Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Evey's book about scarabs magic

If you missed it, check out Evey’s publication about scarabs magic.
Look Beyond the Angry Eye of God, Heathen is available as pay what you want on One book shelve:

Evey is one of the voices that I hope people will nurture in this new hopeful cycle of old school gaming. She is a bit gross at time (her alignment being cute-gross) but she is also very sensitive and 
her raw and vibrant art is constantly mutating and evolving. 

Remember my old campaign concept about playing a coven of witches using only a specific set of spells? You could totally play that with a coven of witches who secretly studies the books of scarabs. Or if you prefer something more fantasy, the scarabs magic coud be a good fit to use with the Spinetooth Oasis.

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Jason said...

Spinetooth Oasis looks great, thanks for that - also fits in with the Hill Cantons stuff we've been playing.