Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Tired merchant knight

Tired merchant knight bringing back their only merchandise: the Jumping Azure Child of the High Goat Mother.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Upgrading the Doodle Temple

I plan to double the number of pages 
and to make the temple a bit more gameable.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Illustration for a Blade Mage t-shirt

I dont know when or how Paolo will make those t-shirts available but I made this illustration for him. If I got more info on this I will keep you informed.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Giant Floating Cat Head

Anne H wrote stats for my drawing:

232, servant of TERANDMAR:

232 is a loyal servant of the great and powerful TERANDMAR, one of several similar servants in TERANDMAR's army. She pilots a flying stone cat head. TERANDMAR orders soldiers like 232 to patrol the territory and harry or destroy interlopers like the characters.

While she in the pilot seat, 232 can effectively use the stone head to shield her from almost any attack. Until her vehicle is destroyed, combat is exclusively between the characters and the stone head. However - on a critical hit, a character can choose to apply damage to 232 instead of the stone head. If 232 is reduced to 0 hp in this fashion, she is knocked out of the pilot seat, falls to the ground, and lands on her feet with full hp restored. 232 will also exit the stone head with full hp if the head is destroyed. (While she is in the pilot's seat, damage to 232's hit points represents a loss of her ability to remain in her vehicle, rather than physical injury.) In either case, once 232 exits the cockpit, combat can proceed between her and the characters directly.

Flying stone cat head:
10 HD,
Armor as stone,
Move fly at twice normal,
Attacks: 3 eye lasers (3d6) or 1 slam (save or die, 3d6 on successful save),
Specials: pilot (if 232 is knocked from the pilot's seat, the flying stone cat head ceases attacking),
lasers (the flying stone cat head has 3 eyes that fire lasers, allowing it to make 3 attacks per round that dead 3d6 damage each, a character who scores a critical hit can break one of the eyes reducing it to 2 attacks dealing 2d6, etc),
attack pattern (the flying stone cat head alternates between its two attacks on consecutive rounds, firing lasers one round, dropping from the sky to slam the next round, then firing lasers, then slamming, etc),
crumbling (if the giant stone cat head is reduced to half its starting hp, 2 of its laser eyes immediately shatter [reducing it to 1 attack for 1d6 or no laser attacks if an eye was already broken, although it maintains its attack pattern regardless], its slam attack becomes save or 3d6 with no damage on a successful save, its attack rolls and saving throws are made as though it were a 5 HD monster, and its movement speed is reduced from twice normal to half normal)

2 HD,
Armor as leather,
Move normal,
Attacks: 2 claws (1d4) or 1 bite (1d6)
Specials: stone shield (while 232 is piloting the flying stone cat head, she is shielded from most attacks, and damage to her hit points represents the loss of her ability to stay in the cockpit rather than physical damage, when she emerges from the vehicle she is at full hp),
loyal to TERANDMAR (232 is not insane, but she is fanatically loyal to her master, however if subdued instead of killed, and if shown evidence of TERANDMAR's duplicity, 232 can be swayed to befriend the characters and betray her former master, even becoming a henchman or player character herself)