Monday, June 24, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Sacred Dishes of the Qu

Contributions by: Giuliano Pereira, Robbert Raets and Evlyn M.

Time is running short for the Qu. Their vast culinary knowledge is at risk of being lost. As their world collapses they embark on a journey to preserve their food and culture.

They are mostly small, toad like (including giant tongues) creatures, who speak a elaborate dialect in a chipmunk like voice. Learning Qu etiquette is a livelong project.

To traverse to the astral plains, each Qu settlements prepared a sumptuous and wondrous banquet of their finest astral travel inducing dishes. The Qu gorged themselves on these and woke up in the astral plains with different levels of a hangovers. Some welcomed (and unwelcome) guests invited themselves to these banquets or scavenged the leftovers to escape to the astral plains.

As the ultimate gourmands of the multiverse, having served demons and gods, their caravans carts and houses are all equipped with essential kitchen material. Their most prized possessions are carried atop giant blue crabs (would be meals), these include their spices, ingredients and tools.

Every caravans of the Qu transport these:
  1. The Qu's most prized spices are sentient ones. They work in tandem with the cook to create otherworldly flavors. 
  2. The Crimson Gourmand Tools: a set of holy kitchen utensils that allow a user to turn anything into an edible, physical substance. The Qu are extremely protective of this item, as an ill intentioned creature might eat even noncorporeal concepts, possibly unraveling reality, such as spells, time and even death itself.
  3. Linguals: gloves made from the tongues of giant toads. They allow the user to identify the exact composition of anything they touch.
  4. Qu Recipe book: contains recipes for past, present and future recipes. Only a select few are allowed to read it. All written in Giant Braille, as the information concealed in it must be taken with the whole body, as the eyes cannot handle it.
  5. Freshly baked Sun: inside a special glass oven, this brand new sun is being taken with the Qu to grow in their new world. Its taken out of its protective oven, it works like our earth sun, just as hot and deadly. Only by following the right recipe, can the sun be safely transported to its new location.
What the Qu don't know is that dragons offspring lives parasitically inside all the suns they bake. Their greatest culinary rival, a ancient worm and tyrannic chef used ancient dragon rituals to put her offspring into the sun's recipe. Each time a new sun is bake, a baby dragon is born. 

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