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Windmill Maiden

Windmill Maiden - Traditional windmill protectors
Requirements: STR 9, DEX 9 (the class is also open for boys who want to wear the traditional costume)
HP: as fighter
Combat bonus: as cleric
Saving Throws: as fighter, +2 to save vs any wind effects.
Weapon training: spears, staffs & pole arms.

Abilities (don't work if wearing metal armor or shield): 
Windshield: up to your level by day, you can summon a windshield that give +1 AC vs Melee and +2 AC vs Ranged. When inside a building, the windshield can only protect yourself. When outside, the shield can protect your entire group (and a building). The shield last for d6+level rounds. 
Weather affect the windshield: (windy day or defending a windmill: +d6 rounds, +1 AC vs Ranged) (strong wind: +2d6 rounds, +1AC vs Melee, +1 AC vs Ranged) (storm: +3d6 rounds, +2 AC vs Melee, +2 AC vs Ranged, but you get -2 to hit anything). (not cumulative). 
Whirlwind: up to your level by day, you can use your weapon to create a whirlwind to push back your ennemies. Range: level x 10 feet. Push back one ennemie by level for 2d10+level feet (halved on a saving throw). Ennemies take 1 point of damage for each 10 feet of push back. The whirlwind can be maintained to keep the ennemies at distance: the ennemies must make a saving throw to advance at half their movement rate, on a failed save they can only move for 1d6 feet. Shooting at the ennemies suffer a -1 penalty or worst with stronger wind. 
Weather affect the whirlwind: (windy day or defending a windmill: +2d10 push back) (strong wind: +4d10 push back ) (storm: +6d10 push back). (not cumulative). 
Windward: once by day, a windmaiden can ward a building or a shelter again the wind and give +half their level to save again the wind. This apply to the building and to anyone touching it. The building or the maiden must be touching the ground (so this don't work at sea). Multiple maidens can add their level together to calculate the saving throw bonus) 
Tulip blessing: get + 1 to saving throw when wearing a fresh tulip (last for d6 days). Get +2 saving throw when standing in a tulip field. Give +1 saving throw for 1 day when giving a fresh tulip to a companion (only once by game session). 
Bird friendship: can understand and be understood by normal or magical birds (while speaking normally). Get +1 reaction with non predatory birds. Predatory birds snob them a little bit (but they still respect them) and crows don't like them. 

Traditional gear:
Peasant pole arms (include spears) and traditional padded armor (AC 15) (crafted by your grand-mother).

A windmill maiden suffer a penalty of one on her reaction tests if she is not wearing her traditional costume. They also usually get a bonus point to their reaction tests with millers, peasants and villagers.