Friday, July 19, 2019

Chromatic Soup 03: Structuring the means of escape.

I think that I need to structure more how the means of escape of the world are presented to make Chromatic Soup 03 more gameable.

I am thinking of adding to each entries:
  • What is happening when the group arrive?
  • What is happening when people escape to astral plains? 
  • How the caravan form in the astral plains?
  • Who accompany the caravan? (who are helpful, who cause trouble) 
  • How the caravan reach and exit pocket worlds?
I will have to keep these answers briefs as we wrote 30 means of escapes. 

I will probably do that after blogging all the material I have collected, I think that I have enough stuff to regularly post for months. 

So first I need to blog everything (this already require me to do some edition and additional writing to glue things together as the raw material I am working with is a collection of G+ posts and comments). After that I will have a good idea of the content and I will do a second round of edition to structure things a bit and to make everything more gameable. 

EDIT: well thinking of it, I guess that I could simply write a series of questions for the GM to help them define the situation that is building around the mean of escape. 

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