Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Hammers Goats!

It hammering time! The hammers goats are here to smash everything! 

You can use them as a gnoll reskin or as a player character class. For LotFP they use the dwarf class template, simply replace the architecture skill with the open doors skill! Oh yes, and they must be chaotic and they are simply too wild to wear armors (when wearing one they just go crazy and start munching the armor straps). 

Your pack of hammers goats are the daughters of...
  1. Orcus (or Baphomet) 
  2. The Chimera
  3. The  Minotaur 
  4. The Mad Carpenter 
  5. A Mighty Berserker (or the NannyHammer) 
  6. The Orc Mother (or the Gnoll Father)
  1. Bachus (or his favorite Bacchante)
  2. The Black Goat of the Woods with a thousand young (or one of her young) 
  3. The Curse of the Were Goat (someone or something affected by it) 
  4. Pan (or his Satyre Great Priestess) 
  5. The Horned God of Chaos (or his spawn) 
  6. The Green Goat (or the Primordial Goat) 

The packs champions (or a hammer goat character) also receive a random blessing (d20):
  1. Holy Hammer (a indestructible hammer that do d8 damages and that smash 2 points of armor on a natural 20) (or maybe on a natural 8 when rolling damages?) 
  2. Holy milk (you have drink the holy milk, raise one of your attributes or your hp by 1 point) 
  3. Hermaphrodite (you parents favor you and you receive a random clerical spells as a first level cleric) 
  4. Teeth of steel (your teeth do d4 damage and can munch through anything) 
  5. Skull face (you have a staff and a skull face like Skeletor and you can cast one first level mage spell by day) 
  6. Bronze Hooves (you can make a extra rear attack for d4 damage) (+1 for climbing) 
  7. Hammers Gauntlets (two attacks that do d4 damage) (maybe they are +1, but you can't remove them?) 
  8. Boots of The Mountain Goats (you run faster and can jump higher (remove 1 step of encumbrance) (+1 for climb jumping)
  9. Carpenter (in addition to open doors, you also start with the carpentry skill. You can use your carpentry knowledge to better destroy structures) 
  10. Mighty Horns (your horns are super long and can gore for a d4 of damage or 2d4 when charging)  
  11. Girdle of Goat Strength (+1 to STR when thinking like a hammer goat) (will curse non goat people by transforming them into a hammer goat)  
  12. Battering Ram (do d6 damage, pushback on a natural 6 when rolling for damage, give +2 to open doors)
  13. Dead Eater (eating the dead heal you, munching for 1 turn give you 1 hp, eating everything for d10 turn heal d4 hp) 
  14. Horn of Braying (give +1 to initiative to your group if you blow the horn instead of fighting, +1 to your group morale) 
  15. Dark Cackling (your cackling is unnerving and reduce your enemies morale by 1) 
  16. A Thousand young (a 2d3 goatling fauns follow you everywhere, they fight as kobolts) 
  17. Berserker Rage (you always press in combat, when you reach 0 hp make a save vs death to be able to fight up to -10 hp)
  18. Iron skull (your skull is made of iron, you have +1AC and are considered as wearing a helm) 
  19. Scapegoat (you are a sneaky goat and you start with 2 skill point in stealth and 1 in sneak attack) 
  20. Flutes of madness (you must play for d6 rounds, d6 targets must save vs spell or go berserk for 2d6 rounds and attack random targets or do silly things) 


Darnizhaan said...

This is very good. I can feel the goat madness coming upon me. Humanoid goats are underutilized as monsters.

StevenWarble said...

That's nice. I'ld love to get a chance to play one of these for a short while, and then go out in ablaze of hammer-y glory.

Lum said...

Yes! My game needs skull faced goat people!