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Incomplete elven campaign setup.

Some notes for a LOTFP elven campaign where all the players play elves.

Basic premise:
  • The world was dying and the elves walled themselves in mighty magical citadels (kind of like the caerns in Earthdawn). 
  • Centuries passed and the world changed. 
  • The citadels lost contact witch each others. 
  • Older elves are falling into a eternal sleep (instead of going west to retire from the world). 
  • The players characters are the first elves to ventures outside their citadel.   
  • Their goal is to find the other elven citadels to establish contact with them.
  • The lost citadels have become adventuring locations and dangerous dungeons to explore. 
The world:
  • The world renewed itself and is now mainly covered by a endless forest. 
  • Monsters and beasts have changed.
  • Great beasts play the role of dragons.  
  • Humans are the new orcs and menace the emerging races. 
  • Halflings are slaves owned by humans.
  • Dwarfs turned bad before vanishing.  
  • New races emerges to replace the old ones. 

Since we have only one character class (elf) we need something to have more character variety.
  • Each character is from a randomly rolled noble house.
  • Each character receive a background that determine their starting skills and gear. 
  • Characters gain 1 skill point at level 3, 5, 7 and 9. 
Noble houses:
  • Roll a level one spell for your house. Your house is build around this spell, the other houses can't roll, choose or learn this spell (but characters can learn it from a scroll from a adventure). 
  • Roll a signature weapon or armor for your house. You start with a elven quality item of this type. 
  • Roll a specialty skill for your house. You start with +1 in this skill.   
  • Roll a random type of hireling for your house. Your can easily hire above average hirelings of this type. 
  • Roll a random patron animal for your house. You can speak the language of your patron animal and you receive a 1 point bonus for your reaction tests with them. 
  • Roll a random attribute for your house. House members roll 4d6 (take 3 best) to determine this attribute. (not sure about this one) 
  • Roll a random background (stuff like ranger, shield maiden, healer, etc), each background give +1 in one skill and determine your starting gear. 
  • This replace rolling starting money and shopping for starting equipment. 
New characters:
  • When you create a replacement character you may choose to come from a already established house or to create a new house. (So dying bring the opportunity of creating a new house). 
New skill: Songs.
  • The songs skill start at 2 (1 +1 for being a elf). 
  • Songs work like a lore skill. Elves can sing songs to remember ancient lore about things. 
  • Elven songs are elaborate living things, you can learn something different each time you sing a song. 
  • Songs are about unique locations, events, characters, monsters, items and deity. 
  • On a success you know a song about a subject. You now get +1 to your skill each time you sing that song.
  • Songs can also be discovered and learned (like spell scrolls). 
  • Each character start with two random songs, one related to their house, one related to their background. 
New skill: healing (since there is no clerical spells).
  • The healing skill start at 2 (1 +1 for being a elf).
  • You can use your healing skill in the turn after a battle to heal a character. (you get -1 if your are trying to heal yourself). 
  • On a successful test heal 1 hp if you have no healing gear, d3 if you have bandages, d4 if you have elven bandages, d6 if you have healing herbs and d8 if you have a healing potion. 
  • On a failed test remove two step from your healing die. (d8>d6>d4>d3>1>0) 
  • Bandages, herbs and potions can be buy at the characters's citadel. (herbs and potions are quite expensive).
  • A second skill test can be made at the end of the day if the character rest for a day (in addition of any natural healing). 
Experience Points:
  • Earn XP for bringing back lost treasures of the old world. 
  • Earn XP for bringing lore about the new world.
  • Earn XP for learning new songs. 
  • Earn XP for defeating monsters as usual. 

The Lost Citadels:
  • The group start with a map with the location their citadel and 3 other citadels. 
  • The map depict the ancient world, so everything have changed. It can be fun to create contrast or link between the ancient names and what the group encounter. 
  • Each citadel is randomly generated with random tables.
  • Roll on the First elven inhabitant table.
  • Roll on the Something weird happened table.
  • Roll on the Who survived table (and check how they changed).
  • Ron on the Who or what moved in table.
  • Check if something weirder happened. 
  • Check if someone still survived this new event (and check how they changed).
  • Reroll on the Who or what moved in table. 
  • Create treasures for each group that inhabited the citadel.
  • Place clues towards new citadels and new adventuring locations. 
I also noted something about the elven seasons:
  • Winter: ivory, meditation, beautiful magic automatons. 
  • Spring: green, spreading, dryad creatures, great beasts. 
  • Summer: yellow, madness, insects & flowers. 
  • Automn: red, mourning, undead, cardinal birds. 

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