Friday, September 29, 2017

Work in progress: pocket dimension, part 01

To relax I am drawing into my Pocket Dimension book (thanks Daniel!).
I am only using a pink and a green pen to create this dimension.
I will post the result when it will look completed.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Giant snake stealing some bits of cookies

I finished one of the left over illustrations I did for Pack World. The snake was too small to be a mount but I guess its just a baby giant snake. 

Nomadic Tortoisefolk and Finchfolk

Some time ago in a Google+ post I asked for a nomadic race of creature that travel long distances on foot. I would like someday to draw a large banner of a caravan of them walking in the desert.

Here is our discussion, this is how I liked to use G+. <3

Benjamin F
The tortoisefolk are huge and heavy, strong as mountains, about as quick. They wander the midlands, all their possessions lashed to their shelled backs in towering heaps of chests and barrels bags sacks crates and bundles. They sway along, singing slow low songs, almost too deep for human ears to hear, felt like a rumble in the chest. When the stars are right, they unship their possessions, raise their yurts into the shape of the prevailing moon and stomp down a dancing circle in the middle, where they perform their stamp-dances to raise good fortune for the next leg of their endless migration.

Evlyn M
Ok there is a second species that follows them around. They are dependent of the tortoises. The tortoises tolerates them and may see some minor benefits in their presence.

Benjamin F
In nature, there are several small breeds of finch which follow large tortoises around and eat the bugs and other small parasites that live in and around their folds and shells. Could be something like that maybe?

Benjamin B
I really need Finchfolk in my life. I'm imagining a bright little fatbird in a hooded jerkin.

Evlyn M
Did they lose their ability to fly?

Benjamin B
flightless, but they build kites from reeds and precious waxed paper, and the tortoises will tow the lead-lines, letting the finchins soar like their ancestors.

Benjamin F
Given that they have followed the tortoise folk for generations, perhaps they simply forgot how. Perhaps it is part of their cultural history to revere the wind and sky and their ancestors who were so much closer to it.

Benjamin F
Which, with the addition of kites, I now see the long lines of tortoises having colorful banners on thin poles whipping in the wind as they travel. Sometimes it's all you can see above the dust.

Evlyn M
I am trying to draw a bunch of characters walking together. I am having a bit of difficulty finding how to draw their back shell so that it don't unbalance their walk. I am tempted now to let them walk on four legs when they do long distances. I wonder if a back shell would be of any use to a upright bipedal humanoid.

Benjamin F
In my head they were walking on all fours. Even monkeys who theoretically can walk on two legs and use their hands for everything usually travel on all fours.

Evlyn M
yeah I think this make more sense.

Benjamin B
I imagined them curved over in a hunch, short back legs, longer arms that could double as legs. Their load would sway gently, a counter motion to their stride not unlike the subtle sway of people carrying loads on their head.

Benjamin B

Evlyn M
I will try to draw them walking on four legs using their knuckles like a gorilla.

Benjamin B
Perhaps more than one can cooperate, each carrying the corner of a large palanquin or pallet. Maybe they carry their Holly of Hollies with them, a temple of driftwood timbers preserved from their ancient island home, before they crossed to the mainland.

Evlyn M
Short legs and big gorilla like forearms, I like this visually.

Benjamin B
Had an idea - you know how some bit tortoises have big spike-like forms on their shells and limbs? The tortoisfolk would carve and round these into tie-down points to lash their loads to.

Benjamin F
Pretty sure the finch-folk also hang little baskets for the young and elderly off these.
Benjamin B
this is magnificent. Nest Baskets. Kites with bright ribbon tails. Its such a great mix of dour and steadfast and bright and flighty.

Benjamin B
Finchfolk are a short-lived people. They hatch from eggs, grow to maturity in a couple of years, and are venerable in their 30's. They are incredibly verbose, chattering constantly - they maintain their oral culture not by using the elderly as a repository, but by getting everyone up to speed incredibly quickly.

By contrast, the tortoisfolk are incredibly long-lived, reproduce only rarely (and indifferently), and are tough enough that this survival strategy works for them. So they're routinely a thousand plus years old, and would have seen generation after generation of finchfolk. Perhaps each finch family considers one of the tortoises to be 'theirs' - like a senior family member. "Grandad" or "Nanna". Each finch family anchors to one tortoise. And despite being dower and grumpy, the tortoises are very protective of their finches, and endure having their shells painted gaudy colors, and their belaying horns hung with shiny found objects and ribbon and the artwork of a hundred generation of fenchlings.

Benjamin F
I bet some of the tortoises are like the Ents in Lord of the Rings; super talkative about sleep inducing subjects of utmost interest to elderly tortoise folk.

Drawing comics!

Yesterday I finished a 10 pages comic for a collective comic book that will be published in Montreal.

It took me a lot more efforts than I expected, I mean I was really rusty, but I persevered and I was able to finish. (Proud of myself!) 

I am not entirely satisfied of what I did but I think it's cool enough to fit in a collective book. :)

Finishing this project felt good, it was kind of a "coming back to comics" project for me and now I want to repeat the experience and draw more comics!

Here is a page I did:

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Get Packworld in PDF

"Pack World! A free, collaborative campaign about a pack of riders and their amazing animal friends. (It says it's for Dungeon World, but you could use it with anything.) Get it now!"

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


I am currently working on a series of illustrations for Packworld edited by Ray Otus.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

RND Zine

I donated some artwork for Chris Stieha's RND zine. Some of them will probably make it into the next issue. You can check out the past issues over there: 
The zine is mostly about randomizing things to feed adventures. 
Here is some samples:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Un Fruit Bizarre

I uploaded on Lulu a 64 pages art compilation book featuring some of my work from 2006-2008. This includes around 40 pages of sequential art (wordless comics so everyone can read them ;). The illustrations are mostly about my personal feelings at the time (some transgender stuff, but also beautiful strange illustrations that I like).

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I cast Hold Mouse!

The Bullet Throne

NPCs for The Shadow of Yesterday

Some time ago I tried to run a game of The Shadow of Yesterday. I created a pirate island with a bunch of NPCs but we only played once. I found the game interesting but I had a very hard time game mastering it.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

New Blog and a coming out.

So some days ago I made my coming out as a trans women on G+ but I just realized that some readers of my blog dont follow me on G+, so I decided to post a quick update here. :3

This is not a new thing for me,  I was presenting myself as a woman back in 2006-2008 when I was blogging illustrations and comic strips. But I had a big break down and I went back in the closet for a long time, now I have decided to stop hiding and to reclaim my past. Now I go by the name of Evlyn.

(me in 2008)

Anyway, if you want to read about it and to follow me as my true self on G+ follow this link:


Also! I have started a new collective blog about making paper miniatures biomes!
You can check this out there:

I am not abandonning the Chromatic Cauldron but I want to focus back on drawing comic books and I am working on two print on demand compilations of the work I did in 2006-2008.

After that I want to try to submit a comic book project to a local editor.

I feel so much better since my coming out and I am drawing non-stop, so other projects are also on the go.

Oh yes I forgot! Following my friends advices I relaunched a Patreon page. This is simply a tip jar linked to no project, but I often post random drawings over there. You can support me if you feel like. Anyway, this is just a thing that exist:

Monday, September 4, 2017

Death is the New Pink - Actual Play -

Some time ago, I played in a game of Death is the New Pink with Max V as the GM. 

It was fast, brutal and fun!

Max presented us a premise of his own and asked us a bunch of questions to define more his premise and to setup the game. 

Our characters were from a tribe of survivors who lived near the acid ocean. The water of the bay near our village is full of pink micro organisms that neutralize it acidity but also dye everything in pink. We call the sea "Betty". Our tribe make a local sacred elixir made of Coca Cola and LSD that we give as a offering to the Nasty Tribe. Oh and we craft nearly everything with giant crabs shells.

"Giant crabs shells are the basis of our civilization," -Sonny

Jellyfish (my character) pass her time on the beach with her little brother, fishing and scavenging ship wrecks. She worship more Betty than the sacred brew. Her feet and hands are dyed pink due to the micro organisms.

The other meat bags were:
  • Sonny: a sacred brewer apprentice who dont believe anymore in the magical virtues of the sacred brew (because he know it mundane origins).
  • Cleet: our tribe champion who once defeated a long horse with a grenade!
  • Pinky: a laborer covered in Tattoos of crude tidal charts. He strongly believe in the Sacred Brew cult.
A big cruise ship drifted in our bay, guided by Sonny, we decided to explore the ship wreck in hope of finding more Coca Cola for the sacred brew.

We explored the shipwreck like in a dungeon crawl, there was a lot of weird stuff inside. Two characters mutated when they explored a strange escape pod.

Jellyfish decapitated a cyborg with a uppercut and finished a rude psionic squid with a punch through it eye. Constant optimism is the best trait.

She escaped alive with her little brother and a shitload of coca syrup and drugs. We lost one character during the expedition to a gatling laser gun (Pinky) but the character was quickly replaced.

Death is the New Pink
Meatbag name: Jellyfish
Badassery (BAD): 13
Dodging Some Shit (DSS): 8
Moxy (MOXY): 14
HP: 5
Gold bits: 132
Gear: flashlight, camping equipment, matches, a flare, and rations.
Finely made sword (katana) d8, flashlight boy (Puffy), constant optimist, fists of fury d6

Puffy (Flashlight Boy) (Jellyfish's little brother)
BAD 3, HP 3, flashlight, knife, Puffer fish hat. Cries at the first sign of a freaky creature; may wet pants. Whines about going home to mommy.