Friday, June 28, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Noble Blood Portals

Contribution by Robbert Raets and Evlyn M.

The royal family of Martendale are said to be of divine lineage, and at dire need, the reigning monarch can sacrifice themselves by allowing a charging unicorn to pierce their heart. This particular method of death (briefly) substantiates a portal to the domain of their godly ancestor; however, the ritual has now been modified to allow the people of Martendale to retreat into the Astral. Unfortunately, the quick succession of monarchs may soon run out, and there are many corners of Martendale that have yet to be evacuated... Luckily the unicorns blessed the Martendale House with fertility and high birth rate.

It's also said that some of the aristocratic families managed to abduct members of cadet branches of the royal family who became nobles in neighbouring kingdoms, likely for 'use as conduits' into pocket realms or other planes....

Enacting the ritual in the astral plains allow the unicorns to absorb the noble' soul for safe-keeping; there may be more ways than one for getting it out again... These joined souls unicorns are considered holy.

The unicorns allied with the Martendales have their own noble blood lineages. Each unicorn is bound to a Martendale and are considered like a family member by the House. Mourning unicorns who pierced the heart of their bound nobles are highly respected by other unicorns.

Their is rumors of a Martendale necromancer who use a dark unicorn to pierce the reanimated hearts of her family members. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: The All-One Holy Soul Pudding

Contribution by Benjamin Baugh and Evlyn M (just a tiny bit). 

"Sir'ai Sir'ai! It consumes, it perfects! I cast myself into thee, to be reborn clean in a world made anew! Sir'ai! Sir'ai It be monster mother to us, eating and then birthing, we are to be its succor and its children! Sir'ai Sir'ai!" 

Beneath the Holy City of Urd, in the catacombs once used to punish the ungodly and harrow heretics, the new Savior of the Cult of Urd dwells, growing, pregnant with the promise of a future in a world without one.

The Savior began its life humble, as a mere carnivorous pudding - something between fungus and animal, jellyfish and algae. But according to the Archimandrite of the College of Holy Urdish Sciences, the creature was changed by the sacrifice of Saint Pellomel the Forseeing. When thrown into the catacombs for what, at the time, seemed to be blasphemous predictions of the end of the world and the abandonment of the gods, Pellomel fell victim to one of the puddings which infested the dark tunnels, but rather than simply dying and being consumed, she was elevated to a new plane of existence, her body's mass adding to the pudding's, and her soul inhabiting a pseudo plain of light within the creture's luminous nervous system.

From this strange hinter-realm, she could project her dreams as songs or her songs into dreams, and shared the truth of the Holy Soul Pudding - it would be the Cult's conveyance away from this dying world, and into a new realm created from holy light.

Urdish cult doctrine changed when the realization of the world's end spread among the population of the city, and the Synod of Urd was forced to acknowledge it, and offered the Holy Soul Pudding as the Cult's redemption.

The City of Urd is much depleted in numbers, as more and more cultists make their goodbys, close their mortal affairs, and walk into the catacombs to join their fellows with the sun-bright Pudding, feeding the creature with their bodies, and giving their souls over to its care until it achieves, according to the deans of the College of Urdish Holy Sciences, a spiritual mass of such density that it will breach the Astral realm and wriggle free of the drying world, like a moth emerging from a cocoon.

When this mass will be achieved is still uncertain, which lends a sense of desperation to those seeking Communion with the Pudding. With more high Cult officials going to join the creature, governance in the City of Urd is failing, and opportunists and interlopers and scavengers have begun invading the city, to pick the bones of what the cultists have left behind.

More troubling to Cult officials are the outsiders, pagans, heretics, and non-believers who have learned of the Holy Pudding, and see it as a way to escape. The Holy Soul Pudding does not seem to care about cult membership, good, evil, alignment, creed, culture, or species. All are welcome, all are consumed, all join the light. So the Cult has set guards at all known entrances to the catacombs, and jealously guard access to the Pudding. These vicious and highly trusted fanatics will kill anyone who tries to enter without an official Decree of Second Baptism signed by at least a Cult Vice-Bishop. The Holy Pudding Guard trust they will be the last cultists to give themselves over to communion, when all others have passed beyond and spiritual hypermass is about to be achieved.

But despite their formidable presence, the interlopers gather, hungry for salvation, drooling at the prospect of escape, and the Cult grows fearful that their salvation will be polluted by nonbelievers, and in their fear they grow cruel.

The Soul Pudding has merged with all its lesser fellows, and refugee and cultist all end up in the same luminous realm. Which is why the cult is getting spooked, and setting such brutal guards - they don't want their escape to include people they don't like. if enough outsiders get into the Pudding, they might tip the balance and the Holy Science of Urd might be corrupted by foreign ideas.

As the world is sunsetting, the Pudding will start to impinge on the Astral, sort of bulging through a weak place in the world until it is massy enough with bodies and souls to burst fully through. At that point, no one can know if the pudding would stop... would the astral provide it with a rich source of soulstuff? Would it start to spread even more rapidly? Would the Pudding become like an aggressively evangelical religion spreading into new territory?

As the pudding grows, it slows down (and the souls contained within it experience time slower) so as it transitions from a beast in the basement to the landscape itself the pudding will seem less aggressive, so at some point a caravan might wander across a branch of the pudding grown to span the horizon, a weird glowing squishy terrain, like luminous prairies. 

Slowly, the digested people emerge from the hypermass into the astral plains. The holy digestion changed them, their memories are confused, but they seem fine (are they?). They gather lumps of the hypermass and start their long journey through the astral plains to bring the holy pudding to new worlds.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Molding Gates of the Fungi

Contributions by Saker Tarsos, Harald Wagener, Michael Kennedy, Charles Castillo and Evlyn M

Long have the Fungi been content to remain in the undergrowth of history. The world's silent, unseen rulers. After all, patient decay claims all things in time.

But now the world is no longer theirs. The sunset has begun, and the many peoples of this world are leaving. Thousands of sightless eyes observe the caravans setting off. Silent councils gather in the roots of the world, and the fungi debate.

They fracture. At a loss for what to do, some colonies imitate: mold themselves into humanoid shapes and pull mushroom caravans until the great beyond, heralded by waves of glittering spores. They infect the dead and use them as beasts of burden.

But some ancients, the oldest and wisest, will stay. Some disbelieve. Some cannot move themselves. Some cannot bring themselves to say goodbye. They wish to personally witness the night-death of their world. Some of these venerable Fungi will open the Molding Gates, their spores infect the corpses of divine beings, reshaping them into portals of escape.

Some caravans that went astray met the fungoid trail and started the Ritual of Symbiosis; preferring to retain their essence by sacrificing their bodies as sustenance to a fate of slow waste, cannibalism, or worse. Thus the Mold Traders: Their symbiotic bodies don't require many things and are willing to trade tools, pickled foods, and other items not inducible to symbiosis ... usually at the price of some suitable host to continue the Mold Traders' growth and expansion. Sadly, not all hosts are traded by their own volition.

Some insidious Fungi who have been exiled by the Mycelium Council began to covertly float their spores into the crowds of refugees fleeing the world. Quietly infecting entire caravans, unbeknown to their carriers. As soon as the caravans would exit the world the corrupted mycelium networks that had been silently spreading in their hosts would desiccate whole communities. Leaving empty husks filled with spores behind, to float in a state of hibernation in the astral sea, till a more suitable world was found. There they could take root and begin anew. Their slow creeping spread into eternity with antediluvian patience.

Monday, June 24, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Sacred Dishes of the Qu

Contributions by: Giuliano Pereira, Robbert Raets and Evlyn M.

Time is running short for the Qu. Their vast culinary knowledge is at risk of being lost. As their world collapses they embark on a journey to preserve their food and culture.

They are mostly small, toad like (including giant tongues) creatures, who speak a elaborate dialect in a chipmunk like voice. Learning Qu etiquette is a livelong project.

To traverse to the astral plains, each Qu settlements prepared a sumptuous and wondrous banquet of their finest astral travel inducing dishes. The Qu gorged themselves on these and woke up in the astral plains with different levels of a hangovers. Some welcomed (and unwelcome) guests invited themselves to these banquets or scavenged the leftovers to escape to the astral plains.

As the ultimate gourmands of the multiverse, having served demons and gods, their caravans carts and houses are all equipped with essential kitchen material. Their most prized possessions are carried atop giant blue crabs (would be meals), these include their spices, ingredients and tools.

Every caravans of the Qu transport these:
  1. The Qu's most prized spices are sentient ones. They work in tandem with the cook to create otherworldly flavors. 
  2. The Crimson Gourmand Tools: a set of holy kitchen utensils that allow a user to turn anything into an edible, physical substance. The Qu are extremely protective of this item, as an ill intentioned creature might eat even noncorporeal concepts, possibly unraveling reality, such as spells, time and even death itself.
  3. Linguals: gloves made from the tongues of giant toads. They allow the user to identify the exact composition of anything they touch.
  4. Qu Recipe book: contains recipes for past, present and future recipes. Only a select few are allowed to read it. All written in Giant Braille, as the information concealed in it must be taken with the whole body, as the eyes cannot handle it.
  5. Freshly baked Sun: inside a special glass oven, this brand new sun is being taken with the Qu to grow in their new world. Its taken out of its protective oven, it works like our earth sun, just as hot and deadly. Only by following the right recipe, can the sun be safely transported to its new location.
What the Qu don't know is that dragons offspring lives parasitically inside all the suns they bake. Their greatest culinary rival, a ancient worm and tyrannic chef used ancient dragon rituals to put her offspring into the sun's recipe. Each time a new sun is bake, a baby dragon is born. 

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Whirlpool of Gildedstar

Contributions by: Robbert Raets, Michael Kennedy, Tamás Kisbali and Evlyn M. 

The city of Gildedstar was a miracle of modern magic, channeling every thaum of energy their mana farms and mines could produce via leylines and underground mithril wires. When the ebb and flow of this system was outstripped by the demand for thaum, the Maintainers were created.

Originally intended as immobile rote-automatons ritually feeding excess energy from peak production into a massive whirlpool inside an artificial lake and retrieving it during hours of high demand, the Maintainers gradually awoke to a higher awareness and sense of self. When the first among them to experience this and express a desire to leave the confines of their assignment were 'retired', the remainder wisely feigned intellectual indolence. 

As Gildedstarite society disintegrated in the approach of Sunset, the Maintainers were left to their own devices, and their own need to survive - the whirlpool that was the shackle of their existence for countless decades now proved to be the tool of their liberation. Escaping into the roil of the Astral, the Maintainers realized that although they needed no physical nourishment themselves, enough magic to sustain themselves proved hard to come by. (Background energy levels in the Astral is not sufficing for constructs traveling in larger groups.) Thus, the Maintainers hunt, fish and forage much like other caravans do, hoping to trade these supplies for spell energy that their organic counterparts can spare.

Some groups of Maintainers can become desperate enough to abduct wizards to use them as living batteries. The Maintainers will try to befriend them like a child who try to befriend a wild animal or a pet. They will give the wizard gifts and try to deduce their need and maintain their happiness. If they realize that their pet wizard is too sad they will probably set them free as they understand that unwilling servitude is not a good thing.

1d5 Maintainer types
1 - Protector: These Maintainers' main function is to protect and transport other, more fragile Maintainers. Monumental yet elegant tripods, with a mesh-structure at the top. Three other small Maintainers can fit there, as the Protector covers them with its wings. A thaum-field generator provides extra protection.
2 - Seeker: These Maintainers were created to trace and explore new ley-lines. In their awoken form, they are the scouts and rangers of the Maintainer caravan.
3 - Filigraner: The underground mithril wires don't need maintenance, they need tending. They require the most fine little corrections and tuning. The Filigraners were created to do just that, their elongated tendril-like fingers are so they can do brain surgery.
4 - Segment: Segments are small Maintainers, not capable of much alone, but when combined, they can accomplish various tasks. Like a swarm of nanobots, only bigger... and with a shinier gilded carapace.
5 - Unshackler: A new type, created by the awoken Maintainers. Unshacklers move around on twelve scaraboid legs, and are equipped with all kinds of tools - chain cutters, permafrost beams, arcane lasers. Their first function is to free other Maintainers. The process is painful and rough, but swift... And grants mobility and freedom.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Projects Updates Video! :O

I made a video updates on my projects. 
My english is rusty at the start but I get more fluent near the the end. :P

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: The Bifrost Bridge

Contributions by: C Huth,Tamás Kisbali and Evlyn M

The Bifrost Bridge, being a rainbow, requires mirrors and prisms to refract it further so it may serve as linkages beyond its original function. It is building (or stealing) these mirrors and prisons that the combined svartalvar/ljosalvar teams referred to as the "Asgard Corps of Engineers" are tasked with, and they're constantly looking for information on different materials or techniques to use in their refractory lens arrays. (The ljosalvar cover light-physics/metaphysics and testing, svartalvar the construction and repair.)

Of course, these child-bridges are reduced in energy over each refraction, so at some point the bridges will falter and become dangerously unusable. Some child-bridges may already be sending those who traverse them to the wrong destinations, or change them in strange ways, due to low-energy states or misalignment of refraction arrays.

The Bifrosts are not just a means of transportation. While traversing the rainbow bridge, those who keep an open mind can attune themselves to the various colors embedded in the spectrum. Attunement gives special powers or abilities. They work best while on Bifrost, but also have some effect off-bridge.

Novice traversers of the Bifrost attune to one color first. But everybody knows that the colors of the rainbow are not discrete and separate, but form a continuous spectrum. Experienced Bifrost-travelers can start attuning to colors up and down on the spectrum from the one they attuned to in the first place.

Red: Attuning to red is like putting one’s ear against a railroad track: the attuned creature can sense if there’s anybody else traversing Bifrost seven light years ahead or behind. Off-bridge, the attuned creature walks like a sailor getting off the ship for the first time in months: with a slight wobble; but this also makes them harder to hit with ranged attacks.

Orange: In this part of the Bifrost spectrum the trip becomes trippy! The Orange strain is a potent psychoactive resonance. Any creature that concentrates on Orange for a long time enters a trance state. It feels good. Takes your mind off the dreariness and boredom of the travel. But cannot wake up. Somebody else on the outside must wake them up. If somebody is attuned to Orange, they learn to wake up by themselves. The resonance can be captured between nano-particles, creating the so called "Orange Spice". In this form, the effect is sold off-bridge, as a drug.

Yellow: During the travel, the attuned creature does not need to eat food or drink liquid to sustain themselves. The vibrations of the yellow spectrum provide enough nutrition. The attuned creature can also go three day-night cycles without eating or drinking while exploring a location off the bridge.

Green: Green is the most malleable and corpuscular of all the colors in the Bifrost spectrum. An attuned creature can take a lump of Green and shape it into something useful and durable. A Green item is practically indestructible while on Bifrost, but deteriorates in three days if taken off the bridge. One creature can only take a limited amount of Green, but several attuned creatures working together can create bigger objects.

Blue: Located somewhere-but-not-quite-in-the-middle of the spectrum, Blue gives more or less balanced knowledge. Attuned creatures become better at navigating on Bifrost. Off the bridge, an attuned creature has a spell-like ability for three days. It's called "Define Direction": it's a locator spell for unstable environments. It doesn't give you an exact direction or location, but rather creates a stable point you can align your movement with. For example, if you are floating in non-Euclidean anti-gravity, you can "Define Direction" to stabilize yourself.

Indigo: A telepathic link is established between ALL creatures attuned to indigo. The communication channel remains functional even when off the bridge, but all thoughts are delayed, as they have to travel back to Bifrost first. Also, attuned creatures see everything through a distinct indigo-tint filter. It protects against bright flashing lights and lasers, but hinders perception as some minor details are blended into the background.

Violet: attuning yourself to violet let expand your imagination, the violet particles will coalesce around your daydreaming and take the shape of your fantasies. These constructs are not wholly solid and will appear like violet ghosts or holograms. They often become sentient and tend to act like muses. Like green items they can only exist for three days if taken off the bridge. But there is a song about a bard who crafter a prismatic to sustain a violet apparition that fell in love with her.

Infrared and Ultraviolet: mastering the red or the violet color can also let you peaks behind the curtain of the color spectrum and interact with the backstage of reality that touch the void…

Most traversers of Bifrost think of it as a long corridor, enclosed by invisible walls on the sides. But in reality the rainbow is a spectrum, and its edges blend into the eternal cosmic blackness. There are no walls. After mastering red OR violet, AND one more color of the spectrum, one can risk attuning to the \\\\VOID//// that’s touching the edges of Bifrost. This is a deep, dark secret, and nobody knows (or nobody would tell) what happens when a creature is attuned to the \\\\VOID////.

1d6 Encounters & Events while traveling on Bifrost:
  1. Under Construction: This part of Bifrost got damaged, and is currently being repaired by a crew of Yellow Green Sevenarms. Their only goal is to patch up the holes in the rainbow and flatten all bumps on the surface. This includes the players.
  2. A hailstorm of frozen starlight. The shards are strong enough to penetrate standard armor and spaceship hulls. After the bombardment, the shards melt quickly – but if collected and then stored at absolute zero temperature, these star ice crystals can be used as prisms to refract Bifrost and put to other magical uses.
  3. The-Utterly-Alien-But-Maybe-Not-So Mind: The encountered entity is utterly mysterious, alien and unknowable. However, there is one little thing it shares with the players. Ask the players, what it is. Nothing spectacular, but still a chance to establish a connection with this entity. E.g.: similar music taste (it loves ‘Good Vibrations’ by the Beach Boys) or dislike for the name its 777 parents gave it.
  4. Indigo Knot: Contrary to popular belief, Bifrost is not a straight line: it’s full of curves, turns, bends… The Knot is a Moebius strip-like formation, where the indigo part of the rainbow spectrum is dominant. Traversing the whole length of the spiral takes infinity minus one second (but grants instant attunement to Indigo). With the help of the Indigo Dwarves it takes one second. But how can you get them to help you?
  5. Pam & The Prismatics!: The tour bus of the world-famous rock band broke down! And their mechanic is too high on Orange Spice to fix it. They travel with an elaborate light show (with tons of prisms, mirror and crystals) and powerful sound amplifying equipment, which they can lend to you if you help them out with the bus.
  6. This is a bad one: The Color from Out of Space! A parasitic chromatic entity, from outside Bifrost’s color spectrum. It shifts, shimmers, emits deadly cosmic radiation, drives everybody insane. How do you defeat a Color?

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Goblin Enchantress Mini Zine

A second 8 pages home printable mini zine.
This time I found a way to use the verso of the page. You can open vertically the zine to access a random selection of goblins mobs. :)

Same as before:
1) Download the files.
2) Print in letter format with no margins (full page).
3) Print the second page on the verso.
4) Follow the assembly instructions for the 8-sided zine on1 sheet with 1 cut: 
(at the bottom of the page)
Print files are there:

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Hammer Goat 8 pages mini zine

I published a 8 pages mini zine on itchio but I disabled my projects because I lost too much revenues selling stuff on 
If you are supporting me on Patreon I posted a free version there (I will also put the files in my PDF zines folder linked on my blog sidebar)  
I hope to do more of these as I can craft them in one day. 

The zine is a Black Hack update of my old blog post about hammers wielding goats. 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Chormatic Soup 03: Means of Celestial Evacuation

Means of evacuating the dying world (d30)
  1. Bifrost Bridge
  2. Whirlpool of Gildedstar
  3. Sacred Dishes of the Qu
  4. Molding gates of the Fungi
  5. Holy Pudding Communion
  6. House Martendale’s Blood Portal
  7. Dreaming Cult
  8. Alephic Transmitters
  9. Karmic Hitchhiking
  10. The Milk Road
  11. Ark of Abzu
  12. Melentiwar Moon’s Gate
  13. Sunset Archive
  14. The Infinite Bridge
  15. The Ship of Stars
  16. Death Blinking Cult
  17. Astral Burrows
  18. Dwarven Astral Tunnel
  19. Fae Gate
  20. The Tube
  21. Orkish Capsules   
  22. Thaumaturgic Community Displacement
  23. Astral Egg of the Flock
  24. Ancestral Gate of the Elven Trolls
  25. Wayfarers Trail
  26. Great Clockwork Gate
  27. Readings of the Book of the Planes
  28. The Fractured Stairs and the Cloud Mountain
  29. The Warped Mirror
  30. Crystal Carapace Chant 

Next: descriptions of each means of evacuation.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: The Sunset of a World

I decided to post the articles of Chromatic Soup 03 on my blog to motivate me to finish this project. I will try to compile everything into a zine afterward.

The Sunset of a World.

The gods are sunsetting their pantheons and the world. Free from their alignments, people and monsters are evacuating together. To reach new worlds they have to migrate across near infinite astral plains.

As the gods leave the world, no one is there to maintain the celestial spheres and the forces that run the world grind to a halt. Law and Chaos being gone, the world calcifiate and crumble into the void.

On their way out, the gods left the gates to the astral plains wide open. Passageways that were only accessible to the gods are now usable by all. People, creatures and monsters use old and new means to leave the world before the crumbling sun forever set beyond the horizon.

Creatures devoid of senses spill through cracks of the celestial spheres and harass those who linger in the dying world. In the astral plains, people and creatures assemble themselves into caravans, as they journey through the ever changing silvery landscape they encounter strange phenomena, creatures born between the worlds and other refugees. Along the way they must halt and take refuge in pocket worlds to rest and replenish their provisions. These unfinished worlds are too limited or dangerous, the caravans most venture again and again in the astral plains, their only true hope is to find a fully formed world.

Inspirations: The Banner Saga, Oregon Trail, and other stories about long migrations. Also the G+ sunsetting...

Setting up the campaign.

Start the campaign in a settlement, people are packing up, even local creatures and monsters are getting ready to leave. There is a lot of rumors going around about different means of escape.

Setup a short point crawl that point toward different means of evacuating the world. There should be one in the current settlement and rumors should point to maybe 2 to 5 other means of evacuation.

Other means of evacuation are 2d6 points aways.
  • Travelling on foot while being encumbered or slowed down let you travel 1 points a day
  • Travelling on foot without hindrances let you travel 2 points a day
  • Caravans let you travel 3 points a day
  • Horses let you travel 4 points a day
Roll one dying world encounter for each days of travel. 

Setup exemple:

The first settlement

Give it a descriptive name like Calendra the Bright City and ask each players 1 or 2 questions about the settlement…
  1. How it was to grow up there?
  2. Who are you anxious to rejoin there?
  3. Who do you fear is waiting for you?
  4. What landmark you hope to see one last time?
  5. Which district is best to avoid?
  6. Tell me about when the city guard arrested you...
  7. What part of your life did you leave there?
  8. What local product or service do you remember foundly?
  9. Who own you big time there?
  10. What local cult or organization you always avoided?
  11. What or who do you hope to see ruined before escaping?
  12. Tell me about how you learned your craft here…
There is a local mean to leave the world here but people are crowding and camping around it, waiting for their turn to leave. Waiting without creating trouble for your turn to leave will happen after 1d6 settlement encounters. Naturally characters can try to find ways to cut the line.

You can also use the settlement encounters to note the passage of time when the characters do other things beside waiting in line.

Settlement encounters (d12)
  1. Riot: people are demanding something or maybe they are just panicking, the city guards are trying to prevent the riot but things are quickly getting out of hand.
  2. Plague: people are sick but they fail to die as the plague goddess have already left, sick people implore her priestess for a quick death. Plague doctors are failing at finding a cure. Plague bearers are forced to wear something special to identify them.
  3. Refugee arrival: a large caravan of refugees from a near city or a distant land are arriving in the already overcrowded city.
  4. Carnival: people are cheerfully celebrating the end of the world, having a great time, this can naturally easily degenerate in complicated situations.
  5. Doom cult: a doom cult is conducting rituals or building strange devices to try to summon the gods or to accelerate the end of the world.
  6. Monsters: a large monster or a group of strange creatures are looking for a caravan to join.
  7. Serial killer: someone lost it and decided to reduce the population, to get rid of priests, to celebrate death, etc.
  8. Hero or Demigod: a depowered divine hero or demigod is trying to help people or is failing at remaining incognito.
  9. Rich people trying to buy favors and privilege: some have a retinue of guards or servitors other are maybe more desperate. 
  10. Violence and vandalism: people are toppling down landmarks, breaking in shops, defiling temples, beating up guild members or nobles, etc.
  11. Someone looking for a lover, friend, pet, child or parent or someone ask to be hidden.
  12. Rift: a unstable rift that lead to the astral plains or to the void. People are afraid, astral or void creatures may emerge from it.
Dying world encounters (d12)
  1. Celestial engine: reality is crumbling down and gigantic gears and mechanical parts can be seen in the sky or emerging from the ground or from other elements. The minor spirits who were in charge of maintaining them are camping around them, they are slowly dying, some are still trying to do their duties, other are simply awaiting their final fate.
  2. Calcification: a part of reality turn grey, freeze and calcifiate. Calcificated things are very friable, some void beings feed on calcificated matter.
  3. Dying divine servitor: cut from their life force, a majestic or terrifying divine servitor is slowly dying or calcificating and crumbling to dust. Finally free to be individual, some stop serving the principles they embodied, while other desperately try to uphold them.
  4. Natural phenomena grinding to a halt: a river stop running, a fire fail to burn, clouds stops. rain stop in midair, etc.
  5. Human refugees: a group of human refugees from a near city or a distant land are looking for a refuge, a caravan or a mean to escape from the world.
  6. Bandits: these people don’t get it, they think that they can survive here by praying on refugees and caravans.
  7. Monsters: a huge monster or a group of strange creatures are looking for a refuge, a caravan or a mean to escape from the world.
  8. Scavenging opportunity: a abandoned building or things left behind.
  9. Doom cult: a doom cult is conducting rituals or building strange devices in the wild to try to summon the gods or to accelerate the end of the world.
  10. Divine husk: a god left it divine husk behind, like a calcificated molt. Cultists are using it as a refuge, void worms will soon arrive to devour it.
  11. Clueless people, adventurer or monster who did not catch that the world is ending.
  12. Rift: a unstable rift that lead to the astral plains or to the void. Astral or void creatures may emerge from it.

NEXT: Means of escaping the dying world.