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Chromatic Soup 03: More means of escape

Contribution by Carys, Paul C and Evlyn M

Death Blinking and Reincarnation Cult

There's the moment before death, the moment after, and the blink-of-an-eye in-between of death itself. In that moment, neither living nor dead, one is unshackled from the burden of the body. In that moment, one momentarily glimpses the astral planes before they simply cease to exist. Those with enough will and skill may grab on to that moment a little longer, in the hope of reincarnating. Sometimes that works out for them, sometimes they end up in the body of a dung beetle. Death is a gamble in that way, but a guaranteed ticket to the astral planes when in a pinch.

Liminalis are attuned to the intermediate state of being at the threshold of life and death are trained to experience multiple reincarnations that let them death blink in and out of pocket worlds. Some are psychopompe and have the ability of guiding other people through their reincarnation, as the world end, reincarnation cults build around these Liminalis. 

Your Memories (Liminalis can reroll their results) 
  1. Total recall of all your lives, you are disoriented for 2d6 hours.
  2. Fragment of all your lives. 
  3. Good memory of a random of past live
  4. Good memory of your previous past live
  5. Good memory of your current live
  6. A mix of your current live and a random past live
  7. Partial memory of your current live
  8. Fragment of your current live
  9. Fragment of your current live and glimpse of the future
  10. Blank state, only a vague sense of purpose 
  11. Memory of a imaginary or dreamed live
  12. Memory of the live of someone who died at the same time
Your Form (gender is always random) 
These forms come from your memories when you incarnate in the astral plains but they are native forms when you incarnate in a pocket world. 
  1. A monstruous creature
  2. A large insect  
  3. A small creature
  4. A humble creature
  5. A noble creature
  6. A humanoid creature
  7. A outcast human (1 child, 2-3 teenager, 4-6 adult) 
  8. A commoner human(1 child, 2-3 teenager, 4-6 adult) 
  9. A noble human (1 child, 2-3 teenager, 4-6 adult) 
  10. A magical or feary creature
Astral Burrows 

A child like traveler with a massive caravan of animals that move fluidly in-and-out of human and animal-like qualities. The holes animal-folk dig, no matter how shallow, are astral portals--escape routes. Any time the traveler jump into an animal-dug-hole, without hesitation, they will end up in an astral tunnel. If they hesitate, it's just a hole.

The scholar madam Carveli call these traveler "Puer Aeternus" or eternal childs. She describe them as the incarnation of the idea of someone caught in an eternal childlike state, and that their power relies on faith and luck. Rumor say that Madam Carveli knowledge let her use these burrows and that she follow the trail of these wild caravans, taking note and telling stories or teaching recipes to the Puer Aeternus and their amazed animal companions.

Other people living near the forest or who remained close with nature were also able to join some of these caravans through these astral burrows.

Contributions by Brian Ashford and Evlyn M

Dwarven Astral Tunnel

Dwarves are digging down. Ancient poetry tell that below the fires at the heart of the world in the elemental plane of eternat fire. They are dismantling their vast undercities and using the masonry to line the tunnel they are excavating. Massive copper heat sinks draw the heat out of the tunnel as fast as it can seep through the walls, leaving the descent just about survivable. The excess heat ejects into the sky above the Dwarven Mountains in pointed pillars of blue flame, visible on the horizon from all of this doomed world. 

As more and more human refugees pour in the dwarven kingdom, it was decided that these human will be adopted and assigned into the dwarven houses as having houseless people around is worse for the dwarfs than having humans. Naturally for these human refugees, adapting themselves to the dwarven culture is not a easy task. 

Fae Gate

Fae gates open in shadows, graveyards and rubbish dumps the world over suggesting that escape is possible. Unfortunately entering the faewilds is still illegal and and one setting foot through these gates will be immediately stripped of all possessions and separated from their family members by the fey folk. All refugees from the Prime Material are placed in animal cages until they are taken as pets, livestock or stuffed into a ball only to be used as cute battle arena warriors. Still some desperate people dare to use the gates and are crafty enough to avoid the fey patrols.

Soon the mass of desperate refugees will be overwhelming even for the fey folk and they will see the faewilds overruns with caravans. Most of the fea will decide to die with the world as this is properly tragic but some of them will join the human caravans that venture into the astral plains.

The Tube

Spell casters are all trading Tube Tickets. the Tube is a massive network of shortcuts across the world and, if you know what you are doing, through to other Tube networks in the astral plains and other worlds. It was a wizarding secret but now everyone has hear the rumours. Tickets cost about 100gp if you can find a seller. Family tickets can be bought for 250 provided two of your party can pass as children. 1/6 tickets is a return ticket (a powerful Remove Curse is required to nullify the return half).

The magic guild is crafting golems non-stop to try to handle the ever growing flow of refugees who try to sneak into the tubes. Near the end, the refugees will simply overrun the golems and pour into the tubes, but the wizards will be long gone.

Contributions by Arnold K and Evlyn M (only the last lines)

The Infinite Bridge

Made from living trees that grow from the seafloor, across an infinite ocean. Occasionally burned by hostile groups migrating ahead of you. Filled by clans of tiny nature spirits who are debating whether to allow this evacuation or not. Occasionally the bridge branches to reach different pocket worlds.

Like for the Milky roads, the Infinite Bridge is easily accessible but overcrowded with refugees.

Ship of Stars

Still across an infinite ocean. Changing the state of the ship changes the location. Spin the wheel to travel a thousand miles in a single second. Lower the sails to flip upside down and sail on the underside of the waves. You are not really sailing the ocean, but are traveling among the stars above, reflected in your sails. Beware the red star.

Building or activating the ship will be easier that handling the flow of refugee that gather around and who want to get in. 

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