Sunday, May 12, 2013

My next campaign.

The GM of my second group had to leave because of family duty. I enjoyed being a player again and it was super interesting to try Dungeon Crawl Classic and to to venture into Stonehell for three sessions. Being a player I noticed some stuff that I will discuss about in a future post.

My second group want to continue dungeon delving so I will take the role of the GM and I will referee a second campaign.

This time I want to run a campaign inspired from the manuscript of Storming the Wizard Tower. I want to focus the campaign on a village as a "natural group" and the dark influence of it near dungeon. I will use the Storming the Wizard Tower setup to start my prep. I also want to make random tables to determine who from your relations in the community are potential adventurer replacement. I will also try some house rules like the stress rules. I will award Xp for Gold & Goals.

So overall I have a good idea of how I want to organize things, but I posted a email to the group to let the players choose the setting.

My suggestions:

  1. A village of vikings near the Barrowmaze or Death Frost Doom.
  2. Peasants living near a classic vampire castle like Ravenloft. 
  3. Halfling cheese maker village near natural caves used to keep their cheese. (Wheel of Evil)
  4. Dwarf settlers who have to reclaim a ancient dwarven fortress. 
  5. A tribe of savannah hunters living near a lost city. 
  6. A tribe of eskuit living near the ruins of a frozen city in the Weird New World. 
  7. The crew of a ship exploring the Weird New World in search of a legendary lost city.
The idea is to combine a local community and a adventure location.  

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