Monday, June 18, 2018

I made a new zine: The Kobolds' Exhibition!

Bookship18 is still active until midnight and I finished my kobolds zine:

You can get the PDF on LULU or on Gumroad:
(If you contributed to the zine, check out first on G+)

I want to try to make a "print at home" PDF to put on Gumroad, but I will try to do it a few days (I need a break from this project). :)

The 32 pages zine present a tribe of kobolds who move from dungeon to dungeon in search of artworks to collect.

>The art collector, the exhibition,
>the kobolds (their roles and how they collect artworks),
>a d100 artworks random table,
>art forgeries,
>artworks enchantments,
>how to dungeon delve into artwork,
>tables to generate a artwork point-crawl,
>a list of 30 kobolds troubles to solve.


Antonio Ramón said...

Me encana tu trabajo. Estoy pensando en pedir todos los que tienes en Lulu ¿El resto de módulos -que se encuentran en a carpeta de Drive- tienes pensado compartirlos?

Evlyn said...

Hello Antonio, I won't be adding old material in the PDF folder as I prefer to work on new material and zines. But when I craft new material I will try to add a PDF copy to the folder.