Friday, July 19, 2013

War setup

1) Establish a liberation army fighting a long and ongoing war. Give a colorful title to the army, it general and the ongoing war. 

2) Establish and name 3 sources of powers for the liberation army:
  • A elite troop (can be mundane or supernatural). 
  • A powerful champion or a unique artifact or device (can be mundane or supernatural). 
  • A important ally (can be mundane or supernatural). 
3) Establish a land being liberated by the army. Link one of the army source of power to the land.   

4) Establish a major victory for the army. Name the battle and link the victory to a colorful location. 

5) Establish a local hero. Some ordinary folk from the land that rose as a local hero through a act of courage. 

6) Now establish the invading army and reverse the flow of the war. 

7) Defeat the 3 sources of power of the liberation army and establish the 3 sources of power of the invading army (use the same three type):
  • One source of power betrayed the liberation army and now serve the invading army. 
  • One source of power was crushed and captured by the invading army's second source of power. 
  • One source of power failed and broke or routed while confronting the invading army's third source of power.   
8) The liberating army is falling back and the invading army now occupy the land  

9) Establish a local collaborator that investigate the land for the invading army. Back him or her up with a minor manifestation of one of the invading sources of power.    

10) Hide the local hero and let him or her lead or help the local the resistance
11) Isolate a liberating army's regiment still defending a important location

12) Give reinforcement to the liberation army but block them with a obstacle. 

13) Give also reinforcement to the invading army but slow them down with a obstacle. 

14) Establish a neutral source of power. This source of power want to remain neutral because it fear or own a debt to one of invading source of power.

15) Roll a d6 & d4 to find the goal of each NPC or faction:
  1. To destroy or attack a...
  2. To capture or control a...
  3. To influence, corrupt or transform a...  
  4. To help, advantage or make stronger a... 
  5. To free, protect, restore or heal a...
  6. To create or find a new...
  1. ... source of power.
  2. ... major NPC.
  3. ... faction or group.
  4. ... strategic or important location.

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