Sunday, September 22, 2019

Tiny Goons mini adventure: The entity that cried nasty grublings.

  • Oh no! Demon faced grublings are eating everything. (DS6 for a few, DS8 for a swarm)
  • The tiny goons can easily track back their sulfuric and slimy trail to find from where they came. 
  • On the road they encounter a few random creatures who are angry or sad because the demon grublings ate their stuff. 
  • The trail lead to a Nasty-Gross entity that seem in pain, it is cursing nasty words and crying. It tears sprout grubling demons when they touch the ground! 
  • The entity roots are chained down a hole.
  • Someone is cooking down the hole and the smell attract the grublings down the hole. 
  • Climbing down the hole the tiny goons encounter demon grubblings trapped in all kind of slimy traps (traps are DS6).
  • At the bottom the goons find the Creepy-Gross Moleman Chef who chained the entity, he is preparing a delicious and spicy demon grublings soup! The Moleman Chef don't want to share the soup or to liberate the entity (DS10). He may offer to do so in exchange of a fetch quest to get exotic ingredients but he is lying and wont keep his promises. 
  • The key to the chains hang from the roof. Climbing up there is not easy (DS10) 
  • Other kinds of creatures are caged in the kitchen. The kitchen also contain all sort of pretty loot. A mutating and a rotting pepper (DS8) are guarding the kitchen. 
  • Liberating the entity turn it into a Pretty-Gross entity and it will emit magical dust that can be collected or maybe it can even award it flaming heart. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tiny Goons

I missed the Tunnel Goons jam but here is a quick hack inspired by my blog article about how the gross can be positive too. (PDF version)

You are a ugly but cute creature looking for pretty things in a mutating landscape full of strange entities.
  • Distribute 3 points between CUTE, GROSS and NASTY. 
  • You start with one cute, one gross and one nasty item. 
  • Your max inventory is 6.
  • Your starting HOPE is 10.

When you try to do something roll 2d6 + CUTE, GROSS or NASTY. 
Add one for each item that apply to the situation.
For each item that exceeds your max inventory subtract 1 from any CUTE or NASTY rolls.
If the total is equal or greater than the action’s Difficulty Score (DS) it is successful.
If the task is super important or meaningful a miss reduce your HOPE by the margin of failure.
DS are 8, 10 or 12.

Regain HOPE by: 
  • finding pretty things (d6)
  • making new friends (d6)
  • eating something tasty (d6)
  • sleeping in a warm cozy place (2d6)
  • finding something truly wonderful (2d6)
If you lose all hope you become melancholic and can do nothing until you regain some.

The creatures, entities and obstacles that you encounter are:
(d6) 1-2 small like you (DS8), 3-4 bigger (DS10), 5 way bigger (DS12), 6 gigantic (DS14). 
(d6) 1-2 cute, 3-4 gross, 5-6 nasty.
(d6) 1 spooky, 2 creepy, 3 moody, 4 spiky, 5 sleepy, 6 pretty. 

Level up at the end of a game session: add 1 point to one of your CUTE, GROSS or NASTY attributes and raise your HOPE or max inventory by 1. If your HOPE reach 20 you make a chrysalis and become something truly wonderful.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Orc history and tribes generator

I used perchance to craft a orc history and tribes generator:

You can also generate some cute orc babies to break the heart of your paladins:

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Monsters with no HP

This is just me trying out a half baked idea (don't take this too seriously).

So there was a discussion on the Discord of the Good Friends of Jackson Elias about monsters having HP being somehow reassuring and I thought what if hitting monsters made them react instead of chipping away at numbers.

So you roll to hit as usual, then you roll your damages and consult the reaction table.

1-3 minor reactions table
4-6 major reactions table
7+ critical reactions table

Minor reactions table d6

  1. Recoil: the creature step back a few steps but is still agressive. 
  2. Scream: the creature scream in pain or anger, this may attract unwanted attention.
  3. Riposte: the creature strike back to wound.  
  4. Intimidate: the creature make a intimidation show, if the group retreat it wont pursuit.  
  5. Swap weapon away: the creature swap away or break the weapon that hurt it.
  6. Minor custom move: see creature profile

Major reactions table d6

  1. Lurk: the creature step back and lurk away from weapon range but remain agressive.
  2. Knock down: the creature knock down or throw away who hurt it. 
  3. Furious strikes: the creatures make a series of furious attacks. 
  4. Charge: the creature charge or push back it attackers. If the group run away it wont pursuit them once they exit their territory. 
  5. Defensive stance: the creature step back to protect it wound and take a defensive stance. 
  6. Major custom move: see creature profile

Critical reactions table d6

  1. Retreat: creature retreat toward a defensive area to hide or barricade itself. 
  2. Pin down: the creature tackle down or grab it attacker and immobilize or pin them down. 
  3. Vicious strike: the creature make a critical attack that break armor or possibly kill it target. 
  4. Sweeping attack: the creature make a sweeping attack and gain some ground. 
  5. Lash in pain: small creatures make a weak desperate attack, large creatures trash in pain and damage the location.  
  6. Critical custom move: see creature profile

Some custom move exemples:

Hobgoblins mob:

  • minor: start chanting the blood song > gain buff (on reroll)
  • major: form a shield wall > spear or missile attack (on reroll)
  • critical: champion step forward and ask to duel or parley

Displacer beast:

  • minor: activate displacer field > displacer jump (on reroll)
  • major: teleport attack 
  • critical: teleport away to lick it wounds


  • minor: laugh and brag
  • major: breath weapon
  • critical: leave in anger to destroy nearby village 

Weird slime creature

  • minor: release toxic spores
  • major: life draining pseudopod attack
  • critical: dissolve into the earth and leave behind a corrosive goo

For the player characters?

I guess that this work better with a player facing system like in The Black Hack. 
On a miss the character have to step back and give ground or take a minor wound. 
How wounds work if you have no HP?  Good question... 

Maybe this, roll the creature damages:
1-3 minor wound: no effect but two minor wounds become a major one and then a critical one. 
4-6 major wound: roll to hit or damage with disadvantage (player choice). 
7+ critical wound: make a save or roll on a incapacitated table. 

Or maybe that the monsters make their attack and roll their damages like the players do and consult the same reactions table but each entries offer a choice between a reaction or taking a wound.

This is far from being perfect as this is tackled on a system already existing instead of being it own system.