Monday, May 20, 2013

Gaming & blog activities updates

  • Not much time to draw or post lately. But I want to try to draw backgrounds in my illustrations. I also want to try inking my drawings to add shadows. Oh and I want to try to draw player characters. 
  • Our Vornheim campaign is still running. Last session was very interesting, the dice indirectly shaped the events of the campaign. I want to post game reports, but I find it hard to write gaming reports, especially in English. Tonight we are playing our 11th session. The group have to deal with the dog cult arena. 
  • I wanted to try to illustrate a hex of Hexenbracken a day. But I was not able to let myself to just drawn, no... I had to try to draw "perfect" drawings and I ended up looking for reference material on the internet and what was supposed to be a casual activity became complicated and I choked at the first hex trying to draw those 3 crocodiles! 
  • My mega dungeon forest project is on hold. I tried to start drawing the map and I blocked. Again I think I am trying too much to be procedural and I don't trust myself to just improvise. But I should! I think that I am generally not bad at improvising (when I let myself to). 
  • I am reading books about speleology. One of the book was by a french speleologist that explored caves in the 1910. His tale about exploring a cavern complex with only candles fascinated me. Now I want to write and play a natural caves dungeons. But I wonder how to make the speleology and the natural obstacles interesting without using skill rolls (or at least without only or over using skill rolls).
  • I won't be GMing a second campaign. Since I knew that my friend Dominic wished to run a campaign, I asked him if he would like to run Dungeon of the Unknown in the Isle of the Unknown. So this is nice, I am a player again. Since it Lamentations of the Flame Princess, I am hoping to roll a mage. 
  • I will try Ragnarok at the Roludothon, our local micro gaming convention (organized by Roludo, our Montreal based gaming forum)
  • I want to finish the cloud dungeon map that I started with How to Host a Dungeon


Evlyn M said...

Oh I mixed up "drawn" and "draw". :-/

賈尼 said...

Hey, keep us posted about Dungeon of the Unknown!