Sunday, April 22, 2018

People talking about towns

Rumors about towns:
2d6  + a extra d6 of a different color, if you roll a 1 on this die, the rumor is false.

2: something truly supernatural and disturbing
3: warning of dangers or conspiracy
4: superstition and folk tale
5: problem, people or place to avoid
6: bad stereotype and reputation
7: settlement or architectural characteristics
8: good stereotype and reputation
9: opportunity, people or place to seek
10: historical or recent event
11: trusted contact and reference.
12: something truly supernatural and wonderful

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Island and random encounters tables speciation.

This is inspired from this youtube video about how species fill vacant ecological niches on isolated islands. For exemple how kiwi birds took on the role and characteristics of rats in the absence of these mammals.

Let try to apply this on random encounter tables. Now random encounter tables are not really ecologies or biomes but since we are familiar with their content it can be fun to generate interesting variants.

Let use the the Forest/Wooded encounters from the Labyrinth Lord's Wilderness Monster Encounter Table.

Forest/Wooded encounters (1d20)
  1. Bee, giant killer
  2. Boar
  3. Bugbear
  4. Cat, Panther
  5. Cockatrice
  6. Dryad
  7. Dragon, Green
  8. Elf
  9. Ghoul 
  10. Hobgoblin
  11. Werewolf
  12. Brigands
  13. Orc
  14. Roc, small
  15. Spider, giant crab
  16. Troll
  17. Unicorn
  18. Wight 
  19. Wolf
  20. Wolf, dire

Let remove half the encounters so that the "surviving" monsters can fill their "niches".

We roll 10d20: 20 - 11 - 2 - 17 - 20 - 5 - 12 - 12 - 6 - 4 (re rolling doubles: 7, 10)
  1. Bee, giant killer
  2. Boar
  3. Bugbear
  4. Cat, Panther
  5. Cockatrice
  6. Dryad
  7. Dragon, Green
  8. Elf
  9. Ghoul 
  10. Hobgoblin
  11. Werewolf
  12. Brigands
  13. Orc
  14. Roc, small
  15. Spider, giant crab
  16. Troll
  17. Unicorn
  18. Wight 
  19. Wolf
  20. Wolf, dire
Now let see who fill these empty niches

For each absent monster we assign a random survivor who will speciate to fill it empty niche, we will combine the two monsters to create a new one. This new monster use the survivor stats bloc and switch 2d3 characteristics with the monster it is replacing.

Characteristics table (d12)
  1. No.Enc
  2. Alignment
  3. Movement
  4. Armor Class
  5. HD (size) 
  6. Attack type
  7. Damage
  8. Saves
  9. Morale
  10. Hoard class
  11. Special ability or vulnerability 
  12. Appearance  
If we make the rolls we end up with:
  1. Boar wight 
  2. Panther trolls  
  3. Cockatrice elves 
  4. Dryad bugbears 
  5. Green dragon ghouls 
  6. Hobgoblin wolfs 
  7. Werewolf bugbears 
  8. Brigands giant killer bees 
  9. Unicorn giant killer bees 
  10. Dire wolf wolf (??) 
What happen to the original survivor monsters?
Let roll on the adaptation table to find out:

Adaptation table (d8)
  • 1-2 Dwarf variant (-1 HD, step up No Enc.) 
  • 3-4 Giant variant (+1 HD, step down No Enc.) 
  • 5-6 Random characteristic variant (roll on the characteristic table and modify this characteristic to create a variant)
  • 7 Stunted variant (roll on the characteristic table and nerf or dilute this characteristic)  
  • 8 Hyper variant (roll on the characteristic table and boost or intensify this characteristic) 
If we make the rolls we end up with:
  1. Giant giant killer bee
  2. Hyper Bugbear (Hyper variant: boost number encountered!)
  3. Dwarf Elf
  4. Giant Ghoul 
  5. Dwarf Orc
  6. Dwarf small Roc  
  7. Giant giant spider crab  
  8. High Damage Trolls (Hyper variant: boost damages!) 
  9. Giant Wight 
  10. Climbing Wolf (Random characteristic variant: movement type) 
Our final forest island random table: 
  1. Giant Wight 
  2. Boar Wights (tusked wights who search the ground with their big groin) 
  3. High Damage Trolls (ouch!)
  4. Panther Trolls (stealthy four legged trolls)  
  5. Dwarf Elves
  6. Cockatrice Elves (use petrification to craft stuff out of petrified victims) 
  7. Hyper Bugbear (larger No. Enc.) 
  8. Dryad Bugbears (tree linked female bugbears) 
  9. Werewolf Bugbears (bugbears who turn into dire wolves) 
  10. Giant Ghoul  
  11. Green Dragon Ghouls (greedy scaly toxic breath ghouls) 
  12. Dwarf Orc
  13. Hobgoblin Wolfs (weapon using bipedal wolfs) 
  14. Dwarf Small Roc (mounts for the dwarf elves or orcs)   
  15. Giant Giant Spider Crab 
  16. Giant Giant killer bee (they are getting quite big!)
  17. Brigands giant killer bees (killer bees who ambush people to hoard their stuff) 
  18. Unicorn giant killer bees (white bees who produce magical honey for maidens) 
  19. Dire Island Wolves (cosmetic variant Dire wolf) 
  20. Climbing Wolves

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Doodle Factory in the Skies is back.

I put back The Doodle Factory in the Skies on my LULU store.

The zine is build around a drawing jam I did with my friend Melissa (but the zine is composed of 75% of my illustrations). The zine is in full color so a bit pricey but not too much.

This is a really whimsical set of 20 floating locations. Each location is represented by a big central illustration and a set of 6 (or more) small illustrations. The thing is that you roll a couple d6 to see what you find in these locations. These is also some rules for drifting from one location to a other.

The central theme is a big factory that pollute the other floating islands and a dragon that hoard enchanted trash around a micro-moon.

I personally like this setting and I enjoyed playing with it using the Black Hack but some people told me that the setup was too strange for them to figure out how to use it. If you are looking for something with more emphasis on wonder you might like it. There is a bit of a Planescale vibe to it. My non-gamer friends quite liked it and had a lot of fun contributing more to the setting when I asked them questions.

I will maybe revisit it on my blog, commenting on each floating locations.

Friday, March 30, 2018

The Fabulous Pocket Guild mini zine is availlable!

I used my tiny adventurers drawings to create a mini zine as a reward for my patrons on Patreon.
I want to eventually compile all the characters together into a pocket book on LULU.

I drew a collection of 120 tiny adventurers, each zine include a random selection of 15 tiny adventurers with 15 tiny character sheets. The way I imagined them to be used is that each zine is a guild or a stable of 15 characters. The players use their zine to create their character and they can switch between characters between session or in town. The zines are 34 pages long (including cover & back cover)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Paper Biome is Available!

Paper Biome is on LULU!

I made several versions because Print on Demand let us easily do that:
  • Paper Biome Full version (print, include everything, 161 color pages) 50$
  • Miniatures Only (print, only the miniatures, no tiles, no generator) 35$
  • Generator Only (generator & sheets only, no miniatures or tiles) 25$
  • PDF Paper Biome (full version) 12$ 

(This is in Canadian dollars)

I designed the generator to work with the paper miniatures but I guess you can still use it without the miniatures, except that you will only have the miniatures portraits to represent the creatures. This is really a kit to cut up and glue.

You better wait the next free shipping coupon to order.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Coming Soon!

I finished Paper Biome and I am waiting for my proof copy.
The thing is huge and in full color.

I hope that at least one person will assemble the miniatures. :)

Monday, January 29, 2018

Tiny characters

I started drawing tiny character as warm up drawings. I will try to compile them as a mini zine when I will have enough of them.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Houses are people too

I drew a banner for the Houses are People blog.

I like the setting premise that Michael is working on:
"The setting is of a gigantic city that looks like a bunch of tiny villages packed together. Everyone who lives there thinks it is a village, even though it's so big."

Check out my "villages" tag for random villages encounters. :)

If you want a weird butcher or cook somewhere in the village, ask Gormand to settle in with his larder. Oh and there is this big sale at the old village tower, the old astronomer died and his nephew is selling his junk, some say he was a wizard.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Orcs and dinoceras

Two orc sisters walking back from the market with their dinoceras and their cheerful prothylacinus.   

Monday, January 8, 2018

Moon Titans

Playable character race:

Moon Titans
Elven like giants who live on the moon

Attributes modifiers 

Classes: fighter, illusionist, cleric 
Multi class: fighter-illusionist 
If played as "race as class" use the elf template for XP and fighter-mage abilities.

Special attributes 

Strong but delicate: 
Being large creatures they start with a extra hit dice (only apply CON modifier once) and receive a bonus to STR but being used to the low gravity of the moon they receive a CON penalty and are easily exhausted. They can also receive penalties when their size handicap them.

Night vision: 
They can see perfectly under the night sky (but not underground).
They receive -1 to hit when fighting in sunlight or in a very bright environment.  

Moon metal weapons: 
New characters start with weapons that count as silver weapons. Moon metal weapons give +1 to hit when wield under the moon light. Moon metal slightly glow in the dark when exposed to the night sky. Moon weapons are bigger but lighter, this balance out and their damage die remain the same as normal weapons. When buying weapons and armors from man sized settlements, Moon Titans must pay double the price for their size. Non moon metal weapons and armor count as a extra encumbering item. 

Moon bridge: 
Once every moon phase a titan can sing for 1 turn while standing in the moonlight to open a moon bridge to the moon or to any location they already visited that can be reached by moonlight. The phase of the moon influence the travel:
  • Full: being lost (none), random moon creature encounter (4/6) 
  • Gibbous: being lost (1/6), random moon creature encounter (3/6) 
  • Half: being lost (2/6), random moon creature encounter (2/6) 
  • Crescent: being lost (3/6), random moon creature encounter (1/6)  
  • New: being lost (4/6), random moon creature encounter (none) 
Duration: a gate remain open for both side for 1d6 + level turns. Travelling through the gate usually take 1d6 rounds.

Being lost: mean that the gate open to different place, roll a d6: 
  1. Open into the shadow dimension or a alien sphere or plane.  
  2. Open on the moon or the dark side of the moon (if the target was the moon) 
  3. Open close to the target location but travelling took 1d6 days (that only felt like turns). 
  4. Open 1d6 hours of walk away from the target location. 
  5. Open close to the location but in a place that complicate things. 
  6. Open close to target location but in a place that give interesting opportunities. 
Random moon creature encounter: mean that the travelers encounter something while traveling through the moon bridge, roll 1d6:
  1. Major selenite predator (1) (4 to 8 HD, six legged) 
  2. Minor selenite predators (1d6) (2 to 4HD, six legged) 
  3. Moon pests or bugs (2d6) (1/2 or 1HD) 
  4. Moonbeam or moonstone elemental (1d4) (HD change with the moon phases) 
  5. Selenite humanoids (1d6, random alignment and dispositions) 
  6. Dreamer (make a reaction test to see if they are generating a dream or a nightmare. To move on the group must kill the dreamer or find a exit from their dream or nightmare) 

Friday, January 5, 2018

Owl Bear in a tree slowly turning it head


I will craft some mini zines for my patrons on Patreon.

I have no tiers for my Patreon so everyone who support me can get one.

Note that this is not a automatic reward: I post the zines only to those who manifest in the comments or by personal message when I notify my patrons that I have some zines to post.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

A adventurer and her dog

The black birds welcome a new witch

I did this illustration after rethinking about "Vaginas are Magic" and I thought that the sorceress supreme in the illustration did not play RAW (rules as written) and did not care if her daughter have a vagina or not. (Because I have recently read a post about VAM).