Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tattooed Old Whale totem

You can look for the Tattooed Old Whale to add a tattoo to the world memory or to get initiated.
To get initiated the Old Whale have to eat you up, then it will throw you up in the spirit world. If you survive, the whale will transfer one of it tattoo to you. Each tattoo give you a ancestral memory and power. The old whale can walk on the land on two feet or swim in the water as a whale. It is possible to hunt and to kill the old whale to eat it flesh to gain dangerous magical power. This is a hard feat since the whale is powerful and it can summon it tattoo against it foes. But this evil deed happened in the past and brought a time of no memories on the world until someone started to tattoo a whale stranded on a beach. The stranded whale remember to walk on two legs and became the new tattooed whale. To prevent the world from falling again into no memory time, this old whale started to distribute it tattoos to worthy men and woman.

You can write a random table of ancestral memories and powers if a player character want to get initiated.

EDIT: some ancestral memories written by Benjamin B.:
1. A memory of biting hunger, felt in the belly, felt in the itchy skin, of scurvy and whispering in the dark, seductive madness, and then the gift of meat, the hot liver of one you loved, given freely, their marrow to sustain you, the kin killing taboo washed away clean by the sacrifice of the one who's love for you eclipsed fear.  You can taste them on your tongue, their blood.  While marked, you never grow physically hungry, and if your share it willingly, your blood can heal those who drink it, hit point for hit point  

2. A memory of pain, the gnawing cold of a walrus tusk in your thigh, broken off.  Pull it free, and bleed.  Leave it, and death will come, maybe slower.  No moss to stuff the wound, no fire to seal it, no bitter Spring herbs to chew to stop the pain, no chewed green pulp to stop the fester.  And yet, it is the memory of pain, is it not?  A memory within a memory, as you walk, limping, your heavy hand held tight by the tiny child's beside you.  While marked, you walk with a limb and -5 speed, but your hit points are doubled 

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