Friday, April 10, 2020

Pomeranian Character Class

Pomeranian Character Class
XP as rogues
HD: d4
To hit: as fighters
Weapons: any (d4 dmg for one handed wp, d6 for two handed wp)
Armors: any
Saves: as halflings

  • Small but vicious: +1 to hit and dmg and AC against larger creatures (human sized or larger).  
  • Territorial: barking loudly at the start of a encounter force a foe to make a ML test. On a fail the foe back away and lose the initiative. 
  • Alert: Sense trouble on 1-4 on a d6. They must bark loudly for d6 rounds on a pass.  
  • Enthusiastic: when failing a attribute test they become over exited and reroll, on a fail they cause some extra trouble in their excitement. 
  • Fluffy: they get a bonus point to reaction tests when they don't bark. 
  • Spiteful around nobles: being often owned by nobles, free Pomeranian distrust them and get a point of reaction penalty against them or when one is part of the group as their mood get grumpy. 


Christopher Mennell said...

Love this! Can’t wait to use them in my next game!

Thomas N said...

Love it! Sharing with my Significant other right now. Also. Love the character drawings! Keep up the great work! :)

Unknown said...

Sent to me by a friend who knows how committed I am to the breed. Now to show my gamemaster! Thanks!