Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: The All-One Holy Soul Pudding

Contribution by Benjamin Baugh and Evlyn M (just a tiny bit). 

"Sir'ai Sir'ai! It consumes, it perfects! I cast myself into thee, to be reborn clean in a world made anew! Sir'ai! Sir'ai It be monster mother to us, eating and then birthing, we are to be its succor and its children! Sir'ai Sir'ai!" 

Beneath the Holy City of Urd, in the catacombs once used to punish the ungodly and harrow heretics, the new Savior of the Cult of Urd dwells, growing, pregnant with the promise of a future in a world without one.

The Savior began its life humble, as a mere carnivorous pudding - something between fungus and animal, jellyfish and algae. But according to the Archimandrite of the College of Holy Urdish Sciences, the creature was changed by the sacrifice of Saint Pellomel the Forseeing. When thrown into the catacombs for what, at the time, seemed to be blasphemous predictions of the end of the world and the abandonment of the gods, Pellomel fell victim to one of the puddings which infested the dark tunnels, but rather than simply dying and being consumed, she was elevated to a new plane of existence, her body's mass adding to the pudding's, and her soul inhabiting a pseudo plain of light within the creture's luminous nervous system.

From this strange hinter-realm, she could project her dreams as songs or her songs into dreams, and shared the truth of the Holy Soul Pudding - it would be the Cult's conveyance away from this dying world, and into a new realm created from holy light.

Urdish cult doctrine changed when the realization of the world's end spread among the population of the city, and the Synod of Urd was forced to acknowledge it, and offered the Holy Soul Pudding as the Cult's redemption.

The City of Urd is much depleted in numbers, as more and more cultists make their goodbys, close their mortal affairs, and walk into the catacombs to join their fellows with the sun-bright Pudding, feeding the creature with their bodies, and giving their souls over to its care until it achieves, according to the deans of the College of Urdish Holy Sciences, a spiritual mass of such density that it will breach the Astral realm and wriggle free of the drying world, like a moth emerging from a cocoon.

When this mass will be achieved is still uncertain, which lends a sense of desperation to those seeking Communion with the Pudding. With more high Cult officials going to join the creature, governance in the City of Urd is failing, and opportunists and interlopers and scavengers have begun invading the city, to pick the bones of what the cultists have left behind.

More troubling to Cult officials are the outsiders, pagans, heretics, and non-believers who have learned of the Holy Pudding, and see it as a way to escape. The Holy Soul Pudding does not seem to care about cult membership, good, evil, alignment, creed, culture, or species. All are welcome, all are consumed, all join the light. So the Cult has set guards at all known entrances to the catacombs, and jealously guard access to the Pudding. These vicious and highly trusted fanatics will kill anyone who tries to enter without an official Decree of Second Baptism signed by at least a Cult Vice-Bishop. The Holy Pudding Guard trust they will be the last cultists to give themselves over to communion, when all others have passed beyond and spiritual hypermass is about to be achieved.

But despite their formidable presence, the interlopers gather, hungry for salvation, drooling at the prospect of escape, and the Cult grows fearful that their salvation will be polluted by nonbelievers, and in their fear they grow cruel.

The Soul Pudding has merged with all its lesser fellows, and refugee and cultist all end up in the same luminous realm. Which is why the cult is getting spooked, and setting such brutal guards - they don't want their escape to include people they don't like. if enough outsiders get into the Pudding, they might tip the balance and the Holy Science of Urd might be corrupted by foreign ideas.

As the world is sunsetting, the Pudding will start to impinge on the Astral, sort of bulging through a weak place in the world until it is massy enough with bodies and souls to burst fully through. At that point, no one can know if the pudding would stop... would the astral provide it with a rich source of soulstuff? Would it start to spread even more rapidly? Would the Pudding become like an aggressively evangelical religion spreading into new territory?

As the pudding grows, it slows down (and the souls contained within it experience time slower) so as it transitions from a beast in the basement to the landscape itself the pudding will seem less aggressive, so at some point a caravan might wander across a branch of the pudding grown to span the horizon, a weird glowing squishy terrain, like luminous prairies. 

Slowly, the digested people emerge from the hypermass into the astral plains. The holy digestion changed them, their memories are confused, but they seem fine (are they?). They gather lumps of the hypermass and start their long journey through the astral plains to bring the holy pudding to new worlds.

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Michael Kennedy said...

Wonderful! The Holy Pudding was a great one of the first entries.