Monday, October 25, 2021

We need to craft more third party modules for small games.

This part of Evey's cyberpunk game, Cyber Explosions, stuck with me: 
"Oh, and finally, everything’s just a little cartoonish because otherwise this would probably be too nightmarish to be fun."
I kept thinking about the cartoonish aspect of the game I and thought that it could be great to publish an adventure illustrated in a near retro cartoony art style. So I drew a few characters and I wrote to Evey that if she ever find the energy to write me a small scenario for her game, that I would love to illustrate it to explore that art style. (Go buy Cyber Explosion to encourage her to write me something 😅)

This made me notice that we need to better support small games with third party adventures and modules.

I feel like this is something that is missing in the indy RPG scene. People publish good games that often pass under most radars because we don't support them with adventures and extra content. 

Imagine if no one ever wrote modules or content for Mothership or Troika, these games would not be what they are now.

Third party support is probably as important for the indy RPG scene as active reviewing is. People often say that we need more reviews, this is true but I feel like we also need to build more upon what we create to keep what we create alive but also to discover new things as it grow and transform through the work of others. 

Naturally this all need to be done while respecting the authors and their property of their work. I saw that some people online worried about the popularity of hacking small games, so I can imagine them worrying too about third party work. For me the indy RPG scene have always been a big collective jam and this is what made it interesting and rewarding for me, more than selling anything I made. But still, it is worth to take the time to think and care about how we do things. 

So yeah, I hope to see more small and nearly forgotten games get third party support in collaboration with their authors or as a way to help them. 

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Blending Troika's content

I had a lot of fun playing Pastel Schoolgirls with Evey as the GM, her RPG work is always unique and inspired.
Since this is a Troika based game, you can start a campaign with Pastel Schoolgirls and after a few school adventures send the pastel girls through the spheres to play other published Troika's modules for maximum weird mayhem!
The same can be done for Cyber Explosions if you feel more like blowing things up!
I feel like mixing up Troika content that have very different vibes have a lot of potential, you can explore very interesting genres contrasts.

Here is the link to Evey's work, get some of her games, it can help her little family a lot.