Saturday, October 31, 2020

Review & Actual Play of The Kobolds Art Exhibition

There is a short review and actual play of my zine The Kobolds Art Exhibition on the Seed of Worlds blog.

Reading actual plays of my zines is still the best thing in the world, I missed that kind of interacting. :) 

Sadly because of the LULU big update my zines are all currently out of print. I am thinking of moving to DriveThruRPG even if it is not ideal. I guess that it will take me some time to regroup all the files and the covers and to upload everything. I will post an update here once this is done. 

As for the kobolds capacity to survives dangerous environments, I wonder if they could weaponize their magical paintings...

If the kobolds migrate to one of your dungeons, let me know about it. Especially if your group dares to venture into one of their paintings. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

News from my Orbital Megastructure project.

If I don't post here often is because I am working hard on Orbital Megastructure, my sci-fi game "powered" by Macchiato Monsters. 

Here is the list of content, I have written a big paragraph or a random table for each entry. 
And I am plastesting two times a week! 



  • Generating a sector
  • Sector settlements (d6)
  • Sector exits (d6)
  • Sector conditions list
  • Sector conditions table (d20)
  • Generating nodes 
  • Nodes Conditions (d12)
  • Nodes Functions (d12)
  • Example of sector creation 


  • Travelling in the megastructure
  • Sector Travel Table (sector Δ) 
  • Navigation test (INT or WIS) 
  • Getting lost (d6) 
  • Alternative paths (d6) 
  • System devices (d8)
  • Camping
  • Hunting and Foraging (d12)
  • Setting camp (d12)
  • Camp encounter (d12) 
  • Why is this NPC wandering the Megastructure? (d12)
  • Fast Travel (condition Δ) 


  • Delving
  • Personal goals 
  • Node Delving Table (sector Δ) 
  • Discoveries (d12)
  • Devices (d10) 
  • Device condition (d10) 
  • Scavenging opportunity
  • Group Scavenging (d12)
  • Solo Scavenging (d12)
  • Artefacts from the past (d12)
  • Investigation opportunity 
  • Clues (d6)


  • New option: Hacking training
  • New opstion: Psionic training
  • Character Traits (d12)
  • Sexes & Genders   
  • Random sex & gender table (d12) 
  • Equipment tables
  • Food and Gear table (20 entries) 
  • Energy and valuable data table (20 entries) 
  • Melee Weapons and industrial tools (40 items) 
  • Ranged Weapons (40 items) 
  • Armor and other protective gear (40 items) 
  • More bugs! (40 items) 
  • More bots! (40 items) 
  • Psionic foci (40 items) 
  • Contact and Followers (40 items) 
  • Contact motivation (d12)
  • Followers motivation (d12)
  • Vehicles 
  • Function  (40 functions) 
  • Frame  (20 frames) 
  • Vehicles attributes
  • Vehicular combat 
  • Vehicular weapons (40 items) 


  • Generating a settlement 
  • Settlement positive features  (d12) 
  • Settlement negative features  (d12) 
  • Settlement tolerance 
  • When the settlement stability reach 0  (d12) 
  • Settlement Phase
  • Test settlement stability
  • Relationships 
  • Offering missions
  • Missions givers (d12)
  • Settlement roles (d12)
  • Goal distance
  • Getting ready
  • Trading 


  • Psionic rules
  • Psionic feedbacks table (d12) 
  • Hacking rules
  • Scouting missaps table (d12)
  • Body printing table (d12) 
  • Downtime rules (optional) 
  •  Vehicles rules  


  • Traits
  • Encounters activities 
  • Special status for encounters
  • Random Encounters (d100) 
  • Nano plagues (d10)
  • Infection rules
  • System constructs rules
  • System constructs (d10)


  • The Data Sphere 
  • The Ghost Sphere
  • The System Sphere