Sunday, November 1, 2020


I spookyfied the OSE (Old School Essentials) Level 1 random table using some Halloween keywords. 
I rolled an Halloween flavor for each entries and I mixed the results to create Halloween themed variants of these level 1 encounters.  

Halloween flavors table (d12) 
  1. bat|vampire
  2. crow|scarecrow
  3. witch|cat
  4. ghost
  5. skeleton|zombie
  6. pumpkin|turnip|lantern
  7. owl|alien
  8. demon
  9. monstrosity
  10. candy|masked
  11. twisted tree|dead leafs 
  12. patchwork bodyparts 
  1. Acolytes of the Black Cat (cultists who use a living black cat as a holy symbol)  
  2. Scracrow Bandits (remain still until the ambush) 
  3. Balefire Beetles (greenish flames) 
  4. Bat Dwarfs (molerat like dwarfs who eat metal and use echolocation) 
  5. Vampire's Gnomes (thralls of a subterrean vampire)
  6. Skeleton headed Goblins (cackle a lot) 
  7. Shambling pile of rotting leaves (Green Slime but as a mass of decomposing leaves)
  8. Halfling's monstrosity (an hairy giant foot with eyes, who smell tobacco) 
  9. Murdered hornets (Ghosts of giant hornets ) 
  10. Twisted Roots Gecko (unded gecko with roots that grow inside them) 
  11. Dead leaves orcs (orcs who use dead leaves as camouflage cloaks)  
  12. Pumpkin Shrews (glowing shreews who live in giant pumpkins) 
  13. Kobolds disguised as (roll a d12 on this table) 
  14. Bone caged demon (tiny demon caged in a skeleton's ribcage)  
  15. Witch Snake (human headed snake, witch's familiar)  
  16. Cotton Candy Spider (colorful "tim burtonesque" spider who weave suggary webs) 
  17. Crows Sprites (sprites riding crows) 
  18. Alien Stirges (stirge faced grey humanoids who drink blood)    
  19. Bodyparts Traders (buy, sell and stiches used body parts) 
  20. Masked Wolves (wolves being controlled by weird masks) 

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Michael Lee said...

It's a shame nobodys said how spoopy this is. Thanks for putting it up! :)