Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hagborn character class

Hagborn are the offsprings of a ancient curse that infected many bloodlines in the past. 

They usually start neutral and become chaotic or evil if they start murdering people to steal their life force.  

Requirement: CON 9 
Prime Requisite: CON, INT and WIS 
Starting age: 13+1d6 
Hit Dice: 1d6
Saving throws: as mages
To hit: as mages 
Weapons: as mages 
Armors: as mages
Maximum level: 10
Experience: as mages 

Spell casting
Hagborns grow old to cast spells.

  • They age by a 1d6 years by levels of the spell.
  • The number of years they grow older is reduced by their class level. 
  • Taking a extra turn to cast their spell reduce the years by 1.
  • Recasting the same spell during the day add the spell level in years (by extra usages). 
  • They can cast spells that are over their own level but while doing so they multiply the number of d6 rolled by 2
  • If the total number of years rolled is equal to zero or less, they don't grow older. 

Spell list
Hagborns are born with a innate spell list (inherited by their bloodline).
But they don't know their innate powers until they try them.
When they cast a spell they can cast a know spell or try to discover a new random power (spell).
When they try to discover a new innate spell, they have to take cast for a number of turns equal to the spell level. Then they can roll a random spell on the magic-user list of the desired level. If they roll a spell they already know, they simply cast it instead of discovering a new spell.
They can choose not to cast the newly discovered spell but the spell will still make them grow older.

Each time they gain a level they learn more about their own powers and roll a new spell (starting with the lowest levels spells) (Roll one level 1 spell at level 1)

Their innate spell list is limited to:

  • Level 01: 5 spells 
  • Level 02: 4 spells 
  • Level 03: 3 spells 
  • Level 04: 2 spells 
  • Level 05: 1 spell
Hagborns can reroll a know spells by drinking a special potion made with the blood of a hagborn or a true hag. While doing so they roll on the other hag spell list. 

Use the aging tables and effects in the Labyrinth Lord Advanced Edition Companion (p.23). Except that hagborns add 3d10 to their dying age.

Leathery skin 
As hagborns grow older their skin become hard like leather or bark and they gain +1 to their AC for each 10 years above 50 (up to +5).

Life force collecting
Hagborns can collect the life force of living beings to brew rejuvenating potions. Brewing a potion take a number of turn equal to it number of life forces being brewed.

A hagborn can extract life-forces by capturing the breath of a living being. They can drink the life-force on the spot or bottle it to brew a potion later.
  • Children: 5 life forces
  • Adolescent: 4 life forces
  • Adult: 3 life forces
  • Middle age: 2 life forces
  • Elderly: 1 life force
  • Animal: 1 life force by HD (but add +2 to the mutation roll) 
  • Rare magical plants: 1 life force (add -1 to the mutation roll) 
Living beings must freely accept to give their life forces, while doing so they grow older by a number of d6 equal to the taken life forces and will die if all their life forces are taken away. 
Children can't willingly give their life forces. 
It take one year or one level to regenerate a lost life force. 
Life forces can also be collected without consent by collecting the dying breath of a living being. 

When life forces are consumed on the spot, the hagborn grow younger by a number of years equal to the collected life forces.

A brewed life forces potion rejuvenate a d6 years by brewed life forces.

Life forces can also be collected from fresh meat if the meat is brewed into the potion. But this only add half the life force of the meat being cooked.

Brewing spell transfer potion
To gain the spell of a other hag, a hagborn can brew a special potion that require a number of brewing turns equal to the spell level and require the spell level in d4 point of damage from the donating hag.
Drinking this potion let the hagborn reroll one of her innate spells by rolling on the donating hag spell list of the brewed level.

Life force mutations
Life forces potions can create weird mutations. When a hagborn drink a life force potion, she must make a saving throw vs transformation (WIS bonus help).

On a failed save, they must roll on the hag mutation table:
Roll a d8 + life forces of the potion (lawful hags add -1, chaotic hags add +1)

  1. Weird smell 
  2. Warts or weird skin marks  
  3. Reptilian or weird eyes 
  4. Webbed fingers and ears 
  5. Clawed fingers (d4 dmg) 
  6. Elongated arms or feet 
  7. Needle teeth 
  8. Barbed tongue
  9. Snake hairs
  10. Beast wings  
  11. Beast tail 
  12. Beast skin
  13. Beastly arms or legs 
  14. Half beast body (like a centaur) (often a snake body) 
  15. Full beast body (except for the head)
  16. Beast mind and intelligence (1d4) 
Male hagborns
Male hagborns badly react to the life forces potions and have a penalty of 2 when making their saving throw and add 2 to the hag mutations table. But they can directly consume life forces from fresh meat (without the need to brew a potion). They often turn into ogres and manticores.

Monday, May 2, 2016

The Undercroft #9

I made the cover of The Undercroft #9 and I also illustrated the Skinned Moon Daughter, a new character class written by Benjamin B, inspired from my Great North illustrations!

You can get the zine on the Undercroft shop or on RPGNOW.

Giant Goose Rider