Saturday, September 26, 2020

Monday, September 7, 2020

Presentation of my work in progress document for Orbital Megastructure

This is my main work in progress doc for Orbital Megastructure. 
I also have one for updating my equipment tables, one for my monsters manual and one for my downtime rules.


Sunday, September 6, 2020

Generating Megastructure Sectors

How I generate megastructure sectors for my Macchiato Monsters playset 

Example of Sector Creation 

Step 1: rolling the condition and Step 2: rolling the number of nodes and drawing them.

Step 3: drawing a number of links equal to the number of nodes


Step 4: rolling the number of settlements and drawing them

Step 5: rolling the number of exits and drawing them

Step 6: roll a condition and a function for each nodes

(note: I added a “S” on the link to node H because I rolled that it was a forgotten node, this is to represent that the link is a secret path)  

  • Sector condition: imply a sector infected by a nanoplague full of infectees drones. 

  • A: imply that a clan or maybe a group of bandit live in the spacedock.

  • B: imply a holographic center that is prone to malfunctions and project weird images.

  • C: maybe the mourning commemorates the first victims of the plague.

  • D: the administration center have endured several structural damages.

  • E: the education center have been stripped down of it learning modules. 

  • F: maybe the lab is the origin of the nanoplague that run through the sector

  • G: imply a settlement build near a inhabited energy core. Who are these people and what are their relation with the settlement? 

  • H: imply a secret settlement built in a forgotten databank. A other interpretation could be that the settlers are unaware that their settlement is built on a databank.