Thursday, May 14, 2020

Weapons tags

Something I wrote a while ago to try to make every weapons feel unique when playing with miniatures. In theory it work but in practice it is too complex and probably slow down fights while not adding that much to them. You can see a old LotFP influence in the use of stances but I think that I was going to use these rules with LL. Anyway I thought that I could share the whole thing.


Daggers [d4] [1lb] [throwable] [riposte] [small] [precise]
Short Sword [d6] [3lb] [riposte] [small] [precise]
Scimitar [d8] [4lb] [cavalry weapon] [riposte] [precise]
Long Sword [d8] [4lb] [riposte] [precise or brutal]
Bastard Sword [d8 or 2d4] [6lb] [riposte] [precise or brutal] [1 or 2 handed]
Two-Handed Sword [d10] [15lb] [riposte] [brutal] [2 handed]

Club [d4] [3lb] [brutal] 
Quarterstaff [d4] [4lb] [riposte] [precise or brutal] [long reach] [2 handed]
Mace [d6] [3lb] [ignore 1AC] [break armor] [brutal] 
Morning Star [d6+1] [6lb] [ignore 1AC] [break armor] [brutal] [2 handed]
Flail [1d4+1] [5lb] [ignore shield] [disarming] [brutal] 
Heavy Flail [2d4] [12lb] [ignore shield] [disarming] [brutal] [2 handed]
Maul [d4] [4lb] [throwable] [stun] [dwarven] [brutal] 
War Maul [d6] [10lb] [stun] [dwarven] [brutal] [2 handed]
Pick [d4+1] [2lb] [ignore 2 AC] [stuck] [dwarven] [brutal] 
Heavy Pick [d6+1] [6lb] [ignore 2 AC] [stuck] [dwarven] [brutal] [2 handed]
Hand Axe [d6] [3lb] [throwable] [splinter shield] [break doors] [dwarven] [brutal]
Battle Axe [d8] [6lb] [splinter shield] [break doors] [dwarven] [brutal] [2 handed]

Javelin [d6] [2lb] [throwable] [precise]  
Spear [d6] [6lb] [throwable] [long reach] [receive charge] [precise] [1 or 2 handed]
Cavalry Lance [d8] [2 handed] [cavalry charge]
Pole Arm [d10] [15 lb] [long reach] [receive charge] [precise or brutal] [2 handed]
Trident [d6] [long reach] [receive charge] [precise] [disarming] [pining] [2 handed]

Light Crossbow [d6] [4lb] [10 quarrels:1lb] [ignore 2 AC] [2 handed]
Heavy Crossbow [d8] [8lb] [10 quarrels:1lb] [ignore 2 AC] [slow] [2 handed]
Short bow [d6] [2lb] [20 arrows:3lb] [fast] [2 handed]
Long bow [d8] [3lb] [20 arrows:3lb] [2 handed]
Sling [d4] [0lb] [10 bullets:5lb] [2 handed]
Throwing knifes [d3] [½lb] [small] [throwable] [fast]


Buckler [d4] [4lb] protect only vs 1 attack by rounds.
Small [d6] [5lb]
Medium [d8] [10lb] +2AC vs missiles, +2AC in full defense. 
Large [d10] [45lb] +4AC vs missiles, +3AC in full defense. 
Metal: +2 to resistance, +50% weight 


  • 2 handed: add STR to defend vs Disarms. 2 handed weapons need 10 yard of swing space to be used in aggressive stance.   
  • Break armors: break 2AC on a critical hit. 
  • Break doors: +1 to open doors 
  • Brutal: aggressive stance give +1 to hit, +1 dmg, +2AC. Add STR to disarm. 
  • Cavalry charge: x3 dmg 
  • Cavalry weapon: +2 to hit on horseback
  • Disarming: x2 dmg when disarming
  • Dwarven: remain 1 handed or 2 handed for dwarfs.
  • Fast: can attack two time by rounds at -2 to hit for each attack. 
  • Ignore AC: ignore a number pure armored AC (don't work vs shield or DEX bonus)
  • Ignore shield: ignore shields or negate full defense shield bonus. 
  • Long reach: can attack from second row or can keep 1 character at far range imposing -2 (medium) or -4 (small) to hit. 
  • Pinning: can pin a opponent on a hit (no dmg). Opponent need to make a STR test to get free, attacker STR bonus act as a penalty. Pinned opponent count as being prone. 
  • Precise: aggressive stance give +2 to hit, +1AC. Add DEX to disarm. 
  • Receive charge
  • Riposte: Defensive: can attack once at -0 to hit when a opponent miss. Full defense: can attack once at -4 to hit when a opponent miss.
  • Slow: attack once by 2 rounds
  • Small: only receive -2 to hit when using two weapons.
  • Splinter shield: can try to splint a shield when miss by 1 (and on a hit if used as a call shot), or on a simple miss vs a defensive stance. 
  • Stuck: this weapon get stuck on a natural dmg roll of 4 or better. Unstucking: loose DEX AC & attack at -2 (Need STR test VS large opponents). Press wound: stun and do 1 dmg. 
  • Stun: -2 to hit next round and loose DEX AC bonus. Mauls stun on a natural dmg roll of 4 or better. 
  • Throwable: this weapon can be throw. 

  • Defensive stance: attack last at -2 to hit, -1AC. Full defense: no attack, -2AC
  • Aggressive stance: Precise: +2 to hit, +1AC. Brutal: +1 to hit, +1dmg, +2AC
  • Push back: take a stun or move back 1 step (2 steps for 2H wp)
  • Charge: +2AC / +2 dmg (can't be combined with stances). Force morale test. 
  • Disarm : -2 to hit. Roll wp DMG vs wp DMG. Highter : disarm. Tie:lock (as pinned). (Attacker add DEX or STR bonus)
  • Splinter shield: as disarm vs shield HD. 
  • Change wp: -2 to hit. Pick wp from ground: -4 to hit. 
  • Find item: 1d6 to 3d6 rnd / AC as from behind
  • Aiming: take 1 turn with no Dex AC bonus / give +4 to hit
  • Firing in melee: allies in melee make saving throw to avoid being the target. (+4 vs large opponents)
  • Mounted: +1 to hit / +1 to AC, -5 to hit with missiles (charge x2 dmg)
  • Running away: as from behind.
  • Retreat backward: ½ combat move (can attack)
Two weapon fighting (1 attack with each weapon)
  • Small & Small : -2/-2 to hit (when parrying, loose 1 attack, but don't add the -2 to hit)
  • Small & Medium : -2/-4 to hit (when parrying, loose 1 attack, but don't add the -2 to hit)

  • Characters die at -3 HP.
  • Natural 20 : destroy 1AC (or weapon / helm / shield) or take x2 dmg dice
  • Natural 1 : drop weapon or fall prone or hit friend (no STR bonus)
  • Stun: -2 to hit next round and loose DEX AC bonus.
  • From behind / prone / pinned: no shied & Dex mod / +2 to be hit (-4 to hit when standing up)
  • Helpless: automatic hit with full dmg.
  • Darkness: -6 to hit, and count as from behind.
  • Dim light (infravision) : -2 to hit.
  • Cover: -1/-2/-4/-6 AC


Jack Tremain said...

Im struggling with the same thing right now. Weapon tags, it seems that at a given point we all have to pass through it hahahaha

Evlyn said...

Hehe you reassure me. :P