Thursday, April 18, 2013

New spell: summon twisted nose imps

Summon twisted nose imps
Magi-user level 1
Duration: see below
Range: 10'
The spell summon 8 incompetent, stupid and malicious imps that will try but totally fail to follow the magic user commands. 1d8 of the imps will have 2 hp, the remaining are half sized and have 1 hp each. All imps have a AC of 13 and a ML of 5. They do 1 point of damage when biting or do weapon -2 damage (-3 for smaller ones). The nose imps have a tremendous sense of smell (they can smell anything: gold, hope, keys, etc...), but they have a hard time communicating information. They have 1 on a d6 chance to understand (and try to follow) any of the mage commands (or to do or communicate anything useful).

The imps remain until killed or when the exasperate mage ask them to leave. But naturally they only have 1 on a d6 chance to understand the mage command when asked to go away.

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