Friday, October 6, 2017

Death is the New Pink sketchbook drawings

Some random drawings I made from my sketchbook inspired by Death is the New Pink.
Jelly Walker, First of Furry Puppies Nany and Trailer Park Axe Puppies.

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Evlyn said...

"Jelly Walker
BAD 10, DSS 14, MOXY 6, HP 10, AP 3
Jelly Walkers are terrible creatures that ruin even the best PB&J! Jars of jelly that have sat on shelves for the decades (or has it been centuries?) since the world fell have grown sour and become full of hatred. When a Meat Bag opens these jars of jelly, they must succeed a MOXY save or be enticed to eat the entire thing! Each day the Meat Bag must make a BAD save or suffer 1d10 BAD damage as the Jelly Walker consumes their insides. Once a Meat Bag’s BAD reaches 0, their flesh dissolves and the Jelly Walker rises from the skeletal remains. The creature’s sticky pseudopods cause the skeleton’s hands and legs to move, like a creepy marionette. A Jelly Walker can attack with its tongue of a thousand jelly flavors (1d6 damage and the target must succeed a DSS save to avoid becoming coated in sticky jelly and stuck to the ground). A Jelly Walker will swallow stuck targets and digest them in their stomach. Jelly Walkers are capable of climbing vertical surfaces and love hiding in corners to spring attacks on fleshy, super-tasty Meat Bags!"