongside wardogs.
  • Requirement: STR 9, CHA 9
  • Prime requisites: strength and charisma 
  • XP: as dwarf
  • Hit dice: as fighter 
  • To hit: as dwarf 
  • Saving throw: as fighter
  • Armors: restricted to leather and hard leather. 
  • Weapons: any (they can use throwing weapons, but no missile weapons)
RESTRICTIONS: Because of their special relationship with dogs, they may never have normal retainers or followers.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Molosses have been raised with a dog since their youth age. Both are trained to fight alongside each other. A level one molosse start with a 1 hit dice bound wardog that have at minimum 5 hit points). If her bound wardog die, the molosse must level up her next level with a new dog before being able to use her special abilities with her new companion. (The wardog can wear leather armors). 

The molosse's bound wardog grow bigger as the molosse gain levels. For each level the molosse gain, their bound wardog also gain a additional HD (up to 8HD). Once the wardog reach 6HD, the molosse can use it as a mount!

While fighting alongside her bound wardog
  • Sharing the pain: if fighting the same foe, when the molosse or her wardog receive a hit, one can take a hit for the other one (choose before rolling the damages). This impose a 1 AC penalty to the defender and give +1 to hit to her partner for the next combat round. 
  • Teamwork: the molosse or her wardog may forfeit their attack to give the other one a +2 to hit against a single foe. The molosse or the wardogs can't profit from this bonus for more than one round (but they can alternate the bonus between them, every rounds). (this become a + 3 to hit at level 3 and +4 to hit at level 7)
  • Intimidation: once by fight, the molosse and her wardog can forfeit their attack to force a enemy group to make a morale test. Their enemies total their HD and receive a morale bonus of 1 for each HD above the HD total of the molosse and her wardog.
  • Best friends: when resting together, the molosse and her wardog recover their natural amount of HP plus the amount of HP their companion recover. 
  • When separated from their wardog, molosses have a 2 AC penalty (since they are used to watch each other back). (this penalty is reduced to 1 AC if a ordinary dog retainer is fighting alongside) 
When interacting with dogs
  • Molosses always receive their charisma bonus +1 when dealing with dogs. (But this can become a penalty when dealing with civilized people or with people who don't like dogs). 
  • Molosses and dogs can always understand each other (but they don't really talk). 
  • On a very good reaction, the molosse may take a natural dog as a retainer (the new dog submit to both the molosse and her bound wardog). 
  • The molosse's dogs pack follow the normal retainer rules. 
  • When fighting dog-like creatures (including humanoids canines like werewolfs) molosses have +1AC (this become +2AC at level 3 and +3AC at level 7). 
  • Molosses have +(their level) to wrestle and immobilize dog-like creatures. 
Molosse Satanique!
If her bound wardog die, instead of bounding with a new wardog, the molosse may channel her pain and rage to summon hellfire  to become a hell hound! Once she become a hell hound a molosse can never bound again with a dog, but now she can breath hellfire three time a day. The hellfire do half the molosse levels (round up) in d6 damages at melee range (d4 damages at short range).  With a successful saving throw vs breath weapon, she can even breath in the hellfire of a hell hound to receive a additional use of her breath attack. Also their charisma bonus become a penalty when dealing with ordinary dogs.