Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Pleasure Slimes of Narcosa

Pleasure Slimes are full of narcotics and want to trade pleasure for sentience. They smell good and emit relaxing aromas. If you touch them, they gently creep on you while sending you soft waves of pleasure. They are kind of shy and if you feel creep out or fight them, they get the message, they will change color and ooze back into a corner. 

If you let them ooze on you, they will completely cover you, this is quite relaxing, just like receiving a shampoo. They will dissolve what you wear (except weapons, tools and shield) in a number of rounds equal to your ascending AC. While doing so they will give you a first gift for free and they will heal you for 1hp by round culminating into a sweet orgasm. Don't worry for your stuff, they mimic your clothing, armor and everything else. But the imitation is not perfect and your stuff look as if it was made of cake icing. If you had a armor, reduce your AC by two points.

Now that you are coated in it, the symbiotic slime want to trade you pleasure waves and orgasms for points of Intelligence.

The trade go like this:
For 1 point of intelligence the slime can:

  • Send you a pleasure wave of healing that heal you for d6 hp by rounds until you reach orgasm. While receiving the pleasure wave you are quite distracted and can't do anything else. The pleasure slime let you choose when you reach your orgasm. 
  • Send you into a blissful trance that boost all of your attributes bonus adjustments by one step for d6 turns. (Culminating in a orgasm that stun you for as many rounds). 
  • Soothe you and negate any fear or mind control attacks effects. 
  • Upgrade your AC by 1 point (up to a fullplate AC). (Take 1 blissful turn to upgrade for each AC point) 
  • Extrude a wave of pseudopods in a powerful orgasm that stun you for the duration of the effect. The pseudopods work like the spell entangle (effect, duration, etc) and can dissolve their victims for d6 damage by rounds (and/or 1 AC by 2 rounds).
  • Take it magnificient slime form and protect you with it body. While doing so, you use the slime HP and AC. You can't move but you can cast spells and attack with the slime HD using it pseudopods or your weapons. (Pleasure slimes regen d6 hp by non-combat turn). 
  • Once a magic user have traded half of his or her INT score, he or she can trade a spell casting for a point of INT. (The slime cast the spell for you as if you were casting it) (The slime can cast any spell from your spell book). 
  • Mimic the effect of a narcotic that you used once.
When you reach orgasm, make a saving throw vs paralysis to avoid transferring 1 extra point of intelligence to the slime. 

A pleasure slime can only leave it host body once it host have reached a score of 0 Intelligence. 

When a host reach 0 of Intelligence he or she have a wonderful orgasmic revelation and receive the XP that the slime is worth. While having this orgasmic revelation, the host may choose to give one permanent point of Intelligence to the slime as a parting gift. If doing so they reach a higher level of revelation and gain 1 permanent point of Wisdom.

After this, the former host will regain one point of intelligence by day up to half of his or her original score. Then, he or she will regain one point of intelligence by week.

If the pleasure slime is destroyed while the character is hosting it, the character will not regain the traded points of intelligence. (Fire damage both the character and the pleasure slime). 

Once detached, pleasure slime will mimic the form of it former host. It will loose 1 point of accumulated intelligence by month. It may hang around to take care of it now dumb former host or it may walk away to enjoy it new sentience. 

Now, each time that a former host have sex and reach orgasm, he or she have 1 chance on a d6 of having a flashback or the orgasmic revelation and to secrete a 1HD pleasure slime. (this may only happen once). 


Justin S. Davis said...

This is deranged, and I love it.

Daniel Sell said...

I may steal this for an upcoming game, it's excellent.

Evlyn M said...

Totally! Everything is for steal!