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Spectral Hound Class

Spectral Hounds are warrior-mediums.
They can see ghost and can make alliance with them.
They manifest their soul as a ghost hound that shepherd the spirits of the deceased.

Requisite: STR 9, WIS 9, CHA 9
Prime requisite: WIS and CHA
Open to: human, elf, half-elf, half-orc
HD: as cleric
To Hit; as cleric
Saving Throw: as cleric
XP: as cleric
Weapons: short swords, staffs and spears
Armors: leather armors

Special abilities

Turn Ghosts
Can turn or command ghosts and non-corporeal undeads as a cleric of the same level.

Summon Ghosts
When near a grave or corpse, the medium can summon the spirits of the dead to speak with them. Use the turn undead table VS the HD of the deceased. On a turn result the medium can speak with the spirit of the dead. Make a reaction test to see how helpful the ghost is. On a destroyed result the medium receive 2 bonus points on their reaction test.
Ghost bounding.
The medium can bound a summoned ghost to herself. Use the cleric spell table to see how many ghost can be bound. Spell levels are ghost HD.
Exp a Labyrinth Lord level 3 Spectral Hound can bound two 1HD ghosts and one 2HD ghost.

Bound ghosts can be manifested for 1 turn (10 rounds) by HD.
Each round they can:
  • Spook: force a moral test.
  • Haunt: inflict a saving throw and to hit penalty equal to their HD.
  • Poltergeist: work as a invisible servitor.
  • Guard: fight other non-corporeal beings.
  • Lore: give advice.
Ghosts can only be unbound through a psychopompe test (see below).

Honoring the dead
Once you manifest a ghost you can't manifest it again until you spend time to honor the dead just like a cleric would pray to prepare his spells. When the medium honor the dead she speak with the ghosts, telling their live stories and listening to their complains.

Extrude ectoplasm
At level 3 the medium can manifest their bound ghosts as ectoplasms.
The medium choose a type of ectoplasm manifestation at level 3 and a new one each time they level up.

To manifest a ghost eactoplasm, the medium make a saving-throw vs Death. On a success everything is ok. On a fail the medium loose as many HP as the ghost HD.

Ectoplasmic spends spend the ghost HD permanently, once a ghost reach 0 HD it become too weak to manifest itself. Ectoplasms remain for 1 turn by HD of the ghost (before spentding).

Ectoplasms can form:
  • Armor: The ghost spend it HD to add to the medium's AC. The remaining HD of the ghost protect against level draining and are consumed instead of the medium's levels. 
  • Weapons: The ghost form a weapon doing d4 dmg that can hurt magical beings. The ghost can spend their HD to add: +1 to hit or +1 to dmg or to raise the WP damage die by one die step (up to d10).
  • Ectoplasmic bolts: the medium can vomit 1 ectoplasm bold for each HD of the ghost. Each ectoplasm bolt do 1d6 dmg and hit automatically, passing through materials.
  • Creature: form a ectoplasm creature that have 1 HD, AC12 and do d4 dmg. The ghost can spend their HD to add +1HD, +2AC or to step up their damage die. 
  • Veil: the ghost can veil the presence of the medium and grant it a stealth skill of 1 on a d6 plus 1 for each HD spend.
Shepherd the souls
Instead of resting or to honor the dead, the medium can act as a psychopompe and guide a spirit to their after life. To do so they must enter in a trance for four hours and make a reaction using their WIS bonus. The psychopompe journey will refresh the ghost HD, this is bad news if the test fail.

Psychopompe reaction (2d6 + WIS mod - how many HD the ghost have spent or lost)
  • 2 or less - The soul is lost and become a angry ghost, it gain a extra HD and will come back for revenge in d6 nights.
  • 3-4 - The ghost is trap in a delusion and will haunt the current location, trying to hinder the group. 
  • 5-6 - The ghost is stuck here for now and it learned something negative about their past. The ghost remain in service of the medium but become uncooperative. A new attempt can be made when the medium level up. 
  • 7-8 - The ghost is stuck here for now but it learned something positive about their past. The ghost remain in service of the medium. A new attempt can be made when the medium level up. 
  • 9-10 - The ghost reach the afterlife. 
  • 11 - The ghost reach the afterlife and reveal something important to the medium.
  • 12+ - The ghost reach the afterlife, it reveal something important and bless the medium (the medium gain two extra levels to make their next turn undead test) 
A ghost that reach the afterlife grant 100xp per HD to the group. 

Spectral Hound 
At level 5 the medium can manifest her soul as a ghost hound.
The medium must take a turn to enter into a state of meditation, then she must make a saving throw against Death. On a success she manifest her soul as ghost hound that share her HP and AC and who do 2d4 of spectral biting damage. Non magical corporeal attacks do half damages to her spectral HP.  The medium can maintain this form for 1 turn (10 rounds) by level.

On a failed save the medium is stuck in her trance for d6 turns, harrowed by angry shades. She may receive a vision of despair that reveal a dangerous haunting or a future threat.

The medium can also manifest her ghost hound when she reach 0 hit points.

While in ectoplasmic form, a medium will usually leave a few of their ghosts in guard duty to protect their defenseless body.

If her ectoplasmic form is destroyed, the medium is violently projected back into her body, she is shaken and will receive a two levels penalty for her next turn undead test. 

If the medium's body die while she is manifesting her soul, she will fade away in a number of days equal to her level. If she is filled with negative emotions, she may remain as a dark hound.

Starting Ghost
A level one Spectral Hound start with a random bound ghost of 1 HD
This ghost is the spirit of ... (d6)

  1. a ancestor (+1 to the reaction test) 
  2. a family member (+1 to the reaction test) 
  3. a friend or lover (+2 to the reaction test) 
  4. a child (not related to the medium) 
  5. a stranger 
  6. a foe (-1 to the reaction test) 

Make a reaction test to establish the relation between the medium and the ghost.

Generic Ghosts
Simple stats for generic ghosts:

  • They have AC as leather armor
  • Non magical corporeal weapons are useless against their spectral form. 
  • In spectral form they can inflict dice roll penalties equal to their HD. 
  • Non magical corporeal weapons do half damages against their ectoplasmic form.
  • In ectoplasmic form, ghosts can ignore armors and inflict d6 damage on a hit. 
  • If their ectoplasmic form is destroyed, they reform d6 nights later. 

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