Monday, August 5, 2013

News about me + Pelican Knight Carrier

I am not drawing much lately. Working at the library is fun, i like it. But I feel like hitchhiking away or finding a car and wandering on the road. Or meeting new people, I meet wonderful online people, but they often feel like virtual ghost or mirages. I am thinking about re-opening one of my old non-gaming blog just to post drawings about real life. 

But I guess I am simply posting less because I am not gaming much. We are taking a dungeon crawling break to try Misspent Youth. We had a fun setup session, but we still have to play our first session. 

A list of my "on hold" & "must finish" projects:
  • my forest dungeon.
  • my UFO dungeon.
  • Illustrating some of Patrick Stuart's underdark monsters.
  • finishing my setups pdf.
  • finishing my piercers dungeon pdf.
  • working on my globule set for Cthulhu Dark.
  • working on my Mecha RPG draft. 
  • finishing a bunch of drawings.
  • taking the time to learn the human anatomy, doing shadows, drawing backgrounds, inking, etc.
  • finding the courage to try again to drawn comics. 

I am reading Bone (the comic) and a lot of Ursula K. Le Guin's novels.

Lately I want to play some detective RPGs: Trail of Cthulhu, Ashen Stars, Cthulhu Dark or Cold City. 
I also want to retry Shock: Social Science Fiction Roleplaying Game (because of Le Guin).  


jacinto said...

Le Guin is a talented short story writer, too. Changing Planes is one of my all time favorite books.

Evlyn M said...

I will reserve it at the library. :)

Anonymous said...

I like that pelican... it looks a little like a medieval allegorical miniature of an unnamed illustrator. Of course, we know that illustrator's name. ;)