Thursday, September 24, 2015

Strange Schools of Magic

"... some the formal Schools of the Magicae Schola, some the loose traditions of strange lands and the lost magics of ghost realms the Wizard learned during his long and storied life."  

  1. Blood Trance Music of the Holy Mountain
  2. Black Root Witches Scatochemy
  3. Salty Dream Teasing 
  4. Reformed Devil's Bone Brutalist
  5. Needle Song Poetry
  6. Shadow Scrimshaw Whispers
  7. Self Loathing Throat Singing 
  8. Cthonic Impressionism Rune-Romping
  9. Web-weaving Psychoanalysis
  10. Red Shiver Illustration 
  11. Flaming Skullbat Regurgitation 
  12. Envious Toad Soul Licking 
  13. The Seven Daily Chores Rhymes
  14. Greater Scantron Mathematic 
  15. Unspeakable Love True Murmuration 
  16. Divine Fits Phobophagy 
  17. Forked Speech False Apologies
  18. Congress With Worms Anti-Masonry
  19. Dark Botany of Invisible Husbandry
  20. Blissful Being Not Being 
(brainstormed with: Iacopo Benigni, Mateo Diaz Torres, Ray Otus, Apocryphal Chris, Benjamin Baugh, Christian “Rorschachhamster” Sturke, Bri Anderson, Vincent Quigley, Nicolò Maioli and Richie Cyngler.)

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