Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Drawing comics!

Yesterday I finished a 10 pages comic for a collective comic book that will be published in Montreal.

It took me a lot more efforts than I expected, I mean I was really rusty, but I persevered and I was able to finish. (Proud of myself!) 

I am not entirely satisfied of what I did but I think it's cool enough to fit in a collective book. :)

Finishing this project felt good, it was kind of a "coming back to comics" project for me and now I want to repeat the experience and draw more comics!

Here is a page I did:

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JDsivraj said...

As an artist with decades and thousands of illustrations under my belt I have to say comics are devilishly difficult. Even wiith all the other pieces I've dond I have never been happy with my own comics work outside of a few panels. Congratulations on getting a project done you are happy with and encouraged by.