Monday, May 14, 2018

Unidentified creature

I asked people on G+ what are these creatures and I compiled their answers.
  • The march of the tuba tulips. Resist their dance if you can.
  • Skyns- waiting to slip onto a host humanoid.
  • They are Komaedians (I had a director who used to say that comedians are tubes : in those tubes you can put emotions to play true characters...) So, the komaedians are creatures who are feeding of emotions (fear, sadness, anger...). When they devore all the emotions of someone, they can take the shape of the victim and the victim falls totally apathetic. 
  • Bugles(tm) golems.
  • These gentile creatures are a vital part of the pond ecology in the desert of a thousand oases.
  • Through their long, tubelike arms they draw water up from a pool, two or three draining one in under an hour. They consume befouling creatures and any dung that may have tainted the pool, and seed it with sand-fairies and fast-growing fern spores over the next day’s travels, and then deposit the purified and enlivened water in a different pond basin by burrowing into the bed and letting that waters rise out of their funnel-shaped “heads.” It’s estimated that nearly a third of the water in the desert is in transit at any given time. Harming them is taboo in the local culture, and and that are killed release a sudden flood and riotous growth. More than one adventuring party has been caught in the sudden deluge, nearly drowned, choked by fern-vines, and left bound to dry up in the desert as the water disappears into the sand. Rumors: sometimes they will burry themselves without releasing their full water load, and then turn an area suddenly to quicksand. We’re not sure what they do with those who can’t escape, but caerns of carefully (but not...accurately) arranges bones are sometimes found. Rumors: it is said that if the proper gift is given, and the proper song sung, one can be convinced to give out a small portion of healing water before completing its journey. How does it pour out this largeness? Rumors: it is said the Red Bandit made a sport of harassing the creatures, and once killed three in a week. For the next month, every watering hole they visited dried up as they were approaching, and many of his followers died of desert madness. 
  • Man-eating plants or plant-eating humans.
  • They are the Fallopians. They're mischievous sprites that use their charms to encourage romantic attraction, unplanned sex, and the failure of birth control mechanisms.
  • Artery abhumans grown from cloned artery tissue long ago and gone wild
  • Audiovores
  • In the TNG episode where everyone gets addicted to the video games, those are the creatures in the video game. They are a form of non-biological life that subsists on eating the energy from those discs in the game.
  • They are the Cacophonist's Stormtubas. After sound was created, the Cacophonist (who went by a different name then) could not leave well enough alone. The universe could emit more sounds! better sounds! Continuous sounds! And so it started to transform a resisting world. These days the Cacophonist is waging loud war, and the stormtubas are  its vanguard. They come blaring and bleating over the hills, their attack-polka striking fear in anyone but the tone deaf and the angels of Quiet, the Cacophonist's surest foes. 
  • Before a Beholder fully matures, they gambol about in these meat-suit onesies 
  • Parsnip Spirits :)
  • Spiral walkers (Uzumaki!)  
  • They are Lurth-opus, creatures from other dimensions that seek rational humanoids to wear as theis bodies. They will, after taking control of a body, feed from their nutrients and brain activity until they die, after that they will dispose of that flesh and seek another. If dealt with and correctly put on a stupor, but not killed, the creatures may become a powerful armor, that grants a brain damaging wave of power and some dimensional travel capabilities.
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