Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My city encounters

I check for encounters for each new streets pattern that the group map.
When the group travel between two known location I check once by neighborhood.

Chance of encounters:
  • Day: 1 on d6
  • Night: 2 on d6
  • Festival: +1 chance of encounter

If there is a encounter, I roll to on my encounter type table:
  • 1-3 Street event (happen in the largest street)  
  • 4-5 Trouble (happen in the smallest street) 
  • 6 Weird / Supernatural (GM choose the street) 

Night: +1 on roll

Street events involve a crowd of people that block a street (d20):
  1. Religious procession of Vorn / Tittivilla
  2. Marriage / Funeral
  3. Public judgement / execution
  4. Public contestation / debate / scandal / humiliation 
  5. Cultist / Priest preaching
  6. Nobles celebrating / parading exotic slow pets
  7. Street Crier / Artist attracting a large crowd 
  8. Ambassador / city officials / military procession
  9. Caravan stuck / Large cattle delivery  
  10. Street auction / market 
  11. Constructions 
  12. Crowd watching a accident or fight on a bridge
  13. Fire!
  14. Stone or ice sheet fall
  15. Street closed for Investigation / Plague
  16. -  20.  Special / unique event (a other table) 
The Neighborhood wealth determine the type of trouble (d6):
  • Wealthy: 1-4 Law or Nobles, 5-6 Crime or vermin 
  • Middle: 1-3 Law or Nobles, 4-6 Crime or vermin
  • Poor: 1-2 Law or Nobles, 3-6 Crime or vermin
Trouble involve a pool of HD equal to the group size + 1d6.

For the weird/supernatural stuff I roll on a table of unique encounters.

The encounter distance is the street length in map unit in d6 (x 10').
So a 3 square length street give a 3d6 x 10' encounter distance.

The group can always choose to take a alternate route to try to avoid a encounter.
This way encounters often push the group into unexplored parts of the city.

Oh also when there is a fight I check to see if the city guard intervene after each 6 rounds.
(with a cumulative +1 chance by test)

Neighborhood wealth:
  • Rich: 1 on d6
  • Middle: 1 on d8  
  • Poor: 1 on d10
  • Large street: +2 chance
  • Night or alleyway: +1 die step

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