Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cryptic dungeon notes

While looking through my papers this morning I found those dungeon notes, but I don't remember what they were for.
(In fact I don't quite remember writing them).

  • Quiet armadillo people work on illusions. 
  • Magnetic puzzle room: lead to canvas and illusions brushes. 
  • Dirty pool of water (used to wash the brushes) and decolored vegetation.
  • Stream that flow in the interstice between rooms. 
  • Illusion smugglers (small sized) loading a boat through a small secret door. 
  • Time burning trap mesmerising repetitive task. 
  • Communication cube, broken.
  • Dressing room, confusing clothes.
  • Second magnetic puzzle room. 
  • A big cat give +1 saving throw. 
  • Lost memory room: lost one dream. 
  • Empty corridors. 
  • Sick bay

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