Friday, January 27, 2017

Goblin Phoners

Goblin Phoners always show up when adventurers try to focus on something, like picking a lock, resting or studying spells. They talk loudly on their totemic phones about boring business or personal stuff.

They install their offices were you are and after a few calls other goblins show up to deliver useless stuff and to seem busy doing nothing useful.

Trying to listen to their conversations ask for a saving throw to avoid the effect of a confusion spell (see conversations). 

If you try to talk to them they simply ignore you. If you antagonize them they let you know that you are clearly bothering them. If you start a fight they can dial spells on their totemic phone.

Goblin Phoners (1d6) [AL C, MV 60’ (20’), AC 6, HD 1 -1, #AT 1 (special), THAC0: 19, SV 0 human, ML 7

Special abilities:
  • Make a phone call (free of charge the first time): summon 1d6 goblins after 1d6 rounds. 
  • Teleport (cost 2 phone charges): teleport self or other to a random dungeon location. 
  • Putting you on hold (cost 1 phone charge): cast hold person spell. 
  • 911 (cost 2 phone charge): attract a random dungeon encounter that have to listen to the goblin complains. Will leave after 1 turn if the goblin is not in danger.
  • Its for you (cost 1 phone charge): cast charm for 2d6 rounds if the character take the call. 
  • Conference call (cost 1 phone charge): summon 2d6 goblins and 1 random dungeon encounter to a specific dungeon location. Everyone arrive after 1d6 turns. The summoned goblins try to look busy. The random dungeon encounter look confused. 
Phone charges: 
totem phones use the goblins ML as their phone charges. To recharge their ML the goblins have to do goblin stuff, they recharge 1d6 charges each time the adventurer take the time to rest. Sometime they also use totemic chargers that they have to plug right were the characters are. A totemic charger recharge 1d6 charges by turn before burning up (cause 1d4 electricity dmg). 

If you pick up a totemic phone you can use your HP as charges. 1 charge cost 2 HP. 
(4 HP if you have a bad relation with the goblin's totems). 


If someone is foolish enough to listen to a goblin conversation (save vs confusion spell) or to take a phone call (save vs charm person) roll a d10 on the conversation table:
  1. The call is about some goblin business or project in the dungeon. It is possible to get some gold by getting involved. Naturally goblin business and projects are a lot of trouble. (This involve 1d6 gp (or 1d6x10gp for big or risky projects) by round of conversation. 
  2. The call is about personal goblins matters. Helping the poor goblin's situation can grant a goblin contact or henchmen. But goblins matters are very complicated (and confusing)!
  3. The call is gossip about a monster or a encounter.
  4. The call is gossip about a treasure or magical item. 
  5. The call is gossip about a dungeon room or trap. 
  6. The call is gossip about a NPC party or one of the PC. 
  7. The call is about goblin politics, you have a big headache (-1 to saves until rest) but you can use this to get +1 reaction bonus with goblins.  
  8. The call is about goblin nerdy tech, you have a bigger headache (-2 to saves until rest) but you can use this for a one shot boost to your find/remove trap skill or to get a clue about a puzzle. 
  9. The call is about goblin cooking, that involve the effect of a random potion and 2d6 ingredients. Asking the goblin to repeat the ingredients just get more confusing... 
  10. The call is with a goblin totem, spirit or deity. The entity ask for a Quest and grant a blessing on accepting and a curse on refusal. Accomplishing the Quest grant a additional reward. Ignore the blessing or the curse if someone is just listening to the conversation. 

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