Monday, January 27, 2020

How to wear your magical scarf

Magic items could have different effects depending on how you wear or use them, for example:

Think about a magical sword, it could have different effect when you:
  • Hold it in your hand
  • Keep it in your scabbard
  • When you draw it 
  • Hold it close to your chest
  • When it taste blood
  • When you strike it in the ground
  • When you pray over it
  • When it break (or when a other blade strike it) 

Jewelry can have depending effect depending of:
  • how you wear them
  • where you wear them (neck, ankle, wrist for necklace) 
  • when they are in their jewelry box
  • when you hold them in your hand 
  • if wear them for a specific event 
  • when you wear them with a other item

It could be fun to experiment with this.


shutteredroom said...

Always brilliant.

susanbrindle said...

I like this post a lot because it combines a good game idea (magic items with modes) with a cute idea (fashion!!!)

Anonymous said...

isnt there something called an infinity scarf - whats that about?

Unknown said...

Arnold K said...

I love this blog post. It's an intersection of a few things that you don't quite see in D&D. Fashion, magic clothes that change depending on how you wear them.

Xaosseed said...

This is awesome, I like it a lot - the flexibility is very cool - allow generalists to be generalists and adapt to their circumstances.

Evlyn said...

Thanks everyone for you comment, I wish I did not had to moderate the spambots so that discussions would feel more fluid.