Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Magical Cloaks

Some Magical Cloaks:

Cloak of Cartography: once a day, carefully put your cloak on a floor and after d6 turns a map of the area will draw itself inside your cloak. 

Cloak of the Seamstress: magically repair itself, it can also project a swarm of sewing needles that can fix any clothes and can once by encounter inflict d6 damage to a target and hinder it by wrapping and sewing threads on it (-4 to all actions). 

Cloak of the Smith: give + 4 to save against fire. The cloak accumulate heat while working in the forge, afterward it can be used to cast heat metal affecting one target per two hours of uninterrupted work. (Exp.: working 12h in the forge enable you to affect 6 targets) 

Cloak of Dreams: make your dreams vivid. Each morning tell us about what you dreamed, you can later summon a element of your dream as a illusion that last 2d6 turns. If you ever physically travel in the Dreamworld it become a cloak of protection +2.

Cloak of the Librarian: the cloak work as a bag of holding for books, upon request a skeletal hand emerge from the cloak, d6 rounds later, with the appropriate book. When asking for a book that was never put into the cloak, there is 2 chance on a d6 that the cloak already have that book. (-1 for rare ones, +1 for common ones). Books must be returned 2 weeks later or the cloak will refuse to give out any more books. The cloak give +2 reactions when asking someone to be quiet. 

Cloak of the Cat: there is a strange cat that live (well more exactly sleep) in that cloak, the cat look different for each person who wear the cloak. Once per day you can ask the cat for a service, roll a reaction roll, the result will tell you how well the cat accomplish or sabotage your request. Complex and difficult tasks may impose a reaction penalty of dramatic proportion. A dirty or wet cloak also impose severe penalties. When asked to fight, on a very good reaction the cat can turn into a panther. If killed, the cat will respawn in the cloak d6 nights later. Asking for tasks impossible for a cat (like dethroning the king) make the cat yawn and sleep for an hour, dreaming it is accomplishing the task.


Goblinist said...

I am both terrified and fascinated by the Seamstress Cloak.

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