Monday, April 27, 2020

Children of the Unknown

This is inspired by Searchers of the Unknown and Monsterparts.

You play a group of people who are growing up in a isolated small town.
Two generations ago a mythos entity contacted the town.
Your grand-parents knew about it, some experienced it directly.
Your parents avoid talking about it.
You know that something is strange, that something is not right here...
The influence of the mythos still linger in your town.

You are a teenager or maybe a young adult.
  • You have 1d6 hp (health points) and 1d6 sp (stability points) 
  • You have a AC of 9 and a MV of 12
  • You have no weapons
If you need to make a physical, social or mental test you need to roll above 12 with a d20. If this is something you have some experience or aptitude for, add your Level to the roll. If you receive help, receive +1 by person helping.

You start with 1d6 creep points that represent how much your town is creeping you.
  • If your creep points are over your HP you have a penalty of 4 to any physical tests.  
  • If your creep points are over your SP you have a penalty of 4 to any mental or social test.
When the GM describe something creepy (or not) you can award them 1 to 6 of your creep points.
If the GM described something creepy and you did not award them creep points they can award you 1 to 3 creep points.

If you have too many creep points you can tell what you have seen to a other PC and give them one of your creep points. You can also confide yourself to a NPC and give them creep points but this can  make them more creepy or put them in danger.

The GM record who or what receive creep points.

When you are interacting with something that received creep points, roll a d6, on a result of 1 they receive a extra creep point and the GM must spend one or more creep points to trigger a creepy event or to spawn creatures. The GM can also decide to spend creep points when they desire.
  • 1 creep point trigger a event that inflict a Damage or Shock Die. 
  • 2 creep points spawn a creature of 1 Hit Dice or Shock Dice (1die per 2 creep points spent). 
  • Events affect all the group and grant a saving throw against them.
  • Events happen once but creatures stay around. 
  • Creatures must hit your character to inflict their damages.
  • Creatures inflict 1d6 of HP or SP damage, they can do a extra attack for every 2HD they have.  
  • HD creatures are only affected by physical damages and SD creatures are only affected by rituals. 
  • Spawning a horde: if near a mythos lair, site or divined time, the GM can spawn a extra creature for 1 additional point per creatures. 

The group collectively gain XP by making contact with the mythos:
  • Sighting a event or creature: 100xp per HD or SD
  • Investigating something creepy: 50xp per creep points. 
  • Studying something left by a event or creature: 100xp 
  • Surviving a direct interaction: 100xp per Damage or Shock point received. 
  • Learning a ritual from something creepy: 100 xp per creep points. 
The rewards are by encounters.

Gaining levels
  • The group collectively gain XP
  • It take 2000 XP to gain a level. 
  • When the group level up each character gain 1d6 to share between HP & SP and 1d6 of Creep points.
  • Level represent how deep the group is venturing into the mythos, as if they were venturing deeper into a dungeon.
  • Each session the GM receive creep points pool equal to the group level. The GM can spend those points on any NPCs, items or locations.
  • You receive 1 pt of corruption each time you reach 0 hp or 0 sp.
  • Each time your corruption go above your max hp you receive a physical corruption.
  • Each time your corruption go above you max sp you receive a mental corruption.
  • Physical corruptions are mutation and mental corruption are delusions.
  • Instead of gaining a point of corruption you can choose to remove your character from the game to heal a other PC by a number of HP or SP equal to the group level. 

Regaining HP and SP
  • Characters regain one HP and SP each morning.
  • Character can also create emotional ties with NPCs to regain points.  

Emotional ties:
  • If a character roleplay or narrate a positive scene with a NPC, award this NPC 1d3 points of emotional ties. 
  • Any character can later visit these NPCs to spend these points to refresh HP or SP. 
  • If you have a fight with a NPC, reduce their emotional ties points by the group level. 
  • If a NPC with emotional ties points die or go insane, the group receive these points as shock damage. Go around the table and ask each player how many points of Shock their character takes (they must take at least 1 point), repeat this until all the points are distributed.
  • Ritual can be learned from something or someone that have creepy points. 
  • Learning a ritual inflict a point of corruption. 
  • Each ritual affect only a specific creature.
  • Rituals take d6 round to casts inflict 1d6 SD. Characters you participate to the riual can also convert spend the SP to generate additional damages (one for one). 
  • The GM can also design rituals that have specific functions like travelling to a other plane, bringing someone back to live, etc. The effect of these rituals must be super specific. Casting these ritual inflict 1d6 SD to the participants (they can distribute the SD among the group).
  • To gain XP the characters need to award creepy points to things that the GM introduce or describe. By doing so they communicate what interest them. 
  • If the group spent all their creepy points they will receive new ones when the GM describe something obviously creepy. 
  • NPCs who receive creepy points are not necessary corrupted, this may just mean that they are more in danger of being exposed to a mythos event. 
  • The characters are fragile but getting to zero HP or SP don't remove them from the game, except if the player decide it. 
  • The game require some bookeeping from the GM to record what or who received creep points and the emotional ties points of NPCs. 
  • This is all experimental and I have not playtested anything here (but I would love to).  


Evlyn said...

I have no idea if this is playable.

jbeltman said...

I just watched the first part of the It remake and this seems quite appropriate.

Evlyn said...

The first part was good. I agree that it is a good fit. :)

Callmesalticidae said...

Between "CHILDREN of the Unknown" and the way that PCs can mutate as time goes on, the vibe I'm getting from this is "the PCs are children or grandchildren of the entity, and this is a coming-of-age story about learning who you are and learning that it's okay to be that."

Probably 100% unintentional, but I have a sudden need for warm-and-fuzzy cosmic horror, so I'm gonna run with it. >:P

Evlyn said...

Good point! It was unintentional but it make sense, I like it.