Monday, April 6, 2020

Mythos entity generator

I wrote a mythos entity generator.
You can quickly generate a entity with the automated generator I crafted on Perchance:

Or you can do it with dice:

The entity is [TRAIT] and [TRAIT].
It reacts to [STIMULI].

The entity is [ACTION]
to [GOAL].

A [PERSON] has been in contact with the entity
and is now [REACTION].

Tore used the generator to write a entity for his blog: Dorzad, the Parasite Redeemer.
(If you create one, share your interpretation of the result or a link in the comment)

TRAITS (d30)
  1.   fractal in nature
  2.   immaterial
  3.   mineral
  4.   hyper dense 
  5.   impervious to weapons 
  6.   a colony
  7.   small
  8.   gigantic 
  9.   invisible 
  10.   toxic
  11.   shapeless 
  12.   tentacular 
  13.   immobile 
  14.   fibrous
  15.   exist in a different time 
  16.   parasitic 
  17.   symbiotic
  18.   partly real
  19.   made of energy
  20.   fleshy
  21.   slowly awakening
  22.   crawling 
  23.   blind
  24.   fluid
  25.   {foul|sweet}-smelling
  26.   biomechanical
  27.   multi-eyed
  28.   fossilized
  29.   bending {light|space|time|matter}
  30.   radioactive 

  1.   light 
  2.   fire
  3.   heat
  4.   sound
  5.   a specific mineral 
  6.   water
  7.   emotions
  8.   electricity 
  9.   radio waves
  10.   radiation
  11.   wounds
  12.   incantations 
  13.   odors 
  14.   cold 
  15.   alchemical compounds 
  16.   a specific virus 
  17.   a alien material
  18.   patterns 
  19.  cells 
  20.  thoughts 

ACTION (d20)
  1.   growing
  2.   sporing 
  3.   splitting
  4.   sending visions 
  5.   emitting {radio|micro|sound} waves
  6.   producing biomatter
  7.   assembling minerals 
  8.   manipulating time, light, memories, 
  9.   infecting matter 
  10.   secreting matter
  11.   cloning biomatter 
  12.   consuming matter
  13.   mimicking life forms
  14.   mutating life forms
  15.   spawning organisms 
  16.  digesting and assembling minerals
  17.  laying eggs
  18.  chanting incantations
  19.  draining {body water|blood|fat tissues|body minerals|spinal fluids}
  20.  grafting biomechanical materials

GOAL (d30)
  1.   communicate with {us|a other entity|a Great Old One|the Outer Gods}
  2.   heal {us|a other entity|itself|a Great Old One}
  3.   reproduce {itself|us|a Great Old One}
  4.   migrate to a new {world|time|reality}
  5.   worship {us|a Great Old One|the Outer Gods}
  6.   feed {us|a other entity|a Great Old One|the Outer Gods|itself}
  7.   understand {us|our plane of reality|our time line}
  8.   record {our specie|our reality|our time line|our civilization|our biosphere}
  9.   protect itself from {us|our reality|a other entity|a Great Old One|the Outer Gods|time dilatation}
  10.   {build|repair} a {weapon|portal|spaceship|communicator} 
  11.   end it eternal existence 
  12.   teach us {it language|it history|it science|it religion|a technology|the nature of the universe}
  13.   preserve a record of {it language|it history|it science|it religion|it technology}
  14.   prepare a {landing site|nursery}
  15.   help us to evolve 
  16.   find a {copy of itself|a mate|other entity|gate|Great Old One}
  17.   seal a {copy of itself|other entity|gate|Great Old One|reality breach}
  18.   summon a {copy of itself|other entity|Great Old One|the Outer Gods}
  19.   terraform our world
  20.   preserve {it biosphere|itself|a copy of itself|it civilisation}
  21.   mature into a new life stage
  22.   make food reserves {to hybernate|for it future spawns}
  23.   proselytize the gospel of the Outer Gods
  24.   prepare to go into hybernation
  25.   repair {reality|a space-time distortion|a time paradox|it specie|our specie|a Great Old One}
  26.   open a gate to {it homeworld|a alien city|a different time line|the prison of a Great Old One|a other dimension|the Great Library of Celeano|a alien archeological site}
  27.  connect things with {us|a other entity|a Great Old One|the Outer Gods|itself}
  28.  recover a artifact 
  29.  run a complex simulation 
  30. build a colony

PERSON (d30)
  1.   religious person
  2.   scholar 
  3.   local worker
  4.   small group of {children|women|men|teenagers|elders}
  5.   teacher
  6.   homeless person 
  7.   hermit 
  8.   investigator 
  9.   conman
  10.   drunkyard 
  11.   junkie
  12.   hunter
  13.   mailman
  14.   farmer
  15.   doctor
  16.   veterinary
  17.   veteran
  18.   artist
  19.   escaped convict
  20.   reporter
  21.   inspector
  22.   exterminator
  23.   cop
  24.   husband
  25.   student
  26.   engineer
  27.   medium
  28.   librarian
  29.   couple
  30.   activist

  1.   afraid of going back there
  2.   worried for someone
  3.   terrified of someone
  4.   dead
  5.   hiding a mutation
  6.   hiding a artifact
  7.   trying to communicate with it
  8.   traumatized 
  9.   seeing things
  10.   crafting strange things
  11.   trying to record everything
  12.   trying to warn people
  13.   trying to destroy it
  14.   trying to protect it
  15.   hiding a sample
  16.   worshiping it
  17.   in self quarantine
  18.   behaving strangely
  19.   mumbling strange words
  20.   painting strange patterns
  21.   obsessed about it
  22.   deep in conspirations theories
  23.   trying to find help
  24.   afraid of people
  25.   paranoiac 
  26.   drawing a star map
  27.   sculpting idols
  28.   having nightmares
  29.   sick
  30.   sleepwalking 
  31.   taking someone hostage
  32.   suspected of murder
  33.   poisoning the water
  34.   missing
  35.   speaking a strange language
  36.   blind
  37.   mute
  38.   deaf
  39.   insomniac
  40.   hoarding things
  41.   digging holes
  42.   trying to draw it
  43.   trying to feed it
  44.   a mathematical genius
  45.   wearing strange clothes and amulets
  46.   writing a book
  47.  arming themself
  48.  modifying their house
  49.  trying to learn magic
  50.  different person


Mathieu Tremblay said...

The entity is small and mineral. It reacts to odours. The entity is digesting and assembling minerals to repair reality. A small group of women has been in contact with the entity and is now crafting strange things.

Dyson Logos said...

This is fabulous. I've got a dozen Cthulhu adventures churning through my mind now.

Tamás Kisbali said...

This is awesome! Entity AND potential adventure hook!

"The entity is fluid and symbiotic.
It reacts to water.
The entity is infecting matter to help us to evolve.
A small group of women has been in contact with the entity and is now trying to record everything."