Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Scrolls Reading Catastrophes

Reading scrolls don't usually require a test but if it would and you naturally happen to roll a fumble...

Scrolls Reading Catastrophes! (d12)
  1. All non magical writings in a radius of d6 x 10m vanish. 
  2. The effect of the spell transfer into the nearest text and will trigger upon reading. 
  3. The scroll burst in fire inflicting 1 point of damage by spell level to the reader 
  4. The scroll crumble into a crystalline dust, the dust can be snorted to gain a point of INT for 2d6 hours. 
  5. The text of the scroll is tattooed on the skin of the reader on a hard to read location but is still usable. 
  6. When the reader try to talk, tiny scroll containing what they try to say appear in their mouth. 
  7. The reader see people as cloud of moving words for 1d6 hours. 
  8. The scroll expand and wrap around the reader, make a saving throw to avoid being entangled. 
  9. The non magical equipment and clothings of the reader turn to paper or parchment. 
  10. A word from the spell's name escape from the scroll and transform into a physical manifestation of what it mean. 
  11. The scroll fold into a territorial origami creature that have 1HD by spell level. The creature need to eat books and other scrolls for sustenance and can track them by smell. 
  12. The scroll become sentient and communicate by manifesting words on itself. The scroll can still cast itself but it will be hard to convince it to do so. The sentient scroll know all languages ever written and can be used as a translator.  
Extra nastier effects that take the table to a d20

13. All non magical texts in a radius of d6 x 10m burst into bright blue flame and inflict 1 point of damage by level of the spell.
14. All magical texts in a radius of d6 x 10m cast the spell effect (targets are random).
15. The scroll summon a angry elemental of (d6: 1.parchment paper, 2.words,, 4. strangling scrolls, 5. vellum skin, 6. of the nature of scroll's spell). The elemental have 2d6 HD.
16. The words written on the scroll spring to life and become nasty 1HD creatures. The scroll spawn (spell level)d6 words creatures. These creatures follow and harrow the group, hindering them at every occasion. They will attack anyone who attempt to read something.    
17. The caster blood turn to ink, save or die. If the reader survive they now have magical ink blood.
18. The reader vanish forever and their name is added to the spell title. The spell can still be casted. (If Ezra casted Fire Ball, the spell is now named Ezra's Fire Ball. When a other reader roll this effect while casting the same spell, their name is added to the list (like: Ezra-Nathaniel-Irwin's Fire Ball).
19. The reader vanish and their life is transcribed into the scroll. The caster can be casted back to life as a spell of their own level. 
20. The reader vanish forever and their name become a new word that everyone know. The player decide of the meaning.


Narmer said...

#4 made me chuckle.

Jeremy "frothsof" Smith said...

Awesome stuff! I am going to link folks here this week on my blog and podcast.