Saturday, May 23, 2020

Silver Hairs

Place these rumors around a village near a forest.
Most of them are true but some may be false.
  1. If you watch carefully you can find silvery hairs entangled in tree branches.
  2. The silver hairs fall on the ground and make things grow better.
  3. Sometimes the silver hairs make you dream if you touch them. 
  4. There is silver dust in the wind, on a windy day you can taste it in your mouth.
  5. I have seen a grey feary in the woods, it was very shy. 
  6. The silver hairs came after the night of the shooting stars. 
  7. The hairs made little Briel sick, now she have silvery eyes and is blind. 
  8. Old man Harry collect hairs to study them in his shack, he is a bit crazy. 
  9. Sansa's wife say that the hairs are from a angel who live in woods.
  10. Sansa say that the angel in the woods healed her dog.  
  11. Farmer Pete say that he received a message from the sky, he barely make sense. 
  12. People say that Noam the miller maried a grey faery, I saw his silver wedding ring. 
  13. Hunter Mika have seen a huge silver rock floating in the woods, it must be worth a lot of coins.
  14. There is a odd man at the inn, he is paying to hear stories about the hairs. 
  15. Some farms have been raided by a band of marauders. 
  16. The marauders want to capture the angel, they trapped a grey faery to use as bait. 
  17. I saw something glow in the old barn of widow Vilma. 
  18. Bradley say that the stars move at night, he is building a thing to look at the sky. 
  19. Mirel's gave birth a few day ago, Luva say that her baby have silver eyes.
  20. My niece told me that she dreamed about a silver kid, I saw one in my dreams too. 

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Goblinist said...

It's like a benevolent version of "The Colour out of Space".