Friday, June 7, 2019

Chormatic Soup 03: Means of Celestial Evacuation

Means of evacuating the dying world (d30)
  1. Bifrost Bridge
  2. Whirlpool of Gildedstar
  3. Sacred Dishes of the Qu
  4. Molding gates of the Fungi
  5. Holy Pudding Communion
  6. House Martendale’s Blood Portal
  7. Dreaming Cult
  8. Alephic Transmitters
  9. Karmic Hitchhiking
  10. The Milk Road
  11. Ark of Abzu
  12. Melentiwar Moon’s Gate
  13. Sunset Archive
  14. The Infinite Bridge
  15. The Ship of Stars
  16. Death Blinking Cult
  17. Astral Burrows
  18. Dwarven Astral Tunnel
  19. Fae Gate
  20. The Tube
  21. Orkish Capsules   
  22. Thaumaturgic Community Displacement
  23. Astral Egg of the Flock
  24. Ancestral Gate of the Elven Trolls
  25. Wayfarers Trail
  26. Great Clockwork Gate
  27. Readings of the Book of the Planes
  28. The Fractured Stairs and the Cloud Mountain
  29. The Warped Mirror
  30. Crystal Carapace Chant 

Next: descriptions of each means of evacuation.


Narmer said...

The Milk Road. Hurm... Interesting. Warmed or chilled?

Betty Bacontime said...

31. Very Large Catapult

All of these sound very interesting. I'm looking forward to reading more about them, especially the Holy Pudding Communion.