Thursday, October 29, 2015

The City of a thousand bath houses

There is a labyrinthine city build around a thousand bath houses and a magical source of water.

Roll on those tables to generate the bath houses and to link them together.

TABLE 1: Bath house foundations
  1. Natural flooded caves. 
  2. Ancient constructions, vestiges of a older city. 
  3. Newly converted building (roll on table 1a).
  4. New construction build by a avant-garde architect.
TABLE 1a: converted building
  1. Temple or noble house (forgotten religion or noble house) 
  2. Bridge or tower or fortifications (defended against forgotten dangers) 
  3. Theater or arena (decorated with forgotten plays or champions) 
  4. Market or guild house (forgotten trade or craft)  
TABLE 2: administration
  1. Private (often noble) 
  2. Cooperative (run by citizens) 
  3. City official ( can be the city guard) 
  4. Guild (choose a trade or craft) 
  5. Temple (lawful, neutral or chaotic) 
  6. Mysterious (supernatural) 

TABLE 3: staff
  1. Youth / old people
  2. Blinds / mutes / disabled 
  3. Males / Females
  4. Single / Betrothed 
  5. Free artisans / Slaves 
  6. Nude / Wear special clothes 
  7. Well trained to protect the bath house
  8. Roll twice on this table or roll on table 3a
TABLE 3a: special staff
  1. Blessed
  2. Cursed
  3. Charmed
  4. Possessed 
  5. Invisible / never seen 
  6. Non humans
  7. Animated statues 
  8. A single creature  

TABLE 4: one of the bath grant a magical boon... (until next bathing, falling in water & rain count as a bathing) 
  1. blessing (as level d6 cleric or a special blessing linked to a divinity) 
  2. remove curses & cure diseases (permanent effect)
  3. heal wounds & damaged attributes (permanent effect)
  4. boost one attribute by one bonus step (randomly determined) 
  5. boost hit points by one hit die 
  6. boost one type of saving throw by 4 points 
  7. boost armor class by 1 point 
  8. grant useful visions near water 
  9. cast a spell on someone or something (determine one random spell of level d4 or d6)  
  10. Roll two time on this table but also roll on table 4b
TABLE 4a: if you... 
  1. bath during the rising or setting of the sun or moon or a star 
  2. mix blood in the bath (at least a total of d6 dmg) 
  3. chant a secret a difficult chant 
  4. bath with poisonous jellyfishes 
  5. bath with a special magical fish or water bird 
  6. use a special and rare perfume 
  7. have sex in the bath
  8. drink moon milk that affect your personality 
  9. consume a dangerous drug 
  10. roll twice on this table 
TABLE 4b: but you... (until next magical bathing) 
  1. are cursed (as level d6 cleric or a special curse linked to a divinity) 
  2. risk drowning or poisoning 
  3. loose a bonus step in one attribute
  4. loose one hit die (minimum 1 hp) 
  5. get a penalty of 3 in one type of saving throw
  6. get a penalty of 1 AC point 
  7. get nightmarish visions near water  
  8. attract a type of supernatural creatures 
  9. Switch gender
  10. Gain a obvious physical marking or non human trait 

TABLE 5: the bath house is linked by labyrinthine passages to a... 
  1. bath house build on natural caves foundations
  2. bath house build on ancient constructions
  3. bath house build in a newly converted building 
  4. bath house of avant-garde architecture 
  5. noble or private house  
  6. guild house or market 
  7. place of entertainement
  8. place of knowledge
  9. sacred or public place
  10. natural cave or forgotten ancient city vestiges
  11. architectural cistern or water conduit or source  
  12. To d3+1 places (roll d10 on this table to determine their natures)
TABLE 5a: random encounters while travelling between two linked places
d12 (going to bath or looking for something or someone) 
  1. strangers or adventurers 
  2. city guards 
  3. guild members 
  4. nobles 
  5. priest(ess) or religious devots 
  6. kids or very old person 
  7. shady people or criminals 
  8. outcasts
  9. bath house staff 
  10. members of a non human race 
  11. someone needing help (roll a d10 on this table)
  12. creatures or monster that haunt the dark (or work at a bath house) 

TABLE 6: special details or events
  1. one bath is polluted or corrupted and need to be cleansed or blessed 
  2. one bath is being redecorated by a strange artist 
  3. one bath is dedicated to a special event or ceremony 
  4. one of the baths is forbidden to some type of people 
  5. someone was murdered in one bath 
  6. a miracle happened in one bath
  7. one of the staff of the bath house know one of the PC
  8. one of the people bathing know one of the PC 
  9. one of the bath house staff is missing (or sick)
  10. someone seem strangely out of place or forgot something odd or strange. 
  11. the bath granting boons is hidden behind a secret or locked door
  12. the bath granting boons is protected by a secret trap
  13. guards (or a single creature) are protecting the bath granting boons
  14. the bath house administration is changing for a new one 
  15. the bath house also offer exotic products or services 
  16. the staff change at night (roll on table 3)
  17. strange or occult paintings or ceramics in some of the rooms 
  18. a map or a message have been carved in one the rooms 
  19. exotic decorations with special effects (lights, illusions, perfumes) 
  20. A supernatural creature haunt this place 

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