Friday, November 9, 2018

Piercer King

Oh Piercer King! Cold and dark. Always patient, all seeing. 300 years waiting in the underdark‘s highest dreams. 300 years amassing your mass, one long fall to dethrone the dark lich and feed on her black heart. Bestower of the divine trépanation, infuser of gravity, may your grace fall on me and make me your knight. Fasting under you, my stone blade on my tights, I wait.

A sharp stone needle fall from his crown, embedding itself into the skull of of the supplicant knight.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Mutate your Mutation Table!

Roll on this table each time you roll on your mutation table. For a more stable mutation table, roll on this table only when rolling a 1 on a d6 when you roll on your mutation table.

These results permanently modify your mutation table, I suggest to print your table to be able to write on it to make modifications.

("Entry" refer to the entry that was rolled on the mutation table.)

Mutations table’s Mutations (d20)
  1. The mutation become more common, the entry duplicate itself and replace a other random entry on your mutations table. 
  2. The entry merge with the previous or following entry, become a single entry, cumulating the effect of both entries. 
  3. Write a d3 variant effects subtable for the entry. Add a entry to the subtable if you reroll this result for the same entry. 
  4. The entry grow and evolve, augment it effect by one step. If something give a +1 it now give +2, etc… Cosmetic effects become more extreme, apparent and harder to hide. 
  5. The entry become more specialized. It effect become more detailed and precise, write down a extra detail into the entry. 
  6. The entry become purely cosmetic, entries that are already cosmetic become fashionable and grant a minor bonus to reaction rolls. People start wearing clothings that evoke the mutation effect. 
  7. The mutation mutation switch some details, traits or effects with a other random mutation.
  8. The effect become deadly, after each day the mutant must pass a saving throw or die. If the saving throw is successful, the mutation stabilize and the mutant gain a saving throw bonus. Mutations that are already deadly prevent the mutant from dying from their mutation and turn them into a undead. 
  9. The entry shrivel and disappear from the random table, attribute it’s table number to the previous or following entry. The mutant is the last to ever receive this mutation. If it was a PC grant them some XP and a reputation, if it was a creature grant them a additional HD. 
  10. The entry become a magic-user spell and escape into the nearest spell book or scroll. It become a level d4 spell, duration effect depend of the spell level (Level +d6 rounds, turns, hours, days). Each time the spell is cast, it have a chance on a d20 of being a permanent effect and also affecting the spell caster. The GM can now add this spell to NPCs spell books. Remove the entry from the mutation table and attribute it table number to the previous or following entry. 
  11. The entry become a unique monster afflicted with a extreme version of the mutation. This monster have d6+3 HD. It’s attacks are infectious and inflict the mutation on a failed save. Add the monster lair on your map and infect d6 neighboring creatures and NPCs. Remove the entry from the mutation table and attribute it table number to the previous or following entry. 
  12. The entry become a specie of creatures. These creatures have 1HD and are afflicted with the mutation. They reproduce quickly. Add them to your random encounter table. Remove the entry from the mutation table and attribute it table number to the previous or following entry. 
  13. The entry become a magical item that inflict the mutation’s effect. Roll a random magic item to determine it nature. The magical item afflict the mutation when it apply it magical effect. If a non consumable magic item was rolled, the item is unique. Remove the entry from the mutation table and attribute it table number to the previous or following entry. 
  14. The entry become a minor divinity. Each time this entry is rolled it grant itself as a first level cleric spell to the nearest cleric (duration: LV+d6 turns, range: touch). Place a cult in the nearest village or monster lair and add clerics of this mutation to your random encounter table. If you reroll this result for the same entry, the mutation divinity grow in power and influence. 
  15. The entry become sentient and link together all creatures afflicted with the same mutation into a hivemind. It have it own chaotic agenda and will discuss with it afflicted creatures like a intelligent weapon, sometime influencing them through mental suggestions (once after each rest, saving throw to resist). If you reroll this result for the same entry, the mutation grow in power and it’s suggestions are harder to resist. 
  16. The entry become a contagious disease, afflicted creatures spread the mutation with their bodily fluids (save to avoid being infected). If the entry is already contagious, the virus become airborne. Infected creatures roll a saving throw every d6 days to see if they are cured. Each time the mutation is rolled, it trigger a new wave of contagion in the local area, random NPCs have a chance on a d10 of being afflicted. If the same result is rolled for this entry, it become harder to save against the disease. 
  17. This entry now trigger a additional random mutation d20 hours later. If you reroll this effect for this entry, it trigger one more mutation. This may lead to a chain of mutations. 
  18. This entry now also regenerate the mutant: regrowing lost limbs, removing diseases, rerolling it maximum and current HP. The mutant also feel good about their new mutation, as if they feel beautiful and healthy. If the same result is rerolled for this entry, the regeneration grant a die reroll when rerolling the maximum HP. Mutant afflicted by this mutation are now considered “holy” by other mutants. 
  19. The entry apply it mutation and trigger a burst of mutation d20 hours later, inflicting a random mutation to anyone in a close area around the mutant. If the same result is rerolled for this entry, step up the area of effect. 
  20. This entry become less potent, granting a saving throw. People who pass the saving throw are cured of it effect after d6 days. A mutation vaccine can be created with their blood. Receiving the vaccine inflict the mutation, after d6 days make a saving throw to remove this mutation and a other mutation every d6 days. People who received the vaccine gain advantage or a bonus to resist new mutations. If you reroll this result for this entry, grant a bonus or advantage to the vaccine saving throw. Mutants must make a saving throw to avoid the temptation of eating people who received the vaccine, eating them grant the vaccine to the mutant. 

PDF version

I used my last blog post to mutate Arnold’s mutation table.
I rolled 10 mutations, the effect on the setting is interesting.
Weird Legs become a latent mutation. People learn to fear this mutation.
  • Hawk head gain a subtable (d3: 1 can only squeak, 2 fire eyes, 3 twin hawk heads) 
  • Useless Arm become a minor divinity, granting itself as a spell. The cult of the Useless Arm spread around.
  • Fungal become Spider diet and Spider Legs become Fungal Centaur. 
  • Scaly become deadly, potentially killing it victim after a day.
  • Amphibious shrivel away from the mutation table. Hurag become Hurag the Amphibious, the last mutant of his kind.
  • Stretchable Limbs become a minor divinity, granting itself as a spell. It's followers oppose the cult of the Useless Arm.
  • No Face become a contagious disease! The disease spread from villages to villages! 
  • Serpentine Amputation gain a subtable (d3: 1 lose legs, 2 lose arms, 3 lose all members) 
  • The Sun become Biting Aura and Hammer Head become Sun Head.

I mutated Scrap Princess’ table too.
  • A snake lives in your brain gain a subtable (it can exit by your d3: 1 left eye, 2 left ear, 3 left hand) Delicate translucent wings grow sublimely underneath your back and forearm skin become purely cosmetic and fashionable. People start wearing robes with translucent wing-sleeves. 
  • Thorns grow from your body trigger a additional mutation. 
  • You have no colour in your skin, eyes, hair or blood shrivel away from the mutation table. Aza the Colorless is the last mutant with this mutation. 
  • Very long tongue, like a metre long become a unique infectious 7HD monster.
  • Hemophiliac become deadly but instead of killing the mutant it turn them into a bleeding undead.
  • You can vomit up a collection of organs become a specie of 1HD creatures that quickly breed and infest the local land.
  • +2 will save and have horrible big pulsing veins on your head become a minor divinity. Granting itself as a spell. It cult spread around.
  • At least half your body is covered in tattoos become deadly and can potentially kill the mutant in one day.
  • Another face is on the back of your head. It shows the opposite expression to you gain a extra detail: the face is also of the opposite sex.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mole folk of the Undersoil

I posted a drawing of a armored mole princess on G+ and I jammed a bit with Arturs Leitans, Benjamin Baugh, Daniel Lofton and Ray Otus on the mole folks.

The Mole Folk live in the Undersoil, the upper level of the underworld, a breathing underground world, communicating with the surface world and teeming with life. In contrast the Underdark is a cold and dead place, mole folks rarely venture there.

Princess Margery Scroffus Whiskerworm, in her royal family armor, ready to hunt tasty giant bugs or to defend the kingdom’s burrows.
"I can smell em!"

Mole folk wizards are star-nosed moles, they smell and feel the aetheric dirtways, the spiritflows, and the timbre and texture of local reality. Starnose wizard have long drooping nose tendrils, almost down to their feet. Apprentice have little nubby ones, as they have just started growing in, as they gain experience, their sense organs get bigger and their eyes, already small, slowly fade back into their fur.

"I am Ergo the Molenificent, short in stature, tall in power, narrow of vision, and wide of purpose."
"Taste of the fermented worm juice, let it open your nose to the dirt around you. There! Feel the tremor and reach toward it. Open your inner eimer."
"Follow your nose, my apprentice. All dirt is one dirt, all tunnels connect, the darkness arrives before the light, the darkness is already there. Light locks us to a place and time, it defines and limits. You will learn to as all deepseekers do never to trust light. Now, spread out your noise and feel for the way home. It is not far, not really. It is a close as the dark all around us."

A Starnose wizard digging out a spell from the aetheric dirtway:

The principal enemies of the mole folk are invasive rather than predatory, they reproduce so fast that they keep expanding into mole territory. And moles, generally pacifists, have to find clever ways to turn them back. Confusion spells, earthworks, traps, etc.

"Listen, young mole warriors, if you happen upon a cicada burrow do not crack the seal. Our shamans track their cycles and prepare for them. While an early awakening of a cicada swarm is not directly harmful to molefolk, being unprepared for their song disrupts our dirt senses. And the swarm, as always, attracts predators."

Invasive factions

The cold worms have taken over the mind of the kobolds’ clans leaders and the kobolds are becoming more and more aggressive and invasive. The kobolds use war insects, the moles consider these insects as a delicacy but now they are often infected with parasite worms. The kobolds also hire hard boiled troglodytes mercenaries and made dark pacts with the voles, ever the cowardly jealous enemy of moles.

The starnosed wizard can use their aetheric senses to detect the presence of the worms, some suspect that the voles started the worm infestation with a corrupted gift, hoping to use the kobolds against the moles.

The blind Molerat tribes also often invade the mole folk’s territory, always mining and digging new tunnels. Each tribe is protected from the worms by a creepy hive mind totem spirit. They speak with one voice, the same, monotone.

Neutral factions

Tarantulan merchants, carrying their wares on their backs, famous for their bolts of silk cloth dyed by the roots, berries, and insect organs they chew and mix when pulling silk before putting it on their looms. The tarantulans remain neutral, seeking to sell their wares rather than engage in conflicts. They are a gregarious folk though, and always happy to sit and sip anise tea and gossip about what they've learned in their wanderings.

Shovel nose wyrms, thes giant sentient snakes are like dragons. This is always bad news when a female lay her eggs nearby.

The hagmoles... fear their ways. There are voices, wispers from the deeps, the cold dead realm of silence and stone. They promise power, they promise knowledge, secret and forgotten and forbidden. Some moles stray, abandoning the warmth of the homesoil, root and grub, and the company of their fellows. They delve deeply. They grow thin, for little lives in the deep dark that is fit to eat. They grow cold. They hunger. These hagmoles can nor endure the warmth of the high deeps, but creep about below, whispering promises, offering power, favors, secrets.

"Your mole-crew erupts into a huge tunnel that continues into the lower underground, out of the range of your tremorsense. What monstrosity could have made this?"

Guillaume Jentey drew a cute jeweler who carved a gem for Princess Margery Scroffus Whiskerworm.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Durin's Bane

My interpretation of the Balrog from LotR.
"Something was coming up behind them. What it was could not be seen: it was like a great shadow, in the middle of which was a dark form, of man-shape maybe, yet greater; and a power and terror seemed to be in it and to go before it."

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mudwarren Zine!

Surprise! I found back all the files of the Void Beaver dungeon we crafted on G+ a loooong time ago and I assembled everything together.

This was originally a initiative by Karl Stjernberg and Jfur Moonpoison.
Karl drew the cover and the map while Jennifer assembled everything together and edited the text into something gameable. I then contributed more than a dozen illustrations.

Enjoy and beware of the Void!

Free PDF version:

Print version (at cost):

Friday, October 12, 2018

Cosmic Crawl Zine

This is a other G+ community project, I drew a cosmic crawl map and people on G+ wrote descriptions for it different locations. I compiled everything and wrote random tables for each entries.

Also since my Patreon reached one if it objective I was able to put more time into the zine and draw additional illustrations! :)

When we filled the map I was really unsure if it would end up giving something gameable or not.
I am looking forward reading your feedbacks about the whole thing as I am very curious of what people will think of it.

Free PDF version:

Print version on LULU (better wait for the free shipping coupon to be active):

(I also uploaded a printable version of the Doodle Maps on Lulu)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Old School Roleplaying Guide: Principia Apocrypha

+David Perry recently published a Old School Roleplaying Guide that I illustrated. 

I am really happy with how David used my illustrations. People often have a hardtime to put them in valor in the layout but there the result is super nice. I was also careful to add a lot of contrast (I am learning from my commissioned work).

Also I think that the introduction about participating in online communities is important even if some people will take it personally and get defensive about it (as usual on the internet). 

Thanks to the little DIY/OSR communities I am interacting with, your creativity and support is always inspiring. <3

Vertical cut map test

I am experimenting with video-game inspired vertical cut maps. 
I plan to add more points of interest to the map.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Slime Pit, work in progress

I am working on a small zine build with illustrations I did when I was sick earlier in August.

Marvels & Malisons work in progress

Some illustrations I am working on for Marvels & Malisons.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

More about the doodles maps

Thinking back about how this little community project went.

Starting with a fun and inspiring artwork map really helped to trigger enthusiasm, 32 people contributed and we keyed the 41 areas in 24h. (I notice that we were only 3 women, this is only 9% of the of the contributors, a percentage common to OSR discussions threads).

The tone was overall whimsical but imaginative. I only edited out one element that was too pop culture reference gonzo. But thinking back about it, I could have turned this element into a silly rumor.

Some people contributed different descriptions for the same area, this was not a problem and I even encouraged it. I fused the multiple interpretations together or I turned them into rumors. Rumors are a good tool to keep descriptions that may contradict each others.

Once I compiled everything, I wrote a d6 encounters and a d6 treasures tables for each area. To write the tables I based myself on the description of the areas, sometime incorporating stuff from other areas, I also had to extrapolate and invent some stuff for some of the areas that had a very short description.
I really like this d6 encounters and d6 treasures tables formula. I think it help a lot to bring the areas to life and to make the map more gameable. Having more time I would maybe have added a d6 rumors table to each area. I think these three elements work well together: dangers, rewards and opportunities. The d6 tables are also a good tool to glue together the content of the contributions as you may create link between them.

Having one or two persons who add a other layer of content (the d6 tables) over the collective material make the content stick more together. Doing it alone was a lot of work (I wrote 82 tables) but it was also super fun to jam with what the community contributed.

I enjoy these community creations projects a lot, I especially love the cross pollinisation of ideas (including illustrations and text), it feel a bit like playing a game of How to Host a Dungeon or of Microscope.


Eventually I would like to draw more maps to have a full 3x3 grid. But that would be a lot of work as it would give us a total of 360 areas to key (and a lot of d6 tables to write!).

If we ever complete the grid, I would like that someone better than me work on the layout for the compilation to have a nice book. Maybe we can also print the maps on PoD cardboards.

Here are the North-South axis and the West-East axis b&w unkeyed maps:

Monday, August 20, 2018

Doodles Map collaboration

I doodled a small map in my note book and we collectively filled the areas' descriptions on G+

Feel free to reshare the PDF and to use it content as you wish.

The Doodles Map PDF file

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Fantasy houses generator

Fantasy houses

Traits (d6)
1-3 Roll one house type and a special feature.
4 Roll and combine two (or three) house types into something odd. (reroll similar results)
5 Roll and combine two house types and a special feature.
6 Roll one house type and two (or three) special features.

House type (d12)
1. Yurt / Tent / Hut / Shack / Cabin
2. Caravan / Boat / Stilt / Mobile house
3. Barn / Farm / Store / Granary / Greenhouse / Mill / Workshop / Factory
4. Commerce / Shop / Bar / Inn / Hostel / Bath / Brothel house
5. Theater / Arena / Music hall / Agora / Forum
6. School / Office / Justice hall / Guild house
7. Cottage / Dacha / Izba / Chalet (small house)
8. Saltbox / Gable / Family house (medium house)
9. Hall / Long / Clan house (large house)
10. Manor / Villa / Mansion / Palace (opulent house)
11. Tower / Bridge / Prison / Fort / Castle (fortified house)
12. Temple / Church / Monastery / Mosque / Shrine (holy house)

Special feature (d20)
1. In a special location (tree, cliff, cavern, lake, hill, mountain, fire, sky, clouds)
2. Legged (mechanical, insect, crustacean, reptile, bird, mammal legs)
3. Winged (mechanical, insect, bird or bat wings, sails, fins)
4. Living / Undead / Mimic (with fleshy organs)
5. Automated / Mechanical / Armored / Transformable / Foldable / Self repair
6. Sentient / Possessed / Haunted / Cursed
7. Edible (Candy, Gingerbread, etc)  
8. Giant Fruit / Vegetable / Mushroom / Tree
9. Giant Item ( shoe, teapot, stove, bottle, lamp, hat, etc.)
10. Giant Bones / Shell / Armor (skull, rib cage, snail, crab, turtle, helm, gauntlet, etc)
11. Made of fragile material (Paper, ceramic. glass, straw, cards, etc)  
12. Belly / Back of a giant beast
13. Direlic Structure (giant statue, galeon, spaceship, alien ruins, etc.)
14. Bigger / Smaller in the inside
15. Gigantic / Miniature sized  
16. Hidden nature (the outside is different from the inside (dilapidated outside but beautiful inside, etc)
17. Enchanted (well kept by invisible servitors, never get wet or burn, stay warm, etc)
18. Hidden / Camouflaged (impossible to find without directions and maybe a magical word)
19. Illusion / Mirage / Mirror / Dream (appear as you imagine it or reflect who inhabit or visit it)
20. Appearing / Vanishing / Teleporting / Duo-location (wasn't there yesterday)

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Bird Legs House

I love witch house with chicken legs inspired from Baba Yaga's story. 
I quickly draw one, feel free to use it if you want to create a one page dungeon, a zine or a blog post.

William F keyed the house on his blog: Auspexias Birdhouse

OSR Mimic logo

I don't strongly identify with the OSR but I am certainly often influenced by it.
For those who like to use the label, I made you a OSR Logo mimic eating a coin.
You are free to use it as you wish for your zines and other projects.

Link to all the variants:

Dungeon Hacker

This could be a reskin of the dungeon hacker, using enchanted headphones to listen and record ghostly EVP or a deck jockey class like how Tore N interpreted my illustration:

"The golem was faster than you would have imagined possible. It moved its two-ton bulk like a quicksilver insect. Gragnard the warrior barely had time to put up his shield as another black iron fist descended.

Abigail didn't break a sweat as sparks flew off Gragnag's shield. This was child's play. The golem wasn't even password protected. Abigail typed in a few lines of eldritch code as Eckk the sorcerer's arc lighning bounced harmlessly off the iron guardian.

A few tense seconds, then a static hiss and the golem's eyes lost their polished sheen. "SECURITY MEASURE - OFFLINE" a voice like a broken abacus anounced in her headphones. That had been easy. The warlock-king's trap-tomb had been a disappointment so far.

"DEFENSIVE CONTINGENCY SUBROUTINE DETECTED" Abigail felt a coldness in her belly as green gas started seeping from the room's corners. Deck-Mistress Steihn had always chided her for her arrogance."

Monday, July 2, 2018

Halflings couple smoking funny herbs under the full moon

Some funny herbs to smoke at midnight by Tore Nielsen
1: Gorgon Veridian: Great for jitters as it makes you stiff as a board. Gives very calming slow dreams about being a vein of ore. 
2: Zaffre Leaf: Gives the smoker the ability to see through solid objects. As a side effect everything is tinted blue.
3: Jester’s Bud: Makes things extremely funny. Breaks down all language barriers.
4: Chocolate Cosmos: Makes all foodstuffs creamy and bittersweet to the palate. Makes eating very appealing. 
5: Uncle’s Astral Blend: Smoked with a partner and sends your astral bodies off to the Rainbow Skein, deep in the Elemental Plane.
6: Purple Chameleon: The smoker’s skin becomes a kaleidoscope of color. This can be used for camouflage, if only one can concentrate on that, and not the fractal specks of beauty.
7: Green Serene: The smoker becomes calm. All madness and fear evaporates, and the smoker is immune to all mental anguish for 1D4 hours. Highly addictive.
8: Skystormer’s Delight: The smoker can float like a helium balloon and swim in air. Using physical strength becomes difficult, as there is no real leverage. 
9: Wallflower Blend: People ignore the smoker, unless they do something outrageous or threatening. It is said that the effect does not work on those who truly love the smoker. 
10: Glutton Red: The smoker smells like freshly baked cake and will genuinely be good to eat!

Monday, June 25, 2018

Review: The Corruption of Pelursk by Shel Kahn

The Corruption of Pelursk by Shel Kahn

The Corruption of Pelursk is a hex-crawl adventure created and self published by Shel Kahn. It come as a zine or as a pocket pack where everything is packaged in a pencil case that contain beautiful fabric maps and other gaming aids.

The adventure premise assume that the characters are looking for rare magical crystals, there is a shortage of these crystals and being unable to find any, the adventurers decided to travel to where the crystal are collected to find some on their own.

Their journey will take them to the small town of Black Lake, after meeting some of it inhabitants and learning about why there is a shortage of crystals they will venture into the crystal island where they will play a small hex-crawl that will lead them to a key encounter. Back to the small town they will have to deal with the fallouts of their actions.

The adventure is well written, Shel is very good at setting up the atmosphere. The different steps of the adventure are well presented and easy to follow. Naturally the players won’t probably follow the assumed course of events, but this is not problematic.

I personally prefer a tiny bit less descriptions but I think that the level of description is well balanced between usefulness and atmosphere setup.

The small town of Black Lake is rough while charming, kind of like a earnest frontier town. It relation with the magical crystals create a interesting situation worth exploring. The town gave me a good studio Ghibli or Earthsea vibe, the inhabitants being earnest and positive but also serious folks who have their own baggage to deal with. This make them engaging and the adventure assume that the group will learn to know some of them but there is also a chance that a group would entirely skip the town to sneak on the island on their own. This is not a problem but it would certainly change the feel of the adventure.

The hex-crawl is well presented and very interactive. It is played on a hex map printed on a fabric and use a collection of 12 fabric hexes that can move around on the map, depending on different situations. This add a unexpected aspect to the crawl. There is three sets of encounters: ruins, ghost and island reactions. The backstory of the island is hinted at through the encounters. The whole story is not revealed but enough is hinted to fuel the players curiosity. There is no real combat encounters, the dangerous encounters are mostly traps or dangerous obstacles.

A lot of these encounters deal damage to the characters, some of it can be avoided by making saving throws but the amount of damage that a group will receive is really random and hard to evaluate. For a low level group, especially with characters with 1d4 and 1d6 HP, this can become VERY deadly. Running this adventure as a funnel for 0 level characters would probably lead to a very high body count. But I guess that the players can find clever ways to avoid some of the damages. Playing the adventure in a “new school” mode would certainly be more deadly as the game mechanics would constantly inflict damages to the characters, while running it in “old school” mode would give more occasions for the players to find clever ways to avoid relying on passing saving throws to survive.

The key encounter is interesting (but also probably deadly) and potentially lead to a more interesting situation.

My feel.

I really like how everything in the adventure is socially interconnected. The town situation is subtle and engaging while being optional to the adventure. I like that the spine of the adventure is simple enough to grasp and to remember, after a single read I feel like I could easily run it. The fabric elements add a nice tactile feel that fit with the setting where everything is handcrafted by people.

I am intrigued by how the hex-crawl run at the game table. Because of the multiple sources of damage I think that the GM must be careful to give space for the players to find solutions and clever ways to avoid some of the damage instead of just asking them to make saving throws.

Depending on how much the group interact with the town, I guess that the adventure can be run in one or two sessions.

The only thing missing is maybe a few illustrations in the adventure booklet. Not much, maybe just 2 or 3 to add more flavor. But starting to do illustrations for your own publication is dangerous as you can always do more and you have to set yourself some limits.

How would I run the adventure?

For a one shot I would probably run the adventure with characters born in Black Lake Town. I would make them return to their hometown to have a “homecoming” vibe or I would simply start directly in the town and ask them questions about how their family is dealing with the crystals shortage to directly link them to the town situation.

Running it for out of town of characters, I would mirror the Black Lake Town situation by making their home village slowly dying because their home crystal lost it magic. This way, the fate of their village is linked to the fate of Black Lake Town and the Isle.

For a campaign already running, I would simply make a third party hire the adventurers to get the crystals instead of forcing the group to have a personal need for the crystals. Naturally I would try to give the third party a interesting goal.

I have a weak spot for village and community based campaigns so I would probably run the adventure for villager folks.

Running “The Corruption of Pelursk” with Shel’s other pocket adventure “Keep on the Shinning Isle” is certainly tempting. I imagine a crystal islands campaign having a nice Earthsea vibe.

Monday, June 18, 2018

I made a new zine: The Kobolds' Exhibition!

Bookship18 is still active until midnight and I finished my kobolds zine:

You can get the PDF on LULU or on Gumroad:
(If you contributed to the zine, check out first on G+)

I want to try to make a "print at home" PDF to put on Gumroad, but I will try to do it a few days (I need a break from this project). :)

The 32 pages zine present a tribe of kobolds who move from dungeon to dungeon in search of artworks to collect.

>The art collector, the exhibition,
>the kobolds (their roles and how they collect artworks),
>a d100 artworks random table,
>art forgeries,
>artworks enchantments,
>how to dungeon delve into artwork,
>tables to generate a artwork point-crawl,
>a list of 30 kobolds troubles to solve.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


This Daruma doll was a birthday gift from my friend Iris in 2017. I wished to earn my life with my art. Or at least to be able to pay my rent.

I painted the other eye because 1 year later, with my hours being completely cuts at the library I now have to pay my rent with my art. So while I don’t earn enough money to do it, I guess I kind of achieved my goal.

On other news, I finally found the courage to call some clinics and I have a rendez-vous to hopefully start my Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)