Thursday, August 8, 2013

Generic hex crawl map encounters.

We are filling a hex crawl map on Roludo (a Montreal gaming community forum).

I made a random encounter table to play our collective hex crawl at our next Roludothon (our local very micro convention). 

Since we want to explore the map, I guess we could check for encounters (or roll on the table) for each hex. 

roll 2d6
2: Unique location or feature of the hex (dangerous but can be helpful).
3: Encounter between two hostile predators.
4: Alpha predator (territorial) (near lair). 
5: Beta predators (hunting) (looking for prey). 
6: Pest (scavenging). 
7: Landmark or clue pointing toward a adventure location (or toward #2 & #12).
8: Humanoids travelling toward a settlement (check reaction).
9: Humanoids busy doing something (check reaction).
10: Humanoids in refuge, camp or small settlement (check reaction).
11: Humanoids needing or offering help.
12: Unique location or feature of the hex (helpful but can be dangerous).

  • Unique location: a small adventuring location build around a "special" trick/feature. 
  • Predators: can be natural or supernatural. 
  • Alpha predators: won't chase the party, keep close to their lair. 
  • Beta predators: may chase the party or stalk them to ambush them later.
  • Pest: have low moral and will hesitate to attack. May chase the party if they outnumber them. May be busy scavenging something. 
  • Landmark: give clue about the hex content. 
  • Clues: can point to other clues or directly to the adventuring location. 
  • Adventuring location: can be bigger than a unique location.  
  • Humanoids: can be any negotiable sentient being. 
  • Humanoids:  use the reaction test for inspiration about the nature of the encountered group. They can be bandits or worse on a bad reaction test. 
  • Traveler: can be locals traveling to a local settlement or strangers traveling toward a other hex (roll a open d6 to find out how many hex away).  
  • Busy: again use the reaction test for inspiration. A bad result may indict something they don't want other people to disturb or see (like burying a corpse). 
  • Camp: more then one group can be present. Again use the reaction test for inspiration. A bad result may indict a conflict between the groups present.  
  • Help: you may reroll on the table to find what they need or offer help for.  

Monday, August 5, 2013

News about me + Pelican Knight Carrier

I am not drawing much lately. Working at the library is fun, i like it. But I feel like hitchhiking away or finding a car and wandering on the road. Or meeting new people, I meet wonderful online people, but they often feel like virtual ghost or mirages. I am thinking about re-opening one of my old non-gaming blog just to post drawings about real life. 

But I guess I am simply posting less because I am not gaming much. We are taking a dungeon crawling break to try Misspent Youth. We had a fun setup session, but we still have to play our first session. 

A list of my "on hold" & "must finish" projects:
  • my forest dungeon.
  • my UFO dungeon.
  • Illustrating some of Patrick Stuart's underdark monsters.
  • finishing my setups pdf.
  • finishing my piercers dungeon pdf.
  • working on my globule set for Cthulhu Dark.
  • working on my Mecha RPG draft. 
  • finishing a bunch of drawings.
  • taking the time to learn the human anatomy, doing shadows, drawing backgrounds, inking, etc.
  • finding the courage to try again to drawn comics. 

I am reading Bone (the comic) and a lot of Ursula K. Le Guin's novels.

Lately I want to play some detective RPGs: Trail of Cthulhu, Ashen Stars, Cthulhu Dark or Cold City. 
I also want to retry Shock: Social Science Fiction Roleplaying Game (because of Le Guin).  

Friday, July 19, 2013

War setup

1) Establish a liberation army fighting a long and ongoing war. Give a colorful title to the army, it general and the ongoing war. 

2) Establish and name 3 sources of powers for the liberation army:
  • A elite troop (can be mundane or supernatural). 
  • A powerful champion or a unique artifact or device (can be mundane or supernatural). 
  • A important ally (can be mundane or supernatural). 
3) Establish a land being liberated by the army. Link one of the army source of power to the land.   

4) Establish a major victory for the army. Name the battle and link the victory to a colorful location. 

5) Establish a local hero. Some ordinary folk from the land that rose as a local hero through a act of courage. 

6) Now establish the invading army and reverse the flow of the war. 

7) Defeat the 3 sources of power of the liberation army and establish the 3 sources of power of the invading army (use the same three type):
  • One source of power betrayed the liberation army and now serve the invading army. 
  • One source of power was crushed and captured by the invading army's second source of power. 
  • One source of power failed and broke or routed while confronting the invading army's third source of power.   
8) The liberating army is falling back and the invading army now occupy the land  

9) Establish a local collaborator that investigate the land for the invading army. Back him or her up with a minor manifestation of one of the invading sources of power.    

10) Hide the local hero and let him or her lead or help the local the resistance
11) Isolate a liberating army's regiment still defending a important location

12) Give reinforcement to the liberation army but block them with a obstacle. 

13) Give also reinforcement to the invading army but slow them down with a obstacle. 

14) Establish a neutral source of power. This source of power want to remain neutral because it fear or own a debt to one of invading source of power.

15) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy or attack a...
  2. To capture or control a...
  3. To influence, corrupt or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect, restore or heal a...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power.
  2. ... major NPC.
  3. ... faction or group.
  4. ... strategic or important location.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City Conspiracy Setup

Sorry no drawings again, but I am having fun doing those setup procedures and I have more in mind. Also with the heat wave over Montreal the humidity level is just too high to drawn. 

I think that I will write down some setups to maybe rework them later (and complement them with random tables to roll on). 

1) Establish a city and give it a colorful title.  

2) The city prosper through 3 sources of power
  • The first source of power is a unique local product. (slave warriors, exotic drugs, special ore, magic spices, fire lizards, etc)  
  • The second source of power is a unique cultural establishment, institution, school, religion, guild or military order. 
  • The third source of power is a pact or alliance with a powerful group or entity exterior to the city (group, tribe, race, monsters, supernatural entity, etc). 
3) Establish a ruling family or a city council and link at least one important member to a source of power.   

4) Give the city a major landmark.

5) Establish a city benefactor, a respected and active public figure that move things and have the city well being at hearth. Link his or her background with a source of power. 

6) Now establish a external or neighboring rival faction (or entity) that have secretly taken over the city. 

7) The rival faction have taken over the city's sources of powers:
  • Choose a source of power and infiltrate it to secretly corrupt, transform or sabotage it from inside.
  • Choose a source of power, discredit it and place it under direct control of the city rulers. This source of power is now being transformed and reorganized through official means.  
  • Choose a source of power and close it down to replace it with a new source of power directly serving the rival faction. 
8) Establish a shadow council that serve the rival faction and link at least one shadow member to a source of power. Eliminate, impersonate, blackmail, bribe, disgrace or undermine the former established ruling members.  

9) Establish a aggressive investor that ruthlessly invest in the city development to make huge profits. Give him a gift from the rival faction that give him a unfair business advantage. This investor is not a member of the conspiracy, the conspiracy just profit from his actions (for now). 

10) Place in a corrupt captain in charge of the elite city guard

11) Place in a incompetent or blind captain in charge of the city or night watch

12) Disgrace, imprison or hide the old captain of the elite city guard

13) Destroy or sabotage the accomplishments of the city benefactor. He or she know that something is wrong.

14) Establish a underground neutral source of power. This source of power is not working for or against the conspiracy. Link it with a source of power that it fear or own a debt to.

15) Establish a neighboring settlement  that resent the new city directions   

16) Establish a neighboring settlement  that profit from the new city direction.

17) Establish a neighboring settlement that remain neutral about the new city direction.

18) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy, ruin or shame a...
  2. To control, own or buy a...
  3. To influence, corrupt or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect or restore a hindered or lost...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power
  2. ... major NPC
  3. ... faction or group 
  4. ... strategic or important city activity.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Thief guild power struggle setup

Some procedures to setup a thief guild power struggle sandbox. 

1) Establish a thief guild master, give him or her a title and color it with a word representing his or her power and reputation. 

2) The thief guild master rule over the city crimeworld with 3 sources of power
  • The first sources of power is a very profitable criminal activity. service or black market.
  • The second source of power is a valuable expert or a corrupted official or legal figure.  
  • The third source of power is a pact or alliance with a other criminal group or faction. 
3) Establish a partner in crime, this partner in crime is a legal faction or person not issued from the crimeworld that participate in and profit from the guild's criminal activities.

4) Give the guild master a second in command. Link him or her with one source of power.

5) Establish a lawful character investigating the thief guild's activities. Give him or her a supporting contact but also a important figure or faction unrelated to the thief guild that hinder his or her work for personal reasons.
6) Now kill the thief guildmaster and replace him or her with a vicious upstart! Give the upstart a title and color it with a word representing his or her power and reputation.  

7) As the upstart take over the thief guild he also take over the 3 sources of powers.
  • Choose a source of power and buy it. This source of power have changed allegiance.
  • Choose a source of power and violently intimidate it. This source power despise the upstart and is painfully forced into submission. 
  • Choose a source of power, kill, exile or depower it and replace it with a new source of power serving the upstart. 
8) Force the partner in crime to work with the upstart. The partner in crime wont move again the upstart but complain about the new upstart's methods. 

9) Give the usurper a second in command. Link him or her with one source of power. You can also hide the old second in command, she or he want to take over the guild but need to control or build three sources of powers to do so. Note the old second in command can be the new second in command, waiting for the right moment to make his or her own move. 

10) Give the upstart a some elite henchmen. Those are not supernatural beings, but they are dangerous and loyal. 

11) Give the upstart some regular henchmen. Many worked for the old guild master. 

12) Kill a few and hide the old elite henchmen. Those are the survivors of the guild master inner circle and elite henchmen. 

13) Remove the investigating character from the case. He or she is piss off or disgruntled. You can replace him or her with a new incompetent or corrupted investigator. 

14) Establish a mercenary source of power and color it with a word representing it power and reputation. 
Link this neutral power to another source of power that it fear or own a favor to. 

15) Establish and disfavor a faction/group that was doing well under old guild master's rule. 

16) Establish and favor a faction/group that profit from the upstart rule.  

17) Establish a neutral victim of the guild war and link him or her to one of the upstart asset.  

18) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy, ruin or shame a...
  2. To control, own or buy a...
  3. To influence, corrupt or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect or restore a...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power
  2. ... major NPC
  3. ... faction or group 
  4. ... strategic or important city activity.
19) Create a quick relation map to note everything. Let the players meet and work for the various factions as they wish. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Usurping the Bookkeeper Kingdom

In the past...

The Wise Ruler: Edmund III The Bookkeeper. Yeah, he was maybe a little bit obsessive.

His 3 sources of power:
-A artifact: The Ledger of Life (work like the Death Note, but in reverse)
-A loyal friend: The Old (and last) Stone Giant Librarian.
-A pact with The Word Weaver Spiders.

The Consort: Galata the Poetess. Adopted daughter of the Weaver Spiders.

Their Heir: Agnes the White Feather. She consider the Stone Giant her uncle. He gave her a magic quill of giant strength. Whatever she write, once read can be done with the strength of giants.

Castle: The High Library. Long ago it was the last stone giant library. It stone walls have been converted into a strong castle.


The Usurper: Elinor The Scissors Queen sit on the High Library throne.
Goal: she want to transform the old giant and is pushing him into acts of destruction.

Her 3 sources of power:
- She corrupted the old giant, now he live to eat books or anyone who ever read one.
- She enslaved the word weaver spiders. Forcing them to weave poisonous words spells.
- She cut the pages of the Ledger o Life with the Scissors of Fate.

Her death consort: was a gentle cloth maker. Now cursed in hell.

She married the Poetess, now mad she think that the Scissors Queen is her husband Edmund.
Goal: to shame her daughter.

The usurper heir: Garun the Needle. He is a scholar, writer and torturer (he use needles). His object of power are two magic dancing daggers (they can bound to work like scissors).
Goal: he want to protect books.

The usurper elite troop: The Silents
Goal: to destroy a important location, a secret library.

The usurper regular troop: The Blades
Goal: To capture a important location, a town still loyal to wise ruler heir.

The old guard: The Historian Knights
Goal: To protect a important location: the secret library and the loyal town.

The true heir: Agnes the White Feather is now in hiding.
Goal: to create a new source of power. I guess she is writhing something important. She will need magic ink, pages, references and stuff.  

The neutral source of power: A Sphinx. She old a debt to: the Scissors of fate.
Goal: to indirectly help the true heir to write her book.

A repressed group: the printers guild.

A advantaged group: the goblin spiders.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Usurped Kingdom Setup

Some setup procedures to create a usurped kingdom to build a sandbox around it. 

1) Establish a wise ruler, give him or her a title and color it with a word representing his or her power. 
Like High King of the Sky, Queen of blades, etc. 

2) The wise ruler reign over his or her kingdom with 3 sources of power
Use the wise ruler title to color his or her 3 sources of powers.
  • The first sources of power is a object or a artifact, something material.
  • The second source of power is a loyal servant. It could be a mighty general, a court wizard, a spirit servitor, a robot, a giant beast, etc. 
  • The third source of power is a pact or a sacred alliance with a powerful group or faction. It could be a powerful tribe, a clan of giant eagles, fairy weapon smiths, secret shadow creatures, a guild of engineer, etc. 
3) Establish a consort for the wise ruler, give her or him a title and color it with a word representing her or his virtue. Link the consort with one source of power.

4) Give the wise ruler and his consort a castle reflecting their powers and their elements. 

5) Give the wise rulers a heir. Give him or her a title and color it with a variation or a mix of his or her parents elements. Link the heir with one source of power and give him or her a minor version of the linked power source.       

6) Now kill the wise ruler and place the usurper on his or her throne! Like for the wise ruler, give the usurper a title and color it with a word representing his or her power. You can twist the title or the coloring element of the wise ruler to create the usurper title.

7) As the usurper take over the wise ruler throne he also take over the 3 sources of powers.
  • Choose a source of power and corrupt it. This source of power is now tainted and have changed allegiance. It will try to tempt and corrupt it former allies. 
  • Choose a source of power and enslave it. This source power despise the usurper and is painfully forced into submission. 
  • Choose a source of power, exile or depower it and replace it with a opposed source power serving the usurper. This new source of power should be the dark mirror of the former source of power or it antithesis, competitor or natural adversary. 
8) Give the usurper a dead consort remembered for one virtue. Now force the wise ruler consort into marriage with the usurper. The consort is bound and won't rebel again the usurper, but he or she will try to protect what remains of the old kingdom.

9) Give the usurper a heir, give him or her a minor manifestation of the usurper's power. Like a fire sword for the son of the Fire Lord.

10) Give the usurper a elite troop of stormtroopers. Those are not supernatural beings, but they have a bad reputation and are well trained. 

11) Give the usurper regular troops. Those are just regular soldiers just doing their duty. Many served the wise ruler. 

12) Disband the old guard. Those are the survivors of the wise ruler elite troops. Many are ashamed, but some are still fighting.  

13) Hide the true heir. She or he want to reclaim the throne but need to reclaim or build three sources of powers to do so. 

14) Establish a neutral source of power and color it with a word representing it power. 
This third player don't want to rule, but hope to make some gain from the situation. 
Link this neutral power to another source of power that it fear or own a favor to. 

15) Establish and repress a faction/group that was doing well under the wise king's rule. 

16) Establish and favor a faction/group that profit from the usurper rule.  

17) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy, ruin or shame a...
  2. To control, own or capture a...
  3. To influence, seduce or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect, heal or restore a...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power (the 3 controlled sources, the exiled one or maybe the neutral one)    
  2. ... major NPC (the usurper, the consort, the heirs, etc) (could be the death ruler or usurper's consort)
  3. ... faction or group 
  4. ... strategic or important location
18) Create a quick relation map to note everything. Create a geographic map of the usurped kingdom and it neighbors. Add in some adventure locations linked to the elements of the setup. Let the players meet and work for the various factions as they wish. 
Next: I will post a example. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Chimera's Cross of Animal Flesh

I am bored and a little bit demotivated so I am just mixing old drawings together. I guess this could be some impossible artifact. You could present it as a apparition, if you dare to reach inside you end up holding a grail. Naturally drinking from the grail must have interesting chimera flavored side effect. I guess that once you move the grail, reverting it to it double cross form of animal flesh is a bad thing. Also the apparition feel like blood & water transmuting into each other. Sometime it also spawn chimeras.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dwarves VS Alien Fungus

A alien fungus growing on human miners's bones is invading the dwarf colony of Iron Mole. The alien mucus projectors spray a viscous fluid that infect exposed skin, so the dwarves had to weaponize their smelting gear  to fight the invaders. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vegetation, towers & pottery dungeon

I copy-pasted and assembled some of the drawings I do to pass time while I go to work and I ended up with a strange dungeon composed of pottery, towers and vegetation.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Idol of the Purple Worm

An idol for The Purple Worm Graveyard module:
2. Tiled floor, four really ugly worm god statues

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Laser Mummy

Totally inspired by Scrap Princess's laser mummy.
Naturally if you have laser gaze attack mummy, adventurers will try something like this.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Contribution to the ecology of the Lamia

With LotFP in mind, adding to the ecology of the Lamia:
  • Lamia are succubus like demon that crawl out of the mouth of possessed lioness. 
  • To speak they often just show their human face between their lioness jaws.
  • They look like centaur when they half emerge from their lioness body to look around or to use their arms. 
  • Some lamia have a half snake body when they crawl out of their feline body. 
  • Story tell that once empty, their lioness body is just a empty skin. Just like selkie, possessing it skin grant control over the lamia. (maybe selkies are aquatic lamias). Wearing a lamia skin can't be good.
  • But other say that their empty lioness body can act independently and are still very dangerous.
  • To return into their lioness body lamia can simply crawl back in, other say that the lioness body must devour the lamia to reincorporate it. But maybe the lamia regurgitate a new lioness body and leave behind a empty human skin. 
  • Some say that lamia reproduce by devouring humans. After completely devouring a human they will regurgitate a fully formed lamia. The new lamia share the traits and the memories of the victim. A male victim produce a lamia that could be his twin sister.
  • Being territorial, lamia are careful not to completely devour their prey. Human corpses half devoured, with just their lower body remaining, are a sign of lamia activity. 
  • Folktales say that a man devoured by his desire will regurgitate a lamia that will try to satisfy his desire after devouring him.  
  • A spell to summon lamia exist. The spell summon a lamia into the spell caster body to help him satisfy a strong desire. When inside the caster body the lamia grant it spell like and innate abilities. The summoner can also vomit the lamia outside his body to do his biding. If the summoner fail to satisfy it desire the lamia will try to devour him. (The summoned lamia share the spell caster traits and memories).   

You can also visit my lilim blog to meet more female demons (but some of them are nice):

Monday, June 17, 2013

Werewolf from the book of Kelt

I have to run, so I leave you this drawing from one of my old blogs:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hermaphrodite Royal Snail Guards

They wear sleeping masks but keep watch with their eye stalks. 
Their arms are extensible and naturally they can use their cestus like flails.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Squid Bell

Special for a dungeon room: squid bell and a hammer shark to ring it:

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Red Deer Manticore

Half deer, half puma, with a touch of man and raven. It stalk to kick you in the face!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

A new symmetric city

Again I use the power of symmetry to transform my notebook drawings into a city.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Coins Hound Gargoyle

The Bank of Malbog learned how to create coins hound gargoyles from indebted wizard. The bank use those monstrosity to track down unpaid debt and stolen coins. 

To create a coins hound you must use melted gold, silver and copper coins to forge a dog mask. 
The required runes must be carved inside the mask and fill with the stone dust of a petrified victim.
Once the dog mask is bolted on the head of a avaricious person it will petrify and transform the victim into a gargoyle. 

To control the coins hounds, a till box must be attach to it collar. Coins owned by the victim must be placed inside the box each time the gargoyle hunt. If the till box is smashed open, the gargoyle will panic and will try desperately to recover it coins. Removing or smashing away the dog mask will break the enchantment and turn the gargoyle into inanimate stone. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Owl warrior

Leftover elements from other drawings put together: a owl and some magic eggs on a well.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Gaming & blog activities updates

  • Not much time to draw or post lately. But I want to try to draw backgrounds in my illustrations. I also want to try inking my drawings to add shadows. Oh and I want to try to draw player characters. 
  • Our Vornheim campaign is still running. Last session was very interesting, the dice indirectly shaped the events of the campaign. I want to post game reports, but I find it hard to write gaming reports, especially in English. Tonight we are playing our 11th session. The group have to deal with the dog cult arena. 
  • I wanted to try to illustrate a hex of Hexenbracken a day. But I was not able to let myself to just drawn, no... I had to try to draw "perfect" drawings and I ended up looking for reference material on the internet and what was supposed to be a casual activity became complicated and I choked at the first hex trying to draw those 3 crocodiles! 
  • My mega dungeon forest project is on hold. I tried to start drawing the map and I blocked. Again I think I am trying too much to be procedural and I don't trust myself to just improvise. But I should! I think that I am generally not bad at improvising (when I let myself to). 
  • I am reading books about speleology. One of the book was by a french speleologist that explored caves in the 1910. His tale about exploring a cavern complex with only candles fascinated me. Now I want to write and play a natural caves dungeons. But I wonder how to make the speleology and the natural obstacles interesting without using skill rolls (or at least without only or over using skill rolls).
  • I won't be GMing a second campaign. Since I knew that my friend Dominic wished to run a campaign, I asked him if he would like to run Dungeon of the Unknown in the Isle of the Unknown. So this is nice, I am a player again. Since it Lamentations of the Flame Princess, I am hoping to roll a mage. 
  • I will try Ragnarok at the Roludothon, our local micro gaming convention (organized by Roludo, our Montreal based gaming forum)
  • I want to finish the cloud dungeon map that I started with How to Host a Dungeon

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Helms of Transfiguration

In a room there is three helms of transfiguration.
Do they grant wisdom and visions? Do they talk and cast cleric spells?
Or maybe they store and trade experiences, personality and appearance?
But what happen if you wear the damaged helm?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My next campaign.

The GM of my second group had to leave because of family duty. I enjoyed being a player again and it was super interesting to try Dungeon Crawl Classic and to to venture into Stonehell for three sessions. Being a player I noticed some stuff that I will discuss about in a future post.

My second group want to continue dungeon delving so I will take the role of the GM and I will referee a second campaign.

This time I want to run a campaign inspired from the manuscript of Storming the Wizard Tower. I want to focus the campaign on a village as a "natural group" and the dark influence of it near dungeon. I will use the Storming the Wizard Tower setup to start my prep. I also want to make random tables to determine who from your relations in the community are potential adventurer replacement. I will also try some house rules like the stress rules. I will award Xp for Gold & Goals.

So overall I have a good idea of how I want to organize things, but I posted a email to the group to let the players choose the setting.

My suggestions:

  1. A village of vikings near the Barrowmaze or Death Frost Doom.
  2. Peasants living near a classic vampire castle like Ravenloft. 
  3. Halfling cheese maker village near natural caves used to keep their cheese. (Wheel of Evil)
  4. Dwarf settlers who have to reclaim a ancient dwarven fortress. 
  5. A tribe of savannah hunters living near a lost city. 
  6. A tribe of eskuit living near the ruins of a frozen city in the Weird New World. 
  7. The crew of a ship exploring the Weird New World in search of a legendary lost city.
The idea is to combine a local community and a adventure location.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

The power of symmetry

Mirror copy paste a sketch book drawing over itself and you end up with something nice looking.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My city encounters

I check for encounters for each new streets pattern that the group map.
When the group travel between two known location I check once by neighborhood.

Chance of encounters:
  • Day: 1 on d6
  • Night: 2 on d6
  • Festival: +1 chance of encounter

If there is a encounter, I roll to on my encounter type table:
  • 1-3 Street event (happen in the largest street)  
  • 4-5 Trouble (happen in the smallest street) 
  • 6 Weird / Supernatural (GM choose the street) 

Night: +1 on roll

Street events involve a crowd of people that block a street (d20):
  1. Religious procession of Vorn / Tittivilla
  2. Marriage / Funeral
  3. Public judgement / execution
  4. Public contestation / debate / scandal / humiliation 
  5. Cultist / Priest preaching
  6. Nobles celebrating / parading exotic slow pets
  7. Street Crier / Artist attracting a large crowd 
  8. Ambassador / city officials / military procession
  9. Caravan stuck / Large cattle delivery  
  10. Street auction / market 
  11. Constructions 
  12. Crowd watching a accident or fight on a bridge
  13. Fire!
  14. Stone or ice sheet fall
  15. Street closed for Investigation / Plague
  16. -  20.  Special / unique event (a other table) 
The Neighborhood wealth determine the type of trouble (d6):
  • Wealthy: 1-4 Law or Nobles, 5-6 Crime or vermin 
  • Middle: 1-3 Law or Nobles, 4-6 Crime or vermin
  • Poor: 1-2 Law or Nobles, 3-6 Crime or vermin
Trouble involve a pool of HD equal to the group size + 1d6.

For the weird/supernatural stuff I roll on a table of unique encounters.

The encounter distance is the street length in map unit in d6 (x 10').
So a 3 square length street give a 3d6 x 10' encounter distance.

The group can always choose to take a alternate route to try to avoid a encounter.
This way encounters often push the group into unexplored parts of the city.

Oh also when there is a fight I check to see if the city guard intervene after each 6 rounds.
(with a cumulative +1 chance by test)

Neighborhood wealth:
  • Rich: 1 on d6
  • Middle: 1 on d8  
  • Poor: 1 on d10
  • Large street: +2 chance
  • Night or alleyway: +1 die step

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The night at the inn

To keep with the concept that Vornheim is like a mega-dungeon, when the group pass the night in a inn I check for encounters.

The chance of having a encounter depend of the quality of the inn:
  • Luxury: 3 on 6 (+1 to reaction bonus) 
  • Secure: 1 on 6
  • Standard: 2 on 6
  • Poor: 2 on 6 (-1 to reaction bonus)
  • Piss poor: 3 on 6 (-2 to reaction bonus)
(Carousing add +1 to the chance of having a encounter) 

Next I roll a d6 to determine the nature of the encounter:
  • 1 Witness something weird or supernatural.
  • 2-3 Get in trouble.
  • 4-5 Hear a interesting rumor or superstition.
  • 6 Meet someone that could be a interesting contact or ally.
And I improvise from there. 

I also roll on the same table when the group pass through a large crowd of people in the city.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Swarm of Psychomycosis Megaspores

I tried to illustrate the Psychomycosis Megaspores from False Machine.
I imagine them more as lone stalkers, but I guess that sometime you can encounter swarm of those beautiful horrors.
I also imagine a assassin cult secretly planting a megaspore into a target household.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bird Knight

I din't had anything game related in head, so I drew a bird knight.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bat Goblinoids Underground Dwellers

I don't really know what they do, but I have drawn those bat like goblinoids. Well they seem to love rings.