Thursday, December 18, 2014

How to Host a Intellivision Dungeon

Once upon a time I made a blog to record the creation of a dungeon I made in pixel art with How to Host a Dungeon. Sadly I have deleted the blog and I have lost the dungeon descriptions. Here is a animated GIF I made with the image files.

The blue chambers represent the dwarf civilization, then the big disaster happen, followed by a age of monsters that end with the rise and fall of the Great Ettin King. In the end the human kingdom prosper while the stone giants kingdom expend dangerously toward a new age of villainy.

P.S.: I have started a new blog here:

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Star Vampire

Star vampires are illuminated bio-engineering parasites. They convert their host body into a bio-engineering laboratory. They are know to craft leech-potions, ghoul-homunculi and  small bio-mechanical devices. Their main working material is blood. They live as hermits and can be consulted by wisdom seeking people. They can create devices or cast oracles from someone blood. They are only predatory when they need to find a new host. Even then they will help their host toward their next reincarnation (the process is similar to the reincarnation spell, but with narcosmic results).   

Reincarnation in the #Narcosmos , roll 1d12 (created by by Alex S):

  • 1. you are reborn as a plasmoid on a world where life is just developing; if you play your cards right, you will turn into a god on this world. 
  • 2. you are reborn as your mother, carrying yourself within yourself, knowing it, but never allowed to speak of this or you will break yourself; now you know why she looked at you that way.
  • 3. you are reborn as a child of a close friend of yours; as you learn to speak, you try and tell her all you know and prove your identity by telling your mother things she would never have shared with her child; there is an estrangement.
  • 4. you are reborn; you don't understand; there is pain, and hunger, feeding and frantic mating, licking and raising of pups, pain and lots of running; you love to run.
  • 5. you are reborn as the child of a stowaway on a slow ship; you spend years playing hide and seek with your mother between those container towers; scavenging, sleeping, disabling ship security piece by piece, expanding your territory slowly over the years.
  • 6. you are reborn, changed, augmented; your spirit arms can touch other people; your third eyes sees clearly; sex, prayer, talk, sleep, it's all a glorious vision of life; start a cult, for your vision is true.
  • 7. you are born like everybody else; your link to the past was cut, and it is only in drunken stupor and when waking up after surgery that you catch glimpses of your glorious other lives; oh, what you could have been! what you could have done! if only circumstances had been different.
  • 8. you are born into somebody else's body; their spirit it weak and you don't want to die; your experience is showing: slowly you build a cage around their spirit; blocking it off, taking over, taking control, living a new life, drink from this fortuitous cup once more! sometimes you can hear it scream and cry in the back of your mind and you know, you must never let it out, ever.
  • 9. you are born free of your previous shackles; you realize that you have always belonged to the star people; travellers, gazers, warriors, parasites; this new host body will do and in time you will get back to those friends that pulled that prank on you; fuck that previous life you led, like a piece of flesh!
  • 10. you are reborn into a better life; happiness is there if you will only reach out for it; abandon the false temptations of decadent society around you; you see through the illusion and are destined for a life of a simple hermit, content and free of strife.
  • 11. you are reborn back into the Schicksalsgenossenschaft of old; all the people around you are friends from previous lives; you have all helped each other out, again and again, and you know it, and they know it; this is going to be glorious.
  • 12. that was it! you have passed the last test, broken through, there are no more obstacles for you; will you enter nirvana and be free of suffering forever, or will you return in order to help others? If so, choose where your help is needed the most and go. Thank you! Thank you.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Temple of the many Wishes

My Numenera character

We are playing the Devil Spine, my character survived her first debilated condition so I permitted myself to drawn her. She is kind of a passionate roguish fire acrobat. 
The antenna tower attack was epic. Calla jumped on the tower with her jump belt, then she ran for the roof top on the surface of the tower with her magnetic boots. My plan was to quickly destroy the antenna, I managed to damage it but the two giant green goo spiders downed me. Luckily Calla's halo of fire and her vuechi spheres saved her life.